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Chapter 15: Don't lie

Harry woke up smelling the familiar scent of the Gryffindor tower. It confused him slightly though because the room was eerily silent. He shifted slightly and decided there was something restricting his mobility; one of his arms was outstretched and someone had hold of his hand.

He gave the hand a squeeze and felt the warm hand squeeze back. Eyebrows furrowed, Harry tried to recall who would be holding his hand. He finally gave up on trying to remember and opened his eyes, his gaze traveling up his own arm, upward to someone else's arm, then to the person's face.

Draco Malfoy was holding his hand and staring down at him. The concept was so foreign that Harry jerked his hand loose from Draco's then lay there gaping at him. "What the hell, Malfoy?" He managed to stutter.

Draco looked at his own arm and shook it gently as if to stimulate blood flow to a sleeping limb. The pins-and-needles feeling was uncomfortable. "You are the one who wouldn't let go. I was in the same position for three hours." He complained as he glared at his arm, the awkward feeling enough of an excuse to make him look away from Harry.

Harry finally looked around to see who else was there. He sighed in relief to note that only Pansy and Hermione were with them. A discreet nod from Hermione let him know that Draco had been telling the truth.

Harry snarled and then quickly raised his hands to his head in despair. His head hurt like a bitch because of the headache that he had gotten from the flashbacks. 'The flashbacks had been right!' Harry thought to himself. As he was thinking, he lowered his hand to his collar bone and started to tap it- a nervous habit he developed as Slytherin Harry. He was so lost in thought that he did not realize that he had started digging in his pockets for his golden snitch hair pin.

Draco watched Harry pull the pin out of his pocket but did not say anything about it. His eyes followed where the light reflected off of it for a few seconds then turned to Pansy. "I'm leaving." Then he turned back to Harry and snarled, "Next time, Potter, leave me out of your fainting spells." Inwardly he added, "Next time I probably won't be around for it." That thought made him feel even worse than he did already.

Harry couldn't watch Draco go. Instead he busied himself with setting the pin down on his cloak before bringing his hands up to his hair and making an efficient braid.

Hermione sat down beside him. "Are you OK? She asked him with a worried look on her face.

He brought his hand up to his head while giving her a goofy smile. "Just a bump; I've had worse."

Hermione frowned. "I know you have had worse." She whispered to him, then nearly cried herself when his smile dropped. They sat there in silence for a minute before Harry's stomach growled and caused him to laugh.

His laughter surprised Hermione. He laughed! That was something that had not happened in over a year! She couldn't restrain her own smile. "It is almost dinner time. Why don't we go downstairs?"

Harry nodded and then looked at her. "What about Ron?" He asked coyly.

Hermione looked around for a few seconds before pointing out a new picture. "Have you looked at that one? It is new. It was donated to the school by Mrs. Malfoy."

Harry glanced at it and thought that he would have probably donated it also. The picture looked like something Crabbe and Goyle might have attempted while at play school. A paint by number kit done by a five year old would have looked better, but he refrained from saying as much.

He just shook his head and stood up. He couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief when the headache swept away in an instant.

Harry walked through the halls wearing a secret smile. He was thrilled that she was bothering with him; she hadn't done so since before she became preoccupied with Ron. It really made Harry feel good that he had someone to talk to again. Somehow, just a bit, he felt grateful for his other self helping to reinstate his relationship with Hermione because now he was no longer alone.

During dinner, the late mail owls swept in. Harry's eyes widened as one of the school owls landed on his shoulder with a book-like parcel, at least that is what he thought it was since the shape was similar. He was so busy with his parcel that he completely missed the other school owl deliver a similar package to Draco.

Hermione, having a keen eye, saw that Draco also got his package. She couldn't help but smile since she already knew that the books were being delivered today- the recognition stage had begun.

Harry opened his parcel and looked at the front cover of the book. It was a picture of him and Draco kissing in front of the lake. Between kisses they would smile at each other and point out shooting stars. Harry dropped the book in surprise then watched in horrified fascination as its pages fluttered open until a picture of Draco, with his arms around a shirtless Harry's waist, molesting said boy's bellybutton, was displayed.

Harry made a frantic grab for the book and took off running back up to his dormitory. This wasn't something he intended to share with the school population. He was in such a hurry that he missed the burst of laughter from a certain other individual who had also received a memory book.

Draco had opened his book and burst out laughing. The picture was great.

Pansy looked over at Draco, shocked that Draco would laugh like that. Then she glanced down at the picture; the one where Harry and Draco were in robes far too big for them. The boys were almost lost in the mass of clothing, but you could tell that even then they were smiling and holding each others hands.

Draco closed the book and wiped a tear of laughter off his cheek. He glanced down at the front cover, a picture similar to the one on Harry's book, then brought his hand up and wrapped his palm around the spine to close the book.

Pansy was sure the next tear he wiped off his cheek wasn't from mirth. Her eyes narrowed and she stared after him as he rose from the table and made his way out to a particular balcony.

Huddled in the privacy of his bed, Harry began looking through the book. He couldn't help but feel lost. It was difficult to grasp the concept that he and Draco were so much in love with each other; it just didn't seem possible. He kept flipping through the book, page after page, recalling each memory. His heart clenched; what he wouldn't give to regain that love! He had always wanted love, the right kind, not what Cho was offering him, she hadn't been what he needed.

He recalled the agony he had felt when he accepted the fact that he was gay; it had been like he was absolutely doomed and would never find anyone to love him. He sighed and traced a finger across the picture someone had taken when the two of them when they had first got together.

Harry was being pulled around by Draco while Harry was looking around at everyone. Draco had been laughing at people as they spilt their breakfast all over themselves. Harry smiled at that, the looks on their faces had been priceless. Then his smile faded as he thought, 'this isn't really my life. This will never happen to me.' He was certain nothing like this would ever happen to him; he had lived the life that he wanted without living it, how ironic.

"Well, at least Voldie is gone!" he mumbled to himself. Then for no particular reason, Harry started laughing so hard that his stomach began to cramp. He shook his head as he gasped for breath then began howling with laughter again. "They're magically frigging delicious!"

He brought his hand to his mouth and began to chew a fingernail as he returned to looking at the pictures. He was soon caught up in staring at one of him and Draco, outside this time, where Harry was on Draco's back. Harry looked at Draco's expression; he had never seen a smile on Draco's face before and he had to admit that it intrigued him.

He flipped the book back a page to look at another picture of them in a dusty tower where Draco was once again hugging Harry from behind. As he studied the picture, his mind clicked on something. He leaned closer and peered more closely at Malfoy's eyes. In the picture, Draco's eyes were a different shade of grey than the original Draco's eyes. Harry wasn't sure how he knew this but he was sure of it. By the time he had studied the last picture, he was wide-eyed and totally confused.

"Why that no-good little…!" He let himself calm down and threw the book into a small bag. He then put the bag over his shoulder and set out. He stomped his way down the stairs, surprising people who wanted to say they were glad to see him. After escaping the Gryffindor tower, he made his way down a deserted hallway until he came to a window that had been left open to the night sky.

It reminded him of exactly where he would find one ferret. It did not take him long to walk along the corridors, counting the doors and stairwells until he reached a particular set. He walked up the creaky spiraling staircase while maintaining a white knuckled grip on the railing and chanting, 'don't look down!' the whole way up.

He took a deep breath as he reached the landing and tried to steady his nerves before opening the creaky old door. His heart skipped a beat as it groaned from old age. And, then he was looking at the observation room.

The glass floors and walls were still as dusty as they had been during the time his other self had been here. The only difference was that this time the doors were wide open and the old lace curtains were blowing inwards.

Harry walked over to the balcony and immediately saw Draco leaning against the railing, looking outwards. He stepped onto the balcony, the feeling of anxiety beginning to overwhelm him; fear of falling over the railing, his fear of flying that he had never told anyone about, and all the other things combined with the low height of the balcony caused him to freeze in fear. He tried to move forward but he was stuck.

"Everything's fine! Just take a step at a time. This is just like riding a broom- you will stay up. Now take control of the situation." He mentally talked himself into taking a small step at a time. It seemed forever before he reached the railing, which in reality had only taken three steps. Finally he was grasping the railing and looking out over the edge at the city as it blended into the sky. From there he looked down, but quickly directed his gaze back to the side and immediately saw Draco looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

"What?" He asked in a lazy drawl.

Harry just glared at him before directing his gaze back up to the sky.

"It isn't scheduled to happen for another hour." Draco informed him.

"Whatever!" Harry stated. Now that he was here with Draco, he had no idea how to ask him any questions, or even to answer him. Accusing him of deceptions over the last few days seemed to be out of the question. Not knowing what else to do, he settled for sitting down at the edge of the balcony on the floor so that there would be no repeat of the incident with his alter ego.

Draco moved over and sat down on Harry's other side. He watched Harry the whole time to make sure he wasn't getting too close.

Harry stared right back the whole time, smirking at Draco, and willing him to have a staring contest.

"Did you get a book also?" Draco asked, not blinking.

"Yes." Harry answered back, glaring and refusing to blink.

"What did you think of it?" Draco continued once a couple seconds went by.

"Why do you care?" Harry's tone was skeptical.

Draco shrugged his shoulder and then blinked.

Harry's stomach gave a funny little flip. He had just won his first staring contest with Draco Malfoy. And then the reason why Draco wouldn't face him became clear. "Why did you lie?" He whispered to him.

Draco looked away.

"I know you heard me. Why did you lie?" Harry watched Draco carefully as he demanded an answer.

"About what?" Draco was trying to look oblivious.

"You know what!" Harry hissed as he started to dig through his bag for the two pictures. "You knew that day! You knew what was happening and you played along." Harry said though clenched teeth.

Draco glanced at the pictures casually and sneered, "I don't know what you are on about."

Harry growled and stood up. Moving so that he was in Draco's face, he pointed at the photos and snapped, "These are two different people! You turned back before I did and you played along as if nothing happened to you!" By the end of his rant he was screaming and his hands were shaking so badly that he could barely hold the pictures. After taking a deep breath that sounded suspiciously like a sob he added in a more quiet voice, "Why did you do that?"

Draco didn't answer the question. "Like I said, I don't know what you are talking about." He shoved Harry away slightly and stood up to walk away.

Harry grabbed Draco and whirled him around. He hadn't thought about what the larger boy would do when he was cornered, but he certainly hadn't expected Draco to swoop down and kiss him. Nor had he considered his own reaction to the kiss; jumping up and wrapping his legs around Draco's waist while his arms wound around Draco's shoulders and began clawing at his back.

Only a second later and the totally satisfied Harry had been pinned against the wall by a completely out-of-control Draco who was intent on squishing him as he kissed him senseless. Draco's kisses were perfect- he knew all the spots to nip and lick while making Harry arch into attack and beg for more.

Seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours as the boys went from attacking each others necks to French kissing each other into oblivion. They were so intent on touching and tasting each other that they both missed the meteor shower that was going on all around them.

Harry woke up in Hermione's bed in Gryffindor tower and looked around sadly; the events of last night still branded in his mind. He ran soon after the kissing. He had kicked Draco on the shins and ran as if his life depended on it.

He was still uncertain of how he managed to get up to Hermione's room without the stairs kicking in and sliding him back down to the common room. He had been absolutely frantic as he pounded on her door. When she opened it and saw his 'snogged' state she didn't know whether to clap happily or kick him down the stairs herself.

Hermione had finally agreed to let Harry spend the night after he had told her the whole story and explained that he needed to get away from everyone else but that he did not want to be alone.

Hermione listened to his mixed up confession and tried not to smile. She was sure that he did not realize the significance of half of what he was saying.

Since she wasn't in the room when he woke up, Harry decided to go ahead and make himself at home. He stood up and began to search through her wardrobe for something to wear.

Hermione usually had a few items of muggle men's clothing in her room and Harry quickly found some. The clothes were only a bit tight. He decided he liked the look and could live with it. The black pants were actually unisex and emphasized the assets properly. He was busy admiring the look of them in the mirror when Hermione returned carrying two cups of coffee.

She grinned at his preening as she handed him one of the cups, then quickly found a white button up shirt made of a stretch knit fabric and handed it to him.

The bottom button refused to stay buttoned and he mock glared at her when she poked his bellybutton. Just to shock her, he transfigured one of her hair ties into a slave ring and used it to bring the outfit together. He knew he looked good by the slightly glazed look in her eyes. Before putting his Hogwarts shoes on, he took a sip of his coffee and sighed appreciatively. "Hermione, did I ever tell you that if I wasn't as gay as a three galleon coin, I'd like to marry you?"

She giggled and shook her head. "Harry, did I ever tell you that I have a thing for big men with red hair and even bigger willies?"

He gasped in shock. "So how many have you found so far?"

She beat him with the pillow until he was properly subdued.

Harry finally quit trying to protect his cup of coffee and squawked at her indignantly. "If you are going to beat me senseless, could you at least answer one last question for me before my last brain cell departs?"

"You are such a drama queen! What now?"

He pretended to be totally terrified of her as he raised his hand and showed her the ring that was on his finger. "I don't remember why this is here or what it is supposed to do? I know that if I took it off, I would be devastated… Do you think you could explain it to me?" He spoke softly as he watched the gems shining brightly in the sunlight. The gems were heart shaped and pulsed with a light of their own. "He has one also." He added.

Hermione smiled gently at him as she sat down next to him and picked up his hand to look at the ring. "This ring represents the bond that you and Draco have." She quickly glared at him as a warning not to ask any questions until she was finished. "This gem," she pointed to the stone in question, "strengthens your heart power and also amplifies your wandless magic."

She moved the ring around so the sun could catch it at a different angle and revealed different designs and lettering on it. "This makes you aware of the person who is wearing the other ring. Originally the two of you shared a weak blood bond which would only let you be aware of each other and what you were feeling if you were close to each other."

Harry nodded his understanding and let her carry on with twisting away at the ring on his poor abused finger.

She tapped the ring and continued. The fairies gave you two these rings because they wanted your bond to become stronger. Now you can constantly feel where Draco is and what emotions he is experiencing." She put his hand down finally and gave him a business like glare. "Anyway, your original bond happened when the two of you landed in the potions mess and was scratched by the broken glass. It caused your blood to mingle with Draco's and you would have always had the bond, regardless of who wears the other ring.

Harry nodded and looked down at his cup of coffee. "Yeah, I sort of figured that would be the case."

"Why don't we go out? Today is a Hogsmeade day." The question was impromptu. Hermione was trying to provide him with a distraction.

Shrugging his shoulder to indicate his lack of preference, he stood up and headed for the door. Hermione grinned as she followed him out the door and down the stairs.

The looks Harry was getting from others regarding his risqué outfit was entertainment all of its own. He did not seem to care that much though. Even when she dragged him down an alleyway not often frequented by students, Harry remained apathetic.

He raised his eyebrow at her when she stopped him in front of a tattoo parlor and looked at him expectantly. Opening the door and stepping into the brightly lit room was one of the easiest decisions Harry had made in the last couple of years. He smirked when she indicated that she too intended to make use of the facilities' services.

"Oh, will you stop with that look already?" Pansy chided Draco gently and was rewarded with a dumbfounded look on his part.

"What look?" He inquired icily before resuming his pout.

"That LOOK!" Pansy threw her hands up in the air. "You have been like this since last night when you crawled into my room looking for comfort. Gah!..It's just too cute!"

Draco rolled his eyes. "I don't do cute, Parkinson!" He snapped before grabbing his tea cup and lifting it to his mouth as he gazed out the window of the café they were currently patronizing. He couldn't stop watching the crowds of hectic students mingling with the busy Hogsmeade residents.

Pansy grinned at his clueless behavior. Draco's ring must be tingling because Harry was close. They were bonded- it wasn't like he could actually help liking Harry, right? She knew that he lied to her the time he had talked to her about the whole bonding thing. It was more than just a blood bond. She could read her friend like an open book and besides knowing where Harry was, Draco could sense his emotional state. That was what the rings were all about.

She couldn't help licking her chops as she saw Draco lean closer to the window trying to get a better look at a black haired boy moving around outside. He was a fourth year Ravenclaw but she would never tell Draco that… This obsession with Potter was nothing new; he had been running around in Draco's mind for the best part of the last six years- why stop now?

Draco settled back in the seat with a sigh when he recognized the boy, then looked over at the strangely quiet Pansy. "I'm sorry, Pans. I haven't been good company today have I?"

She just gave him one of her self-satisfied looks as if to say, "I told you so already," then arched an eyebrow also when she saw him twitch and move so close to the window that his nose was practically pressed up against it.

Draco had felt Harry's presence. The boy was about to come around the corner and cross the street if his instincts were correct. He growled low in his throat at the first sight of his obsession. Harry had indeed turned the corner…and he was wearing something that could make anyone just stop everything and stare.

Draco couldn't help the leer that crawled up on his face and sat down. There was something on the long haired boy's stomach; an emerald encrusted belly ring glittered in the sun. He was practically drooling as he watched the other boy, his whole body thrumming with lust.

He wondered briefly if Harry was aware of their bond. When the brat turned toward the café and fiddled with his ring, Draco knew for sure that he knew.

Harry couldn't help but look around and play with the ring on his finger. The bond was practically screaming that Draco was near and in a 'positive' frame of mind. He was actually starting to get nervous.

"What is wrong, Harry?" Hermione saw him glancing around while playing with the ring on his finger.

"Malfoy is near." He said simply.

Hermione looked at him askance for a second before remembering the bond. "I'm taking a guess here that you are getting used to the bond."

Harry looked at her skeptically. "It is rather difficult to miss. Especially since I know where he is all the wretched time and how he is feeling." He paused and looked down at the ring. "I suppose I can take it off." The words came as more of a question than a statement.

Hermione laughed, "True, true. But, I doubt that will fix the problem with the bond. It will just create more problems since you need to know where he is."

"Let's go back to school if you are finished with your shopping." Harry was too cowardly to continue the conversation.

Harry was walking down the hallways alone, feeling slightly awkward about showing the world his new piercing; the students going in the opposite direction of his kept stopping and staring at him. He had almost decided that he was just being paranoid when he felt his body being grabbed and dragged into a completely deserted hallway adjoining the one he was using. Initially he was disoriented, not knowing who had grabbed him.

When he was lightly slammed on the wall, and then thoroughly kissed, he relaxed. 'Malfoy' flittered through his mind before he gave up all coherent thought and participated in being ravished. He opened his eyes once the kiss was done and gave Draco a lazy smile.

"You like to tease, don't you?" Draco growled as his hand found its way to the bellybutton ring he had been dying to get hold of ever since he saw it.

The sensations were absolutely fascinating. The gentle pulls and tugs that Draco was inflicting on him made him want to groan. Tiny jabs of pleasure were shooting to his stomach and it was wrecking havoc on his nervous system. He bit his lips to keep from moaning and managed to whimper, "Stop it, Malfoy." He didn't actually mean for Draco to stop but he felt he needed to file a modest protest.

Draco looked into his eyes and decided to obey. He let loose of him and stepped back.

Harry almost grabbed him and demanded they continue snogging but he decided to clear a few questions up first. "Why do you keep doing this?" He asked him.

Draco looked down the hall as he straightened his clothes. Words failed him but the sigh spoke volumes for how he was feeling.

"You still like me, don't you?" Harry practically whispered. The feelings he had known as his other self seemed to have taken up residence in his mind and he wasn't sure if he was asking Draco if he still liked him or if he was demanding that Draco answer the question with how he felt about Harry. He was quite happy though to note that there were no balconies anywhere near the two of them.

"So? What does it matter to you?" Draco finally answered in a surly tone.

Harry couldn't help but laugh. "You do, don't you?" He suddenly felt good enough to dual Dumbledore and win. His smile had even gone from sexy to feral.

Draco opened his mouth to reply but something distracted him. He looked around, clearly confused, before asking, "Do the walls seem to be closing in on us?"

Harry didn't want the subject to change. "Hey, just answer my question. Don't change the subject!" Then his eyes widened in fear as he noticed the distance between them and the walls getting smaller. "What the hell have you dragged us into? I thought this was a hallway!" He shrieked (like a girl- he's been hanging out with Pansy again).

Draco was almost as hysterical as Harry. "I thought so too! Maybe this is an illusion."

Harry put his hands on the walls, but they where definitely moving together. Picture frames further down the hallway were being crushed and the occupants screaming in several different octaves did not help at all. "I wish it was an illusion but it sure feels real!" He finally managed to gasp out as he backed into Draco to avoid being crushed also.

Draco grabbed him around the waist and whimpered as Harry breathed against his neck. Then the message sunk in. Harry hadn't been whispering sweet nothings against his skin, he had just admitted that he forgot his wand upstairs.

Draco took out his. "I didn't forget mine." He throwing spells out, some of which slowed the walls relentless march but nothing stopped them. Some of the spells were easy but others were quite complicated and Draco was soon panting from the drain of his magic. "OK. This isn't as easy as I had hoped it would be. Those walls should have crumbled with that last spell."

Draco felt Harry nod into his chest. Harry had managed to slide behind him and was being squished already between him and the wall.

"Hey," he heard him whisper, "since we are going to die here," Harry ducked the hand that was raised to smack him upside the head. "Tell me the truth. You were already back to yourself that last day I was stuck as SlytherinHarry weren't you?"

Harry could feel Draco growl. "Yes, alright!"

Harry smiled but did not answer. Instead his ears perked up at the sound of music. "Do you hear that?"

Draco looked at him. "What?"

Harry glared at him. "Ssshhh!" The walls were still closing in on them, at this point Harry could stretch out his hands and touch the walls. He moved forward over some destroyed paintings. "I definitely hear music."

No pido que todos los dias sean de sol

No pido que todos los Viernes sean de fiesta

Tan poco te pido qe vuelvos rogano perdon

"That is the new Shakira CD." Harry said as he looked around a picture that was still intact.

"Look, whatever brilliant plan you have, you probably need to hurry up with it." Draco snarled.

Harry was busy trying to find a way to open the picture. At Draco's words he straightened up and rolled his eyes at the blond git before drawing back his fist and punching a gaping hole in the painting.

Draco stared at him in horrified fascination until he began explaining. "I never understood why we had our houses behind paintings when it is so easy to do that."

Draco lunged at the painting and began ripping chunks of canvas out of the frame until the hole was big enough for them to enter the room hidden behind it. "Less talk, more moving!" He snapped as he stepped through and grabbed Harry and yanked him through just as the walls decided to slam together.

"Ah, the room of requirement." Draco stated.

Harry had never been so happy in his life to see this room. Even as he thought of a sanctuary, the room formed itself into a muggle style loft. Harry's eyes swept over the gleaming kitchen and settled on the living area. The music was coming from a small CD stereo.

He smiled at Draco and murmured, "This is my favorite song at the moment. I don't car if it is in Spanish and I don't understand a word of it. It just sounds right to me."

Draco smiled and wandered over to a giant beanbag and plopped himself down. "Gah! Let's never do that again. Who do you think did that, anyway? Cho is dead…do you have any other enemies that I don't know about?"

Harry shook his head. "I don't know. I don't even care! I am done with fighting evil." He meandered over to the kitchen and looked through the cabinets. "Care for a spot of tea, Luv?"

When Draco indicated the positive he threw a package of biscuits at him before setting out the tea cups. A few minutes later he took the tea tray over to Draco and sat down beside him. "I have had enough adventures to last a lifetime already. I just want to finish school and become the DADA teacher."

Draco smiled at him. "I know what you mean. I plan to become the next Potions Master."

Harry laughed delightedly. "NO! I'd have never guessed that. You are going to put poor old Snape out of a job; that's gratitude for you."

"Hey, be nice!" Draco chided as he put his arm around Harry and drew him back towards his chest. "Ah, whoops, I'm sorry."

Before he could pull his arm away, Harry had latched on to it and snuggled into Draco's side just like he had done everyday for the last two weeks. He looked up at the blond and said, "I'm not." He gave Draco a soft peck on the cheek with his pursed lips and added, "I guess I am just too used to being held by you. I missed you, you know."

Draco smirked down at him. "Sure that's it?"

Harry stuck out his tongue. "What are you insinuating, Mr. Malfoy?" Draco just smirked even more and he sighed

Draco finally decided to get serious. "The room of requirement should get us out of here right?" His hopeful smile dimmed slightly when Harry answered.

"I don't think the room of requirement moves when there are people in it."

Draco growled, "Shit!"

Harry could only nod and whisper, "Quite!"

They sat in companionable silence for several minutes just enjoying each others company before Draco said, "Hey. I just noticed that you don't have your glasses on."

Harry's hand shot up to connect with the bridge of his nose before lowering it again and giving Draco a weird look. "I don't remember taking them off."

"Well, why do you bother wearing the glasses if you don't need them?" Draco was looking at him rather weirdly.

Harry smirked, "It was part of my disguise. Hermione helped me fix my eyes at the end of fourth year."

" I just really wanted no one to recognize me when I leave Hogwarts, I am planning on going off for a bit before I teach as a DADA teacher, so I know without my glasses, and with a little bit of magic, I can completely conceal who I am. No screaming fan girls, or anything of the sort" Harrys said, as he smirked into Draco's shoulder.

Draco wrinkled his nose. "You are the perfect Slytherin aren't you? You are so damn perfect that the hat let you go to Gryffindor even so that no one would know."

Harry nudged his ribs gently and they went back to sitting quietly and thinking about how to get out of the room. None of the ideas they had were working if solid walls with no doors was any indication. Draco even tried a few spells but they yielded no result.

In due time the room shifted again, this time to provide a large four poster bed in the middle of the room. Both boys blushed but made no comment other than to stand up and look around the room for other changes. Finally, in between what seemed to be permanent yawns, Draco spoke, "Look, it's late. Why don't we hit the bed?"

Harry couldn't help but agree. His own eyes had started to droop ages ago. He added, "You would think that I wouldn't be so tired since I had such a long nap today already, wouldn't you?" with a hint of laughter in his voice.

They took turns using the bathroom then climbed up onto the bed. Both boys experienced a bit of déjà vu as they settled down to sleep. It wasn't that odd though considering the fact that they had slept with each other the equivalent of some fourteen years.

The time started to tick by, and both boys began to gravitate toward each other. Draco's hand inched across the space between them and settled across Harry's waist. Harry's had to fight to keep his body from automatically adjusting into the familiar comforting hug it was used to.

The minutes felt like hours as Harry fought the desire to cuddle up. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore and without opening his eyes he rolled over. When Draco did not make any counter moves, he opened his eyes slightly to check just how far away he was from him. The distance was still unsatisfactory and he scooted toward Draco again. He sighed with pleasure when the other's arms wrapped around him securely and anchored him tightly to his chest.

'This is weird.' He thought to himself. 'Who would have thought that I would actually want to sleep with Draco Malfoy?' Harry snuggled in closer and tried to calm down enough to sleep.

"You're awake, aren't you?" Draco whispered, his lips pressed against Harry's forehead.

Harry tried his best to play possum.

"I know you aren't asleep, damn you. Do you have any idea how cute you look while you are pretending just so I will leave you alone?" Draco said to him. "Anyway, I want to ask you something. But, it's hard. I mean we have been enemies for years and now all that has changed. This last year you were so quiet and had this shell around you, I found myself trying to annoy you even more in order to get you out of it." He paused and gathered his thoughts before continuing.

"Your eyes were what did it to me. You had such sad eyes that I found myself being totally obnoxious just to see that tiny flare of rage that would go away almost as soon as it came. I can see you are back now. No more Voldieo- just you and your dreams." This time the pause was more pronounced.

Draco was determined to finish. "I'm happy to say that I believe you deserve those dreams. I only wish that I could be part of them with you. You infatuated me from the first time we met. Over the last two weeks I have crossed the fine line between things I guess. I wished you would be with me" Draco whispered the last few words of his confession, afraid that the boy next to him wasn't awake and yet even more terrified that he wasn't asleep.

A sob from Harry had him looking down into sea green eyes that were shimmering with tears. But what really caught his attention was the beautiful smile on his face. Draco couldn't find it in himself to be irritated. "You were awake the whole time?"

Harry nodded and propped himself up with his elbow while his other hand went to trace lightly over Draco's face. "I hope you mean every bit of what you said. I want you, but only if you want to be with me." When Draco smiled his answer, Harry rose up further and kissed him softly before sinking back down into a comfortable position.

Draco decided to see if he could get a rise out of Harry. "Can you believe that Pansy told me back in fourth year that I was never going to have a chance with you?"

Harry opened one eye lazily. "That had better have been one of her motivational speeches and not a bet. Well?"

Draco quickly shook his head before peeping through his fringe at the now smiling Harry. "She just knows way too much. I didn't even know what she was talking about at the time." He laughed lightly at his own ignorance then leaned over to kiss his partner's cute mouth.


"Ha!" Victoria said. "I knew that if we gave them the books and then put them in some kind of danger that they would get together."

The whole HD club couldn't help but cheer.

"And it took us what? Around four years to get the two of them together." Codename: RIX asked.

All the other members of the club agreed. Colin took one last picture of the two boys- a long picture of them from the door that was supposedly blocked before closing the door behind them.

"I think we should give them some time together before having someone let them know they are safe and free." Hermione said as she stepped out of the observation station with Pansy. She snickered before adding, "Plus they probably need some R & R time."

Pansy agreed with Hermione. Who would have thought that the brains behind most of Operation HD had been Hermione and Pansy!

Harry had been pushed down flat on the bed and was being kissed within an inch of his life when a thought flittered though his mind. "Oi! You wanted to sleep with the other ME!" Harry shrieked.

Draco paused. "What? No! We stopped at kissing. Besides, I promised myself that I wouldn't do anything to you until you were Harry again. It was your own fault, well not your fault, but your other your fault that we touched each other…" Draco shuddered in fear as he tried to dance around what the two of them had done before Harry changed back to Harry.

And then he forgot to do anything as Harry flipped him over so that he was lying under the other boy and was being thoroughly snogged…just the way he liked it.

Harry pulled away just short of Draco expiring from pleasure and lack of oxygen. "Tell me that you are thinking of me and not the other me." He glared at the bemused Draco. "You had better tell me that I'm a better at kissing too, right?"

Draco was taken back with the vehemence of the question, but recovered quickly and bestowed his sexiest smile on Harry. "Of course, don't ever think otherwise." He proceeded to bestow kisses to Harry's neck.

"Good because I thought that the other you was better at this…"

Draco's head shot up to see Harry trying to hold in the laughter. He made one of those split second decisions that would impact the rest of his life- favorably. "Your mouth needs to be occupied." Then he went back to his favorite occupation- kissing the stuffing out of Harry Potter. He swooped downward and kissed him slowly, letting his tongue slip in and felt a tinge of electricity run though his body as Harry returned the sentiment with a murmured, "Mmmm."


Harry waited at the top of the hill- waiting for him. He could hear him coming long before he saw him. He had borrowed the old invisibility cloak that Harry's father had given him and it made Harry smile.

Harry felt the shimmer of fabric caress his face and looked up to where he knew Draco's face should be. "You're late!" He stated and then accepted the embrace that was meant as an apology. The rumble of Draco's laughter could be felt as he let go of Harry in order to remove the cloak.

Visible once more, Draco stood proudly in front of Harry and accepted his admiration as his due. Harry always admired his features, even when Draco grew old he would look younger than what he was. He was beautiful.

Harry sat down in their usual spot across from the lake.

"I had to sneak out again." Draco admitted with a smile on his face.

Harry couldn't help but roll his eyes at him. "You are thirty-one years old. Why in Merlin's name do you have to sneak out? You work here at Hogwarts for Merlin sake!." Draco watched him with piercing silver eyes. "It is our fourteenth anniversary today and the day of the comets. We count this day as the official day we both realized that we love and need each other and all that jazz." He let that bit of information sink in then began speaking again. "My Slytherins were trying to come into my room asking for help again, so I snuck away rather than tell them that I did not have time for them." Draco finished speaking and sat down beside Harry, capturing his hand and holding it.

Harry smiled at him wickedly and said, "At least my students encourage me. They tell me I don't get out enough. When they heard that I was trying to get ready for a date the girls got together and outfitted me in this bitchin' outfit."

He leaned back slightly so that Draco could see the emerald silk shirt that clung to his abs and hinted at his belly piercing. He knew that that would be the only thing about him Draco noticed anyway. Harry was totally bemused over the fact that Draco was still infatuated with his belly piercing fourteen years later.

"I don't think that my Gryffindors even think I have a love life." Harry laughed and leaned back into Draco when he offered his arm.

"That's because they are a dim-witted lot, not like my Slytherins."

"Your Slytherins don't know about us!" Harry was laughing too hard to be truly indignant about the slight to his house.

Draco smirked, "that is because no one would ever believe that the gentle DADA teacher and the ass of a Potions Master would actually get it on. Even Dumbledore refuses to believe we screw like bunny rabbits whenever we can and he has even caught us at it."

Harry couldn't help but blush. The things that came out of Draco's mouth sometimes would embarrass the Dark Lord himself.

Draco noticed harry's blush and leaned forward to cup his face with his hands. He kissed the embarrassed Gryffindor and murmured, "You look perfect, as usual."

Harry's blush deepened but he managed to murmur that Draco looked perfect too.

They both looked up at the same time and saw the meteor show start. They watched in awe as it played out across the sky. When it was over, Draco turned to Harry and said, "Too bad we did not get to see that the first time."

"That would be your fault. You were too busy snogging me to let me even open my eyes." Harry reminded him complacently.

Draco nodded. "Ah, yes. That reminds me…" He jumped Harry and the smaller man fell back under the momentum of the attack. They soon settled in for a long overdue snogging session and … (In the interest of keeping the M rating of this story, Beta wishes everyone to know that she has edited out her tarty author's perversions…) smirks evilly "But she gave me some great ideas on what to do to the OLD Potions Master!

H & D

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