Rivers Never Die

Finalizing An Agreement


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Posted in response to the continuous requests to post a sequel. Further information about the sequel is posted at the bottom. This segment was originally going to go into 'Courting the River Maid,' but I needed something for story if I was going to put up a note.

Obviously, this takes place the night that Kohaku comes home.

Kohakunushi listened to the sounds of the slumbering beings fill the living quarters. Silently, he glided down the corridors to an office that was tucked away at one corner of the building. This was the office of his daitoku, and it was here that three years ago a pact had been made, as the maiden had already made her choice.

A pale hand reached up to knock softly on the shoji, and was answered by the occupant silently opening the door for the lord to enter. Sparsely decorated, the room was mostly utilitarian in function, reflecting the short amount of time that his priest actually devoted to paperwork. The desk was low to the ground, perfect for two men used to kneeling on the floor. Upon this simple table, a contract was laid out, waiting for review.

"I honestly didn't think that you were going to make it for the three years."

The kami spared a dry look for his old friend. The human well remembered the ribbing that the young river spirit had once given him when he had courted his Sumiko. Kohaku now regretted it. The past few years had been very hard for him, there had been so many opportunities that had literally popped up where it would have been very easy to have taken the Shrine Maiden's virginity.

"She didn't make it very easy, and that blasted Kumiro was no help either."

"You know Kumiro only wanted her to be happy. He's getting tired of beating up on Queso."

"You are sure that she has given no reason to doubt her wishes as to this arrangement."

"She never said she did not wish to wed you."

"Then after we are done at the Aburaya, I shall take her to see the mansion. If she approves, then the mating will be done in Fukaikohakugawa."

"Agreed. After you have returned with her, then we can perform the human ceremony here to provide for the modern legal requirements and to satisfy Yuukio."

After a brief moment of staring at the contract that would be legal proof of betrothal in the spirit world, the priest indicated where his kami was to sign. This simple movement jolted the ancient being out of his thoughts, and he carefully placed his chop on the parchment. After Koji had also signed, giving approval of the match, the old human spoke.

"Nervous Kohaku?"

"The only time I've been this nervous is when I was presented with Taigatsume by the Sea King, or when before the Dragon Council."

"I'm sure that you will both be fine. Sake?"


Between them, the pair finished off three bottles, trying to calm their nerves.

Taigatsume - Kohakunushi's sword. Taiga - another word for river, tsume - claw. Therefore his sword is called 'River's Claw. The sword appears in 'Underwater Savior,' 'Promise of a River,' and again in 'Rivers Keep Flowing.' 'Rivers Keep Flowing' is the sequel to this story, and is already posted up to chapter 24 at the time of this writing.

'Courting the River Maid' is a collection of one-shots of romantic and fluffy nature, or just plain old friendly interaction during various points in the life of Chihiro and Haku. The scope of the collection extends to when she was just a sprout and is projected to go forward in the future.

'White Death' was rather angsty, just as was 'Not Yet' which also fall into the continuity and so are posted separately. 'Rivers Always Claim What is Their Own' is an angst story about the end of Chihiro's life, but may possibly be continued into her adventures in death and that of two certain half-dragons lives. Very far down the road.

'Threads of Destiny' is primarily projected to be Inuyasha based, but will tie in with my Spirited Away stories from time to time to explore why on earth Koji and BlowingWind knew Kagome and Higurashi-daitoku. Another collection.

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