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NOTE: ) 05. Lupin is, despite his shy demeanor, an alpha male, and as an alpha he is physically and magically compelled to find his mate and have a "litter" of his own. Who becomes his mate and how do they work out the children situation? Bonus points if it's not Sirius. (Submitted by Elliday)
(more challenges to come but truly it would give more of the story away then I'd like)
A/N: In case you were wondering the main reason I consider this AU is because Sirius isn't dead. For this story I needed him alive. But before we go on yes he had fallen through the veil, but he
was brought back which will be explained in later chapters.


The scent was everywhere. No matter which way he turned, it seemed to follow him. Like a nightmare it haunted him. He growled low in his throat startling an innocent 2nd year. He stalked off angrily towards his first class of the day. His normally cheerful demeanor completely missing, leaving nothing but this surly werewolf in it's place.

He opened up the door of the classroom and ground his teeth together as the scent almost bowled him over. He let out a soft whimper and took a step forward through the door and surveyed the class. It was to be expected that the first class of the year would always be the longest. Remus mentally groaned at the thought of having to teach the 6th year Slytherins and Gryffindors. Although in hindsight he was lucky that Dumbledore had taken him back in again, yet he couldn't help but wonder if maybe his assistant hadn't pulled a few strings.

"Remus, are you alright?" Harry asked.

"I'm alright." He responded, finally moving over to his desk resisting the urge to go and sniff every single one of the students. He had known it the second he opened the door that his mate was somewhere in this room, damn the consequences.

"If you're sure." Harry said, before walking through the isles slowly. He was determined to weed out the troublesome kids now. He couldn't stand the house rivalries, and if he was honest with himself he didn't particularly like them either. He looked back at the front of the room where Remus was standing watching his every move. Harry shook it off and continued to walk around the classroom. He watched as one kid tossed a note in the air and didn't bother to see if it made it to where it should have gotten. He mumbled 'accio' under his breath and caught the parchment in his hand. He unfolded it and scanned the content. He purposefully strode over to the boy who had originally thrown it and stopped by his desk and dropped the note back on it.

"The particular prank you are going to pull is quite ingenious." Harry announced, startling the boy out of his trance. "Yet," he leaned over and pointed out a part in the note, "This part here seems a bit flimsy, honestly on a scale of one to ten I'd give your planning skills a 6."

The boy looked up at him in shock. Had a teacher just critiqued his plans? But before he could say anything the paper was engulfed in flames.

He spluttered. "That was our only copy!"

"Ah, such a pity." Harry said sarcastically, before walking to the front of the room. Remus had to stifle a laugh. Harry just smirked before turning around to face the class again.

"If there's one thing I despise more then the Dark Lord, it's petty house rivalries." Harry said making sure he had the entire rooms attention.

"But Harry you-" Ginny began clearly confused by this. Harry cut her off sharply with a look.

"House rivalries do nothing," he stressed, "But breed suspicion and discord amongst classmates."

Harry looked over his shoulder at Remus who had been silently observing him. Remus nodded granting him permission to continue.

"Think about it for a moment. Look around you. The students next to you, the students six seats away. The only thing that's ever kept you from getting to know each other was house loyalties. You'll be hard pressed to be able to mention a single one of your friends who has even talked cordially with anyone else. Your two houses have always strongly opposed each other, but does anyone know why? And before you even think of answering that blood lines and Voldemort (The whole class flinched, reminding Harry about his next lesson) are not acceptable answers." He paused a moment letting this sink in. "Remember back in first year? Your first day here. How imposing, yet marvelous the whole castle seemed to you and how insignificant that made you feel. Back then when you first all met on the Hogwarts express how many of you had formed tentative friendships only to have them be flung out a window because you were separated by house, or maybe it was a family feud? Or even a new found friend's family feud?" Harry fondly thought back to his first year.

The class shifted in their seats uneasily. Ginny looked a bit put out by Harry having silenced her, after all they were friends and Harry wasn't officially their teacher since he was only a seventh year, but she was determined to have her say. She raised her hand and waited patiently for Harry to call on her.

"Yes Ginny?" Harry asked feeling completely sure of what she was about to ask.

"But Harry, what about you and Malfoy?" She questioned feeling a small since of victory at having hit on one of his house rivals.

Harry smirked as the door to the classroom opened.

"What about me?" Malfoy asked entering the room like he owned the place. Remus looked uneasily at the new guest. He watched as Harry walked over to the Slytherin and slung an arm around the slightly taller boys shoulders.

Ginny's mouth dropped open.

"But I thought...I mean you two always...How?"

"Funny thing about fighting evil overlords," Harry said lightly. "Is you'll end up making alliances with people you never thought possible. Isn't that right Drake?"

"Whatever you say Leo." Draco responded trying hard not to laugh at all the flabbergasted looks on the younger students faces.

Harry cuffed him on the back of the head. "Stop it you'll give them the wrong impression."

Draco just ruffled Harry's already messy black hair before dropping back next to Remus, who unlike the rest of the students was smiling rather proudly at the young men. He had known that the two of them had been sent out on missions for the Order together, yet somehow it still surprised him that the two could get along so well.

"You see mine and Draco's bitter rivalry is legend around this place. And yes we do still get into arguments but not about bloodlines and so forth. I'm sure you have noticed that especially this year. But more to the point the first time I met Draco we were in Madame Malkin's shop getting fitted for our school robes. We had no preconceived notions of each other, other then outward appearances. I looked like a street urchin and he looked like a prince. He was the first person my age I had actually a chance to talk to so I had nothing to base his attitude against. Until I met Ron, so the next time I saw Draco on the train I had been talking to Ron and his disgust towards Draco was enough for me to denounce his hand in friendship, thus I too developed the attitude that all Slytherins are evil. Well they aren't as a matter of fact if it weren't for Ron I would have been placed in Slytherin."

The Gryffindors were squirming a bit in their seats as they head that unsettling bit of news, the Slytherins though were staring in open wonder at Harry. They were completely shocked no one had ever defended their house before who wasn't actually in it. Begrudgingly, they started to form a mild respect for their savior that wasn't there before.

Harry turned and looked at Remus and Draco who were deep in discussion. Deciding it would be ok to continue he smirked slightly making the students even more uneasy.

"Now before we move onto a different topic. I have one last remark I'd like to make. I have enlisted the help of the portraits around this castle and if I get wind of even one fight between students in different houses for any of the reasons stated above you will be getting point deduction and detention." He paused. "With Filtch."

The students eyes widened to the size of saucers.

"You wouldn't dare," gasped one of the Slytherin boys sitting in the back.

"Oh I would." Harry said with a decidedly evil grin. He heard the door open and close and knew Draco had just left. He was about to turn around when he felt a hand suddenly appear on his hip. He heard a quite sniffing from somewhere around the base of his neck as another arm went over his shoulder and held him still. He froze. 'What on Earth is Remus doing?' He kept his gaze fixed steadily ahead barely noticing the confused looks on all the students faces as he felt a warm tongue flicker over his skin. His eyes met Ginny's, who blushed and averted her eyes.

"Remus." He hissed softly, feeling himself becoming aroused. What the hell was wrong with him?

The scent was overwhelming his senses as he moved towards Harry to take over the class. It was now or never he had to know. Coming to a stop behind Harry he felt the heady rush of knowing flow through him as he gently rested a hand on Harry's hip. The scent was driving him insane. Slowly he lowered his face towards Harry's neck and sniffed. 'Yeesss.' His other arm went around Harry chest pulling him closer to him and keeping him still at the same time. Leisurely he began to lick the sweet spot where the scent was originating from. He growled as he heard Harry moan his name.

"Remus," This time his plea came out as a strangled moan. He was unsure of what he wanted but he knew he had to get the students out of the classroom. "Class dismissed." He said breathlessly. The students were transfixed. They seemed completely frozen in place. Harry managed to slam his fist against his desk, the class broke out of their reverie and scrambled.

Harry waited till the entire class had disappeared out the door before carelessly flicking his wand towards the door shutting and locking it. He moaned loudly, letting his head fall back onto Remus's shoulder. All thoughts of how wrong this was flew out the window. The only thing he could focus on was Remus, who was alternating licking and nipping at his neck. He let out a small whimper as he arched backwards.

He growled, did the boy have any idea how crazy he was driving him? Spinning Harry around he captured the pair of tantalizing lips roughly. Harry moaned, wrapping his arms around Remus's neck, plunging his fingers into the golden tresses, bringing the two of them if possible even closer together then before.

Slowly the two broke off, panting heavily, regarding each other with desire and lust evident in their eyes. Harry reached out to pull Remus back when a knock on the door brought them sharply back down to Earth. They both blinked and looked away blushing. Nodding, they silently agreed that they'd have a talk about this later.

Harry straightened his appearance a bit hoping he didn't look like he had just been ravished by his defense teacher and opened the door.

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