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Restless Teen Halloween

Extra Chapter: Bloopers & Outtakes!

Chapter One

SCENE: Danny's revenge for Dash's spitball attacks.

"Hehe...this'll get that loser good." Dash chuckled. Looking up he was disappointed (and a bit confused) to find that Danny had vanished. "Hn, well no biggie, I can still nail his dorky friend."

Danny followed Dash's gaze and gasped, "Oh no! Tucker!"

With an irritated growl he bent the straw back towards Dash just as he let loose a breath.

"Huh?" Dash paused bewildered when nothing happened.

"What happened to the spitball?" Danny asked.

"I dunno," Dash shrugged.

Danny leaned in for a closer look while Dash tried to dislodge it with another hard blow.

The spitball came flying out nailing Danny right between the eyes. "YUCK!!"

"Ew," Paullina cringed, scooting her desk away, "That's disgusting!"

"And the 'phantom menace' strikes again," Sam sighed turning back around in her seat.

SCENE: Ms. Marlette reads the teacher's lesson plan aloud.

Dash was next to be called on, "So since you're a last minute sub and all does this mean we don't have to do any real work?"

"I'm sorry...Dash...but your regular teacher did leave a lesson plan behind before leaving early." Ms. Marlette answered, holding a sheet of paper up for all to see. "It says here that you were all supposed to practice public speaking today."

The class let out a collective groan of disappointment.

Sliding her glasses back down on her face Ms. Marlette read the note aloud,

"Dear Substitute,

Today in class we are scheduled to begin our section on the mating practices of purple-back guerillas."

A collective snicker is heard from the students.

Ms. Marlette blushes, crumpling the paper the in her hand. "All right, who wrote this?!"

Chapter Two

SCENE: Sam and Tucker argue in the cafeteria.

Annoyed Sam spun around nearly knocking the trays out of both their hands, "Oh like meat lovers are so great. At least us Ultra Recyclo-Vegetarians don't go around telling lame-o ghost stories."

"Lame? My ghost story wasn't lame!" Tucker retorted, "And in case you've forgotten it was based entirely on actual events!"

"Tucker," Sam replied with half-lidded eyes, "you tried to tell a 'spooky story' about your encounter with 'the box ghost' while walking to your locker."

"Well it would've been frightening..." Tucker trailed off, "...except he got sidetracked by that box of old textbooks Mr. Lancer was moving to storage."

At that moment the Box Ghost fazed through the freezer doors carrying a crate filled with boxes of frozen fudge pops. The crate blocks his view causing him to bump into Sam and Tucker who struggle to hold onto their lunch trays.

Glancing around the crate he spots them and goes on one of his monotonous rants. "I am the Box Ghost! Fear me for I have confiscated this cubical container filled with many other cubical containers which I shall use to...um...to..."

"Bribe kindergarteners out of their juice boxes?" Sam inquires with evident sarcasm.

Blinking the apparition looks at the two teens, then to the crate, then back again. After a moment sweat is visibly rolling down his brown.

Sam and Tucker continue to watch, boredom of the repetitive situation is quickly setting in.

Chewing on his lower lip the ghost loudly blurts out, "BEWARE!!!" before tightening his grip on the crate and zooming though the closest window.

A few tables over Dash glances down at his 'meatloaf surprise'. Poking it warily with a fork he mutters, "That's it; from now on I'm bringing a bag lunch."

SCENE: The Fenton family is gathered in the lab as Jack and Maddie equip themselves.

Shaking her head Jazz brushed past her odd little bro and entered the lab. "It's just a jumpsuit Dad. You have a dozen more just like it in your closet!"

"Jazz is right dear," Maddie agreed, "Now why don't we just sit this aside and get back to work on our latest invention so we'll be all ready to go ghost hunting tonight?"

"Tonight?!" Danny's blue eyes widened. "W-why are you going out ghost hunting tonight?!"

"Actually we can't," Jack replies absently.

Surprised Maddie starts to object, "But Jack, why not?"

Looking up from a box his been searching through he pulls a T.V. Guide from his back pocket, "Because Ghost Busters 2 is coming on at 9. I have to stay home and tape it!"

Raising an eyebrow Jazz speaks, "Um...Dad, why don't you just use the VCR timer to record the show?"

"Because then I'll just have to fast forward through all the commercials!" Jack states matter-of-factly.

Narrowing her eyes Jazz heads for the door, "This is only further evidence to support my theory of either being adopted or switched at birth."

SCENE: Sam and Tucker are at the dance waiting for Danny to show up.

Sam sighs leaning against the bleachers. "He's late."

"Don't look at me!" Tucker huffs and folds his arms over his chest, "I got fired from being his official time manager, remember?"

Five minutes later...

"This is ridiculous!" Sam exclaims.

"Maybe he's stuck in traffic?" Tucker wonders aloud.

Glaring at him Sam snaps, "He's a ghost boy Tucker! He can fly. What traffic?!"

"I dunno...ducks?!"

Grumbling Sam chooses to ignore his last comment.

Ten minutes later...

After finishing off his twelfth cup of punch Tucker turns to Sam, "So what exactly are you supposed to be anyway?"

"A vampire slayer," Sam mutters.

Tucker nods, "Oh, like that blonde girl on TV?"

"I guess."

Smirking he reveals his fake fangs and teases, "So does this mean you've got a thing for vampires?"

Ten seconds later...


An infuriated Sam chases a terrified Tucker around the gym brandishing a blunt yet highly dangerous object.

Chapter Three

SCENE: Enter the old science lab where the ghost of Jet Skye is about to emerge.

An overturned Bunsen burner ignited from its position amidst a shattered lab table. The piece of lab equipment sat upright, its flame soaring up towards the ceiling. Just before reaching the damaged sprinkler system overhead a human-like figure took shape and emerged from the flames. The brightness of the fire gradually died down revealing a teenage looking ghost boy. He stood just under six feet tall. Pausing he scanned the room with piercing mahogany eyes. Running a hand through his well groomed russet hair he let out a frustrated sigh.

"So it's once again..." he trails off, and then sniffs the air. "...is something burning?"

Turning around he spots his reflection in the cracked mirror over the sink.


Several stage hands rush up with fire extinguishers and proceed to spray Jet down.

After closer inspection of the Bunsen burner the prop director reaches one obvious conclusion, "This device has been tampered with."

Off set Kate's taunting laughter is heard.

SCENE: Jazz questions Jack and Maddie about helping the troubled teen ghosts.

"Well dear," Maddie suggested, "why don't you come along with us and see if you can't help these two put their past behind them?"

"M-me?!" Jazz stammered, "You want ME to come ghost hunting with you? What if someone sees me?!"

"Don't worry Jazz, you can wear this disguise!" before Jazz can object Jack steps forward and 'disguises' her with a pair of oversized black-rimmed glass and a fake nose with mustache.

Clearly not amused Jazz growls, "This is all going in the memoirs."

Chapter Four

SCENE: Jazz leads her parents on a wild goose chase around the school.

"Jazz dear!" Maddie called, "Are you sure this is the way to the old science lab?"

"Yeah," Jack panted, lagging behind, "I could swear we've passed that restroom with the 'wet floor' sign four times already."

Skidding to a stop Jazz spun around pretending to be offended. "Are you kidding me?! I go to this school! I know my way around these halls. Don't worry, we're almost there."

"You've been saying that every ten minutes for the past hour sweetie." Maddie sighed.

A loud gurgling noise was heard causing both females to glance back at Jack.

"Ahem," Mr. Fenton fake coughed then flashed a sheepish grin, "I think it's time I made a quick visit to the little ghost hunter's room."

In a flash he'd disappeared into the bathroom. A split second later a startled "AAAHH!!" was heard followed by a loud clatter.

Maddie and Jazz exchanged worried glances. Maddie was about to go in and check on him when she heard a voice mutter, "Sorry ma'am, wrong door...I thought this urinal looked suspiciously like a sink."

Shaking her head she went back over to Jazz.

"I want a paternity test and I want it now." Jazz hisses.

SCENE: Danny and his friends return to the gym only to be caught by Mr. Lancer.

Once again Danny grabbed the shoulders of his friends and fazed them through the wall.

"Don't look so bummed Danny," Sam said as he sat them down just outside the gym doors, "It's not like the old science lab not really being haunted is a bad thing ya know?"

Shifting out of his phantom form Danny nodded, "Yeah, you're right Sam. It's just-"

Before he could finish his sentence the gym doors swung open revealing their teacher (and vice principal) Mr. Lancer. "Mr. Fenton, Miss Manson, and Mr. Foley...welcome back to the party." he spoke in a tone way too calm for comfort. "And just where have you three detention-seekers been?"

"Um..." Tucker gulped, "...bathroom?"

Mr. Lancer's eyebrow rose, "All three of you? At the same time?"

"Uh yeah..." Danny stammered.

"Well actually it was only Sam who had to go." Tucker interrupted, "Danny and I just went along for—uh—moral support?"

Everyone else falls dead silent and stares at Tucker disbelievingly.

"What?!" he asks innocently.

SCENE: Jet makes his move on Sam.

Removing her hand from over her face Sam glanced around and sighed, "Ditched again."

"How short-sighted of them-" a smooth unfamiliar voice spoke from behind her.

Spinning around Sam came face-to-face with an incredibly handsome, incredibly mysterious teenager in one heck of a snappy pirate costume.

"-to squander all their time chasing after pretty faces when true, exquisite beauty lies right in front of them." he finished.

Blinking confusedly Sam awkwardly pointed to herself, "Uh...you mean ME?! Well I-"

"You are lovely," he cut in, placing a light kiss atop her hand.

Blushing like crazy Sam took a step back, Danny...Tucker...where the heck did those two go?! "Look, this is really nice of you and all but I'm actually here with-"

"-out a date, obviously," he interrupted again. Looking around he appeared a bit upset, "How dare those so-called friends of yours abandon you and then traipse about, ignoring you so!"

Hearing this Sam got a bit defensive, "Hey! My friends aren't ignoring me they're just-"

"-not here." Jet smiled slyly.

Starting to get annoyed by his constant interruptions Sam decides to get even.

"Please," he bowed slightly.

"Please what?" she asks.

"Please," he bows again, "do me the-"

"The what?" she smirks.

Quirking an eyebrow he starts over...again. "Please, do me the honor of-"

"Of what?!" she mocks him.

Growing irritated he speeds up his line, "Pleasedomethehonorofjoiningmeon-"

"On what?" Sam blurts out, "The table? The chair? Your yacht in the middle of the Caribbean Sea a week from next Tuesday?!"

Determined to win this war of interruption Jet growls, "The dance floor! Please do me the honor of joining me on the dance floor!"

"Oh geez, I dunno..." she continues to smirk.

"Please," Jet insists.

"Please what?" Sam cuts in.

"ARGH!!!" Jet throws his arms in the air, spins on his heal, and storms off.

"Sam...one. Loser ghost boy...zero." she states smugly.

Chapter Five

SCENE: Paullina and Sam quarrel at the dance.

Sam had had enough, "How'd you like to get staked to the wall by this 'lowly geek' you pompous pinhead?!"

"Is that a threat?!" Paullina demanded.

"Why don't you come over here and find out Barbie?!" Sam snapped.

The crowd encircling them was growing larger and noisier now. Students (especially guys) were eagerly chanting "Fight! Fight! Fight!"


The chanting stops and turns to sounds of pain, "Ooo..." as the crowd winces after having watched Sam unexpectedly sock Paullina in the jaw.

"Sam!" Danny exclaims, surprised that his friend would lose her cool like that.

Woozily the injured girl sits up and rubs her bruised jaw, "She...she hit ME!"

"That's a three day suspension Miss Manson," Mr. Lancer informs her.

"Whatever," Sam grins down at the dumbstruck prep, "it was worth it."

(A/N: Sam is now my hero.)

SCENE: Ten minutes after the scene where Jet kidnapped Sam while Danny and Kate were fighting.

"Hello?!" Tucker calls, still stuck to the scoreboard with a mass of ectoplasmic goo.

Looking around the empty gym nervously he begins to struggle about in a desperate attempt to wriggle free.

"Anybody out there?! Danny? Sam?!"

I knew I should've made a pit stop before this scene started.

"Don't you guys think you're forgetting SOMETHING?!"

Tucker hangs his head despairingly but suddenly his mood brightens when he hears the sounds of footsteps across the gym floor coming towards him.

"VALERIE!" he cheers, "You came to rescue me!"

"Yeah right," she grins, "but first I've got a question for you."

"Um...okay, shoot."

"Remember that first dance where you kept askin' all those girls to go with you and you got turned down by every single one but me?"

"Hehe...vaguely." Tucker answers, a knot forming in his stomach.

"And then I finally agreed to go and told you to pick me up but you never did?"


Clenching her fists Valerie continues, "Just why exactly did you stand me up?"


"And what's this I hear about you taking Sam to the dance instead of me?!" she demands.

"Valerie I-"

"What on Earth would possess you to go and ask TWO girls to the same dance?!"

"Well um 'possession' is pretty much what happened." Tucker tries to explain.

"Please Tucker Foley," Valerie huffs, placing her hands on her hips, "if you think for one minute that I'm gonna buy that lame excuse then you've got another thing comin'!"

"Oh boy," Tucker slumps his head back down on his chest.

"Better get comfortable," a voice advises as Jet materializes beside him, apparently sitting in mid air, "if there's one thing I know, it's that these rants can go on forever."

Chapter Six

SCENE: Danny and Sam make a last minute escape from the Ghost Zone.

With a quick wave of goodbye to the newly reformed Kate, Danny and Sam leapt through the mirror, holding each other's hand tightly.

"You think we'll make it in time?" Sam asked as they were sent hurtling through the portal.

"I hope so!" Danny answered. "I'd hate it if we had to 'dothe time warp again'!"

Sam blinks, Danny's jokes just keep getting lamer and lamer.

"Get it?!" he asks hopefully, "It's an old Halloween song. The Time Warp! 'Let's do the time warp again...!' Get it?!"

"Stick to your day job ghost boy." she sighs.

Chapter Seven

SCENE: Tucker waits nervously by the portal with midnight just seconds away!

(Take One)

Tucker nervously paced the room as his alarm sounded the last beep before midnight had officially been reached. "Danny...Sam...where are you?!"

"We're right here." Sam replies.

Spinning around Tucker nearly knocks heads with Danny and Sam, "AAAHH!!"

His jaw drops as he speechlessly looks from his friends to the portal behind him, pointing disbelievingly. "B-But you're not supposed to be here! You're SUPPOSED to come through the portal!"

"We are?" Danny asks.

"YES!" Tucker whips out his script, flips to the last few pages and shows them the lines, "See, 'Danny and Sam come flying through the portal into the living world at the last possible second'!"

After studying the script Sam turns to Danny, "Well, he does have a point."

"Okay, um...redo?" Danny grins sheepishly.

(Take Two)

Tucker nervously paced the room as his alarm sounded the last beep before midnight had officially been reached. "Danny...Sam...where are you?!"

He waits patiently as nothing happens.

"Ahem, I said...Danny...Sam...where are you?!"

Again nothing, unless you count the sound of someone off set coughing.

Tucker's starting to lose it, "DANNY! SAM! WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU GUYS?!"


"THAT'S IT!" he declares, stomping over to the mirror and climbing into the portal, "I'M COMING IN! YOU GUYS HAVE HAD IT!!"

Seconds after Tucker disappears into the swirling green vortex Danny rushes in through the door.

"Oh man..." he pants, "...sorry I'm late Tuck. My dad made me stay home and tape that movie for him so he wouldn't have to fast forward through all the commercials. Tuck?" he glances around the empty room confusedly, "Tucker?"

SCENE: Danny and Sam share a dance...and a kiss.

She's so beautiful. Danny found himself thinking with a captivated sigh as he watched the moonbeams play off the ebony strands of her hair.

He really is handsome, both as Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom. Sam smiled as she lifted her head once more. But it's the guy behind the pretty face that makes my knees go weak. Wonder if he'll ever realize that? Wonder if he'll ever think of me the same way? I wonder if...

Her train of thought was abruptly halted when a pair of soft, warm lips captured hers in a searing kiss that could only be described as supernatural.

"Mmm..." they both mutter dreamily through 'occupied' lips.

"Hehehe..." faint snickering is heard from the doorway.

Danny and Sam don't seem to notice as they continue to deepen their kiss.


The sudden outburst caused the pair to break apart and stare at the doorway. Both teens went beet red when they saw Tucker, Valerie, Dash, Paullina, Jazz, Mr. & Mrs. Fenton, and Mr. Lancer standing in the doorway.

"Holy Helen of Troy!" Lancer exclaims, "Mr. Fenton, Miss Manson, you know the school has a strict policy of absolutely no PDA on school grounds! What do you two think this is? A midsummer night's dream?!"

(A/N: For those who may not know, PDA means "public displays of affection".)

"Hahaha!" Tucker doubles over, "My aching sides! Don't tell me this is another one of your 'fake out, make outs'!"

"Tucker..." Sam growls, "...I'm going to KILL you."

"Aw Jack," Maddie coos, "isn't this cute? Our little boy is growing up!"

"MOM!" Danny yells embarrassed.

"Yuck!" Valerie gags, "First the park in the middle of the night, now in this run down old science lab? Why don't you two rent a hotel room or something?"

"The park?" Jack asks.

"Oh man," Sam and Danny gulp.

"What were you two doing in a park in the middle of the night?" Maddie inquires suspiciously.

"Do we have to discuss that?" Paullina cringes, "I did just eat at the dance you know!"

"Hey," Jazz muses, "I thought you had a crush on Paullina?"

"Ooo..." Dash taunts, "...Fenton's a player!"

"You're in big trouble young man!" Jack states sternly.

As Danny begins to sweat bullets his eyes shift towards the evil-humored authoress. "Um, can we end this chapter now? PLEASE?!"

Hehe...sure. Why not? I think I've done enough damage...until the sequel.


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