A/N: While looking through some old CD trying to find an original story of mine I came upon this one shot I did awhile ago. Please read and enjoy. I have no beta for my one shots and I have terrible spelling difficulties. You have been warned.
Pure, white, snow. Nothing is purer than snow, until the day it was tainted with blood. Her blood. "Tomoe you gave you're life for mine. Why did you save a man, no, boy like me?" Thoughts ran wild as Tomoe's life quickly poured from her body.

"I'm sorry." Her final words as her hand dropped signaling the end of her life.


Kenshin sat bolt upright. He was breathing heavily and he was sweating. He wiped his arm across his head. He shivered suddenly feeling very cold, very alone. "Tomoe." Her name echoed through his mind.

Kenshin's bangs danced in front of his eyes as his body shook. His hair, some days he loved its unique color, then days, like tonight, he hated it. That disgusting color of blood. He covered his eyes with his hands but as he took in the smell of his hands he let them fall into his lap. They were forever soaked in the sent of blood.

He tried so hard. It was so hard. To atone for so many lives seemed impossible. Kenshin let out a tried sigh and a voice answered it. "Kenshin, are you awake?" Kenshin almost jumped at the sound of Kaoru's voice. He had been so caught up in himself he hadn't even sensed her coming.

"Yes Kaoru-dono."

"Can… can I come it Kenshin?" She asked uncertainly.


Silently Kaoru entered. Her hair down flowing behind her slender frame as she walked over to his bed and knelt down. "What are you doing up?" She asked causally.

"Just having trouble sleeping, that I am." He answered adding a smile at the end.

"Don't." She said forcefully. "You don't have to pretend around me." She then whispered. Kenshin looked down at his hands not quite sure what to do with them at the moment. He clenched them then relaxed his grip over and over as the heavy silence filled the room.

Kaoru moved a little closer to Kenshin. She wasn't quite sure herself what to do. She just wanted him close to her. To be himself with her. To let her share his pain. Oh Kenshin. She thought sadly. I want to help you, but I can't if you don't trust me. A sudden touch to her hand made her jump slightly.

"Actually, this one had a bad dream." He admitted wanting to hold her closer. "That's why this one is up."

Kaoru slid closer. "It's a dream Kenshin." She said reassuringly. "It's over now, it can't hurt you." She slowly laid her head against his shoulder.

No. Kenshin thought. It's not over, not yet. He turned his head toward Kaoru who seemed to be falling asleep on his shoulder, which had begun to tingle. He moved his arm around her shoulder and held her in a half hug.

"Kenshin." She whispered in his ear. "I will always be there for you. I won't leave you." Slowly she lowered her head on his chest. She could hear the beating of his heart and it was going very fast. The two sat in comfortable silences and as they did Kaoru noted how Kenshin's heart slowed as time wore on. She looked up at the man she loved and he looked back down at her with those sad, lavender eyes she had fallen in love with.

"Kaoru-dono." Kenshin whispered.

"Yes Kenshin."

He smiled; a true smile. "Thank-you." She smiled back at him and sifted her weight into a more comfortable position. They sat together, happily, until dawn.