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The sun was bright, and the sky blue. Birds whistled and chirped out their merry songs and all was well. The chaos that was Linas appetite was already doing its job, devouring every food like substance in its path.

Zelagadis sipped his morning coffee, silently pondering how Lina could seem to devour so much in so little time. Gourry on the other hand wasn't even fazed by her actions, as he was stuffing his face as well. Zel shook his head and took another sip.

"OI! That's MY bacon you're eating Gourry you jellyfish brains!" Lina screeched out through a mouthful of gooey eggs. Gourry stole another piece of bacon off of her plate, something only someone extremely brave...or extremely stupid would do.

"Oh that's it Gourry! STOP. STEALING. MY. FOOD!!!!!!!!! FIRE BALL!!!!!!" By the time the words came from Linas mouth Gourry had ducked and covered. The stray fire ball went flying, landing right in front of a certain unsuspecting princess named...Amelia! The explosion it caused was minimal, but Amelia lay twitching on the ground, her eyes swirling from the heat of the fire.

Gourry was trying another act of profound bravery by grabbing Linas final piece of bacon while she was panting. Fire erupted in her eyes and she halted his fork with her own, growling loudly at him. Gourry growled back, still attempting (in vain) to get his fork back. "Liinnaaaa," he whined at her, "You weren't paying attention, I got this bacon fair and square!" "HAH!" Lina spat at him, "Stealing bacon from an innocent girl such as myself?! You call that fair?!"

Amelia sat up, her face nicely crispified. Zel shot a glance at her, a mildly concerned look upon his features. Amelia smiled brightly, the black soot and crispies seemingly disappearing. "I'm fine Zelagadis-san! This type of stuff happens almost every day, so I'm used to it by now!"

Zel nodded attempting to take a sip of his coffee, finding it was empty. "Bah," He muttered to himself. Lina looked away from her fork fight and snorted at Zel, a large grin clear on her face, "To busy flirting with Amelia to notice your coffee running low?" Zel shot a glare at her, standing up cup in hand. Amelias face turned bright red, Zel flirting with me?! Zel walked off to get more coffee, grumbling to himself.

Gourry by now had gotten the last piece of bacon, but Lina was still oblivious to the fact. She had been watching Amelias dazed and somewhat happy expression, she was obviously over joyed that Zel may have been flirting with her. "Jeez!" Lina mumbled getting off of Gourry and dusting herself off. "You should just admit that you love him, Amelia!" Amelia turned an even brighter shade of red. "Don't say such things Lina-san!" Her voice was wavering, oh how DEARLY she wanted to be whisked away in Zelagadis-sans arms.

Lina twitched as she looked down to her fork, then over to Gourrys. Her mind raged, 'That jellyfish brain stole my bacon! How dare e take the food of an innocent young damsel like me!' "Gourry," Lina started, with a horribly sweet tone. "Did you just EAT my last piece of bacon?" Gourry hummed in thought, his usual confused and dumbfounded expression on his face. "I...." He started, "We had bacon for breakfast?!"

Lina screamed in frustration, "Yes you jellyfish brain!" Gourry looked even more confused then humanly possible, "We did?!" His voice sounded utterly surprised, and his eyes showed that he was. "FIRE BALL!!! FIRE BALL! FIREBALL!" Lina continued screeching the spell for some time, crispifing Gourry and the restaurant rather nicely.

Zel sat in his room, sipping his new cup of coffee. 'So much quieter up here,' he thought, 'No Lina accusing me of being in love with Amelia...Though I can still hear her screaming at Gourry...' Zel sighed in satisfaction, his coffee was really rather good. Unfortunately the feeling of that didn't last, his mind wondered to Amelia. She WAS rather cute, that star like shine in her eyes. Even her clumsiness was a cute attribute.

'...Maybe she already has her special someone' Zel sighed to himself, 'There's no way a princess could fall for a chimera freak like me.'

Amelia stood outside Zelagadis-sans door, her fist poised to knock. She could tell her was blushing, she was a deep shade of red by now. "Oh to hell with it!" She grumbled to herself, running quickly down the steps and out the inn door.

Lina was now sitting back at the table she had almost destroyed, Gourry had ran off somewhere leaving Lina alone to think about things. Her mind decided it was going to pick on her horribly, her thoughts traced back to the battle with the Hellmaster. "What happened after I cast the Giga Slave?!" Lina demanded of herself, she wanted to know. She wanted to know what that spark was when she looked at, or thought about Gourry. It was like her heart beating itself to death inside her chest, perhaps it was love? Lina shook her head. Love? With the JELLYFISH HEAD?! She shuddered at the thought. Sure... he was slightly good looking, and very sweet at times, but he was so...stu- not bright.

Lina yawned; all this thinking on the jellyfish brains had made her tierd. She had just gotten up, but a little nap wouldn't hurt! She ran upstairs and into her room. Jumping on the bed, she hugged the pillows, falling into a light sleep.

Linas head was slightly fuzzy, but she seemed to be in a dim room. It must have been the room she had been sleeping in! Gourry stood at the door, Lina gasped noticing she was in a fuzzy pink night gown. 'I must be dreaming' she prayed silently that she was, for Gourry was advancing on her. "Lina..." he moaned out her name drawing her now shivering body into a tight embrace. "Ano.....Gourry get off-oooF!" Lina was cut off when she tried to scream at Gourry for holding her in such a way.

Her mind raced with joy at being held like this; perhaps she really did love him. Lina nodded silently, she DID love him, it was MEANT to be like this...Even if it was only a dream. Gourry eyed her, and then said, with a hint of sadness, "Don't you forget..." Lina looked at him suspiciously, "Don't forget what?" Gourry smiled a very...stupid looking smile. "What happened after the Giga Slave of course!"

Lina shrieked with delight, "Refresh my memory Gourry! What happened?!" Gourry smiled, telling her the entire story. Lina nodded, wondering how she could ever forget such a thing. Her vision of Gourry was fading, the dream ending...

Lina yawned happily when she opened her eyes; she had only been sleeping for about an hour or two. She was going to be true to her feelings for once, she would tell the jellyfish brains, he'd HAVE to return her feeling, right?!

She dressed herself from her normal garments into a light purple summer dress, and then she tied her hair back with a light purple ribbon. "These birthday gifts come in handy! It's a good thing I didn't throw them oouuuut!" Lina sung the words out, she was jubilant, she was radiating joy!

Heading to the center of town she spotted Gourry toward the towns' garden. Lina decided to follow after him, she was going to surprise him! The garden was lovely, flowers of all shapes and sizes AND colors were everywhere! She giggled a little to herself, man was she giddy.

Lina got out of her 'stealth mode' and smiled extremely brightly. She started to call out Gourry's name and walk toward him, but she cut herself off, quickly jumping behind the nearest bush of flowers. Gourry was talking with Slyphiel. Her face was flooding with joy and extreme excitement. Gourry got down on one knee, and started up into Slyphiels eyes.

Linas heart started to race, this wasn't what she thought. It couldn't be, Gourry was supposed to be with HER! Perhaps it isn't that, maybe...they're doing a scene from a play!

Gourry put a ring onto Slyphiels finger, "Will you marry me Slyph?" Slyphiel cried out in joy and hugged Gourry after falling onto her knees. "I will...I DO! Oh Gourry-sama!"

Lina was crushed, she was finally going to start being true, and then...Gourry...he was already in love! Lina couldn't suppress the tears; they flowed freely down her face. Not wanting to be seen in such a state Lina started running, she ran and ran and ran. She was panting when she finally stopped, the tears still falling.

Her legs gave up trying to support their master and gave way. Lina fell to the ground, she hadn't even seen her surroundings, she let herself cry, she let the tears flow freely, she didn't care if anyone saw her. Hugging her knees she continued to cry, she could feel the sun setting, had that much time passed already?

Lina lay backwards onto the dirty ground, there were no people near by, no animals either. Her hair was messy from all the running and now dirty from lying on the ground. She stretched herself out getting a good look at her surroundings. She was in a forest, she had run rather far. The area around her was completely unfamiliar, she didn't care much though.

She closed her eyes suppressing a slight sob; a gloved hand brushed her forehead. "Lina-san?" A worried sounding voice questioned. Lina opened her eyes and saw those familiar amethyst eyes staring back at her. "Xellos..?"