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I said I would wait forever…

I had no idea how long forever could really be…

((Miho sighed and looked towards the heavens, "I'll start from when we first met, I hope you're in for a long story…"))

Miho's Story

Miho's point of view

I was barely five at the time I met you…Remember? You saved me that that day.

My mother came rushing into the room at the sound of my sudden surprise; it hadn't been a loud scream, but it was enough for her to worry and then come running. She looked me over very closely, taking my hand into hers to check for scratches or cuts. I was drying dishes and being the clumsy girl I was, I dropped a bowl. It shattered, not hurting me. My mother had been worried sick; she wasn't at all concerned with the broken pottery that lay in pieces on the floor. She gave me that bright smile of hers as she pushed her thick dark purple hair away from her eyes. My mother had always been happy. She than kissed me on the forehead and got out the broom. I sat on my little chair by the table and I watched her sweep.

She looked up at me, still smiling every once and awhile. She'd make a funny face at me, just to see me burst into helpless little giggles. I yawned and looked at her again, "I'm really sorry for breaking that bowl, Mommy…" my voice had been sincere; I was worried that she'd be angry at me, but she never was. She smiled and than stuck her tongue out. "That's ok sweetheart, Mommy has lots of bowls for you to have accidents with." I giggled at that again. The sound of my father slamming the front door shut could be heard, I flinched a little bit, but put on a determined expression. Mom had always told me never to let dad scare me, he was just a big friendly bear sometimes, but other times he scared me. Like today.

Mom's expression changed as I watched her, she started sweeping faster, trying in vain to get the pottery fragments into a leather sack she used for the things I broke. I hopped down from my chain and patted her back, trying to reassure her. It was hard for me to actually reach her back; my head barely reached her hip!

My father came into the dinning room, he had that kind of drunken stupor floating around him and he smelt of booze. This wasn't the first time something like this had happened, whenever father came home drunk he would be in a foul mood. He usually took it out on my Mom; I hated him for that sometimes.

His eyes were blood shot, and he had the most horrid scowl upon his face. His voice was loud and angry, "What in the name of the gods is going on here?!" I raised my head to look him in the eye; I wasn't going to get scared off again. Mom looked at his mouth, she was afraid to look him in the eye, she had been with him many a time while he was like this. I spoke up, seeing her fear to do so. "I was doing the dishes for Mommy, since she cleans the house so well all the time!" I smiled brightly; maybe father wouldn't be upset, at least that's what I was thinking at the time. "But I accidentally dropped one of the old bowls, and it broke…So Mommy was just cleaning it up. I apologized, like you taught me too. Daddy said: Always apologize when you do something wrong, or insult someone that's older. So I did, since breaking a dish is wrong!"

Mom brought her hand up to the fading bruise on her face, I hadn't asked where she got it, and I didn't want too. My father looked down into my small golden eyes, a look of disgust on his features. He hated the fact that I got Moms eyes, and her hair, nothing from him. I smiled again; I was so innocent at the time.

He glared at my mother and began to walk towards us. My mom shrank back a little bit, but either than that didn't move. I stood my ground, repeating the words 'He's a big friendly bear' in my head. He walked right up to mother and glared at her, I could smell his disgusting body odor and breath from where I stood. "Your daughter broke another one of our dishes again?! I've TOLD you to NOT let her touch them, you little whore!" Mom tried to defend herself and me, "But darling, she was just trying to help out! I'm not a whore, you're the only man I've ever slept with, and the only many I ever pla…." She was cut off, father struck her. I gasped, my eyes widening with fear.

Unseen tears were building in my mothers eyes, "No, please, not in front of Miho…" Father laughed, "I can do this wherever I please, you ungrateful bitch! It's MY house." I was rooted with fear as my father kicked my mother to the ground. She was begging for him to stop, for him to not do this in front of me. He sat beside her and fiercely grabbed for her breast, but she batted his hands away. "Stop it, Kain!!" came my mothers begging plea, but she only got hit again for saying no.

I ran towards my father, I tugged at him, I begged him to stop, I even hit him. "Stop it, what're you doing to Mommy?!" At that he turned on me and slapped me hard across my face, I held my hand to the now forming bruise. "What was that for, Daddy?" My voice was wavering and I wanted to cry. "For being a BAD girl and for being the daughter of this whore!" My voice was defiant, "Mommy isn't a whu-are!" I was unaware of how to pronounce it properly, and this angered him even more. He shoved me roughly, causing me to trip and hit my head. Through hazy eyes, I saw my mother get beaten and raped by the man she once loved. I slowly slipped into darkness…

Sometime had paced, and my father was no where to be seen. I had slowly opened my eyes and sat up, I was now looking around. "Mommy!!" I crawled towards my mother, not noticing the slight pain in my left leg. She was badly beaten, her right eye swollen shut. She had many bruises now, and cuts all over the place. I looked down upon her; the tears welled in my eyes and started falling. She looked into my eyes, "Don't cry, my little girl…" I nodded, but couldn't stop the tears. "I-is Mommy going to be OK?" She tried to shake her head, but found she couldn't move. "No, no I won't be okay. Miho you have to promise me something…get out of the house tonight, find somewhere anywhere to go, just don't stay here…" I leaned down and hugged her, placing my head on her chest, listing to her slow and unsteady heartbeat. "What's going to happen to Mommy..?" She smiled down at me, coughing up a large amount of blood that ran down her cheek. "I'm going to go to sleep, for a very long time. No one will be able to get me out of this sleep…It's called dying. It happens to everyone. Especially when they're hurt very bad…" I shook my head, "You're going to a…better place, ne?" "Yes, I am Miho and I promise I'll see you again…" Those were her dying words. When I could no longer hear her heartbeat, my heart was crushed. I fell into a dreamless sleep, with my head still positioned as if I were waiting for her heart beat, but that beat never came.

I awoke an hour or so before sunrise, I could hear someone in the next room. The fear rushed through me, it was my father! I let the tears fall freely from my eyes as I sobbed. I tried to be quiet so father wouldn't hear me, but he did. He came in the room and looked down on my frail figure, sobbing rather loudly. He had drunk all that night, and was still very drunk. "W-why?" I sobbed out at him, "H-h-how could you do something like this?!" Like a wild dog, he was upon me. He beat me that was the first day he ever even hit me.

When he left me be, and went to get more booze from the tavern, I was within an inch of death. I could no longer cry as I used my weak arms to carry me as far from this place as I could get. I got rather far, and I had ended up in the middle of nowhere. It was part of the forest behind my house, but the forest was vast and I was lost in it. I put my head on the soft dirt and cried once more. My head was swimming, my mind was telling me not to die, but my body had given up.

I then saw a shadowed figure slowly approaching me; I could tell it was a man. I was afraid it was my father, but it was not. You looked down at me and picked up my broken and beaten body, you talked to me to keep me awake. "What happened, little girl?" Your voice was soothing and coaxing. I merely nodded at you and cuddled against you, falling into a nightmarish sleep.

Years passed, I was now 16 and you had raised me. We were friends; you weren't really like a father, but more like a close friend that was always there. I'd started magic training with you on my 6th birthday; I wasn't very skilled until I reached the age of 14, as you noticed. But what I had a strange knack for was fighting with my fists; I could move fast and dodge well.

It was mid-morning and I had just gotten up to make breakfast for the both of us, my once ear length purple hair was now down to my waist and my golden eyes shinned brighter than ever. I've always been told how much I look like you… I saw you for the last time of my human life that day. You came down the stairs of our cozy little house for breakfast, wearing your trade mark smile as usual. I was humming happily and attempting to make sushi. I enjoyed that kind of thing for breakfast.

As you sat down at the table, you dropped your grin and looked at me gravely. "I have to leave, Miho." I was just coming to my seat. I dropped my plate and it shattered, the sushi scattered all over the ground. I blushed brightly, "Leave? Where? Why? When will you be back, around dinner?" You laughed a little and shook your head, "You may never see me again, do you understand that, Miho?" I nodded solemnly, but inside I didn't understand, I didn't WANT to understand. I got onto my knees and started picking up the fragments of the plate, putting them back on the ground after I picked them up. I hadn't even realized I was doing that.

You came from behind and hugged me; I let the tears fall again. That was the second time I cried over losing someone, the second time…and the last. I turned around in your eyes and looked straight into your eyes. Without a word I shut my eyes and raised my head to your lips, I'm pretty sure you stared in confusion as I kissed you, but after a second you kissed me back. I broke our kiss only for the need of air, "I think I love you, you know." You merely nodded, I wasn't sure if you loved me back. Deep inside I knew you didn't, I'd always known that you weren't my soul mate and that we weren't fated to be together how I wanted us to be. I smiled at you; you searched my eyes for some kind of answer for my actions. I spoke up again, "I love you, silly. That's why I gave you my first kiss as a good-bye present…You're my only friend, you know?" You nodded again. My heart was being crushed, I wanted you to nod and kiss me again, to say that you loved me back, to promise we would be together again, but you didn't. You merely disappeared to leave me alone.

And trust me, I WAS alone. For the next three years of my life, I was utterly ALONE. My life was pretty happy; I lived in a nice cozy village with lots of nice smiling people. Everyone was coupled, and the people who weren't quickly GOT coupled. I had a few boys ask me out, I politely declined each one. Deep in my heart I was still longing for you, even though I knew you would never come.

Those three years passed like lightning, nothing exciting ever happened too me. I kept training myself, though. It was my goal to someday find you…and just have a good time. Be friends like we once were, although I wanted more than that. It was one snowy day in winter that my life turned for the worse. I can't exactly say worse though, because I'm happy with my 'life' the way it is now. Tehehehehehe!

I was walking through the snow, it was about up to my ankles, and I was having a hard time, but it was fun. I fell into the snow laughing, I'd tripped again. I blew on my bangs, in a frustrated way, but I was laughing still. Laughing with myself. I made a snow angel, and then I just closed my eyes and thought.

I reopened my eyes too see a man looming over me; I can't remember what his name was or what he looked like. "Hi!" I said brightly. The man just looked at me again, I was a little scared. I stood up and dusted my plain grey dress off. "Well I'll be on my way!" I started to walk off, but the man asked me something, I cant quite remember what it was, but I said yes. At that moment, it all went dark; when I awoke I would never be 'human' again.

Everything after that is all a rushed blur, what I remember most now though was The War of the Monsters Fall. I saw you for the first time in…a lot of years; the cold and icy personality I had developed was melted when I saw you. A group of dragons was currently flying towards me at fast speeds, thus it wasn't a great idea to stare awe struck at something. A spear hit me, it went right through me!

I let out a high pitched scream, but I was pissed off, so the pain was replaced by a boiling anger. I was about to show these damn dragons how strong I could be. I watched you for another moment, letting another one stab me, making the whole that ripped through my stomach larger. I snarled and let my fiery rage appear in my hands; I molded it and shaped it into what I needed. I threw this black ball of fire into the middle of a crowd of dragons, it exploded in a flash of darkness. There was nothing left of the group I threw it at. The two that were in front of me were also just…gone. I was the only one who knew the secret to what I had done, it was just simply so hot that it left nothing. Instant death. I coughed up blood, just realizing again the hole in the stomach. It would take longer to heal, and I was loosing blood fast. I started to fall at a fast speed toward the ground; the impact would have killed me.

But you noticed me, you recognized me! You flew towards me and caught me before I hit the ground too! I saw your eyes and I looked straight into them, you looked confused, my eyes were no longer bright and gold. My right eye had remained the same, the only reminder of my once mortal self and my left eye had become the color of amethyst, much like your eyes. I smiled up at you, "Heya Xel, I'm gonna be fine. I heal really rather fast." You looked down at my wounds that were already healing, "I suppose it's an enhanced skill I got when I was turned into a mazoku, eh?"

(Back to present time)

"I'm sure you know the rest of the story pretty well? You got called by your master Xelas and I never saw you again! That happens a tad often, ne? After that I just wandered around, going on missions and the like.." Xellos nodded at me again, he was acting out of sorts. I gave him a weird look, but he didn't notice, he was now staring at a young red headed woman. I punched my hand, "Ahahah!!! So that's Lina Inverse, eh? That girl you're stalking 'cuz you like her?" Xellos raised his eyebrow at me, but I simply disappeared, reappearing tight beside Lina!

Back to 3rd person perspective!

Lina jumped at the sight of the woman suddenly appearing beside her. She had a strange resemblance to Xellos… The weird woman smiled brightly and waved, "Hi I'm Miho! I was wondering if you would mind if I traveled with you and your friends?It'd be fun to travel with the great Lina Inverse!" Lina gave her an odd look, "Uh…I'm looking for someone right now, his names Xellos have you seen him?" Miho hummed in thought, "Nope don't know him, and haven't seen him either!" Lina sighed, "Ok why do you want to travel with me Miss. Mazoku Miho?" Miho stuck her tongue out, "For some fun, and because I have a clue on a cure for that chimera friend of yours!" Lina raised an eye brow, "How do you know about Zel?" "I just DO!" Miho grinned, this was going to be fun!