This is my first fanfiction so please forgive me if the writing is completely wretched. This fic has to different versions. One's a pure Brucas fic and the others a extended fic which focuses on more than just one storyline instead of just Brooke and Lucas. I'll probably post that one after I'm done with this just so there's no confusion. Anyway here's all you need to know to read the story.

This is a future fic that takes places about 4 months from where the show is now, during the beginning of junior year. (I know you guyz are gonna hate me for this but it's for the greater good of the story I swear, but...) Lucas and Anna have been together now for the past three months, and she (like most of the population of Tree hill before her) finds herself falling hard for Lucas. Brooke and Felix have been doing the whole friends with "benefits" thing for several months now, and have tried to keep it under wraps to the best of their ability, though people are starting to catch on. Much to the shock of himself, Felix finds himself actually wanting to be in a relationship with Brooke. Lucas approached Brooke over the summer and told her that he truly valued their friendship before their breakup and that he at least wanted to rebuild that part of their relationship. After much reluctance, she finally agreed, and they've been hanging out more and more ever since.

Ok, and so the drama begins.

Oh, and btw, here's the pesky legal jargon. BIDisclaimer:/I/B II, Ashley G., am sorry to admit that I don't own a sliver of One Tree Hill (Well besides maybe my dreams :D /I

Chapter 1All Together... For now at least

"Hey hott stuff," a husky voice said coming from behind him. He felt two arms wrap around his waist from behind and he was slowly taken back to the time where things were evrything was okay between them. The time when she would lovingly call him "Broody" and he would return "Cheery" just as affectionately. But reality hit him like a ton of bricks when turned around to engulf her in a warm embrace only to discover the face of his girlfriend, Anna, in front of him rather than the object of his previous thoughts. He silently cursed himself for even allowing his mind to wander to such forbidden thoughts. He had a girlfriend, one that he cared for very much, and on top of that he and Brooke had finally found a comfortable place in renewing their "just friends" status. The last thing anyone needed right now was another torrid love triangle that would only bring everyone involved more drama and unnecessary pain. "Hey you," Lucas said with a smile, pushing back all previous thoughts. "Sup," he asked. "Not much. First period was cool but second was pure hell though. I swear whoever invented Algebra 2 should be rotting down under," Anna said, forcing a small chuckle from Lucas. That was yet another thing he liked about Anna. Her pure and complete abandon for political correctness (A/N: Notice any similarities to a fan favorite.) She said what she thought, even if that meant her statement were a little void of tactfulness. "I couldn't be that horrible," Lucas said. "Oh yes it could be," Nathan said, entering into the conversation with Haley at his side, "But on the bright side, at least it ensures me another full semester of tutoring with my lovely wife," Nathan said with a huge grin. "Well as lovely as that sounds, I highly doubt that there would be any serious studying going on," Peyton said entering into the conversation as well. "Well as lovely as this little group convergence is I think we better move out the middle of the hallway before kids start bum rushing us to get to lunch," Lucas said, and everyone began head towards the cafeteria.

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