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Chapter 4 – Getting ready is so much fun.

"Could you stop doing that, please," Peyton asked as she watched her friend wipe off and reapply her makeup for the 20th time.

"Brooke, trust me hun. You look fine."

"What?! So I want to look nice. You never now what hot guys you might find lurking around in Raleigh," Brooke said with a smirk.

"Yeah, right," Peyton said w/ a slight scoff. "You and I know just as well as anyone else that the only boy your trying to impress tonight is Lucas Scott."

"I have know idea what you mean," Brooke said, doing a poor job of sounding believable despite her utmost effort.

"Ok, say as you wish. So what's up with you two anyway. You guys seem to be better friends now than when you dated," Peyton said not really thinking before she spoke. As soon as the words came out, though, she felt an unimaginable sense of guilt run over her. She hated to think how she nearly ruined all the people she truly cared for by her stupid decisions. She still was a little shocked that she and Brooke were best friends again. Even she new she wasn't totally deserving.

"Don't worry about it. It's ok," Brooke said nearly reading Peyton's thoughts. "I must admit, it's even a little weird for me. I mean after it happened I thought I'd never be able to even be amiable towards him, let alone be friends again. I guess it all kinda worked out like it should have. We always seemed more suited for friendship than being each others soul mates."

Peyton new that that was about as far from the truth as possible. Anyone that saw the way they looked at each other just in passing could see the immense love they held for one another, and anyone that spent more than 30 seconds in a room with them could tell that they were meant for each other. And as Peyton looked over at Brooke, her eyes betrayed that she knew the same.

Not wanting to push Brooke any furthur she quickly changed the subject.

"You know I got an email from..."

The doorbell sounded in the distance.

"Guess you're Prince Charming awaits," Peyton said quickly abandoning her previous thoughts.

"More like Prince Humperdink," Brooke deadpanned and they both laughed.

Peyton ran downstairs and opened the door.

"She'll be down in a sec. She just has to finish a few things first," Peyton said leaving out.

Lucas shook his head. "I figured as much. That's why I told her 30 minutes before we actually needed to leave," He told Peyton as she went to her car, earning a little laugh out of her.

"Wise man," She said.

As Lucas entered her house he still couldn't get over how barren it looked. It was full of expensive furniture and artwork yet it felt so cold. He didn't understand how Brooke could live in such a place and be as happy as she seemed.

"Come on, slow poke or we're gonna be late," Lucas yelled upstairs.

"Uh uh. Not falling for that one. I just heard you tell Peyton about your little time theory so I know we've got plenty of time. Plus haven't you ever heard patience is a virtue," Brooke yelled.

A huge grin formed on Lucas's face. Even without seeing Brooke at that moment simply hearing the sound of her voice was enough to elicit the most joyous of emotions from him.

"Why yes ma'am, I have heard that, but I've also heard time is a precious commodity that must never be wasted."

"Ok, ok. Hold your horses I'm coming," she said.

Lucas decided to go to the closet and pick her out her favorite coat just incase she hadn't already picked a different one for herself. When he turned around he was stunned by the sight in front of him.

"Wow.... You look.... Wow,"

"So I take it you like," she said doing a little twirl around to let him see the full outfit. She didn't really need an answer. His jaw half-way to the floor was answer enough for her. (A/N: Ok just so you know I'm quite fashion challenged so I was wondering if next time anyone could help me with an outfit description.)

"Uh... Yeah I definently like,"

"Good," she said "I was desperately trying to avoid anything that looked... well distasteful. Didn't want any potential boyfriends to think I was a slut or something," she joked.

"No it's definently... tasteful," he said. "So are we ready to make our way out," he said as he bagan to to put on her jacket.

"Yeah I think so,"

"Alrighty then," he said opening the door, gesturing for her to go first.

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