Okay, guys, this is an experiment! Tell me if you like it or not, okay? Here's a prolouge:


The light in the gold filled hall was blinding. Everyone was elegantly dressed in their best and was enjoying themselves to the fullest. All, but one that is. A teenage boy with dark blue hair and silver eyes sulked in the corner. He wore a bronze robe and a bronze crown. Despair was written all over his face. In his eyes you could plainly see an animal's sense of confusion and entrapment. He wanted to get, oh he wanted it so badly. But he was caught in his self-made trap. A trap of political wires, and responsibilities.

A form in a dark red robe noticed him and came over to talk. As the man talked, the boy's face became calmer and calmer, until he finally showed no emotions whatsoever. He thanked the man, and complained of a headache, loud enough so that his 4 eyed father, who sat on his gold throne, could hear. Excusing himself for dire need of a rest, he rushed to his room and started to pack his bare essentials. Half-way through a crash was heard downstairs, and he ran to his window and jumped out, his magic carrying him through the sky. He glanced over his shoulder with a whispered goodbye, and flew away, never once looking back.

The strange boy flew and flew for what seemed like eternities, but really could only have lasted a few days. Stopping here and there, he would inquire of the planet Earth, insisting that he had to find someone there as soon as possible. Each time he was pointed in the same direction: due South. On the fifth day, he spotted an old, dusty moon. Resting there, the only sign of inhabitance he saw was a red, white and blue flag. He spent the night on the forsaken crater, waking only at sunrise, to find a beautiful sight. The sun was coming up over a beautiful planet. The blue was swirled with green and white, causing it to look like an intricate glass marble.

"Earth." He whispered in a voice that was husky from thirst. Relief flowed through him, and with that relief came pain. Having finally reached his destination everything came rushing in. The pain of his past, of his travels and of his near impossible quest rushed through him in one big surge. He fell into a deep and troubled sleep.

Nearby, in a drifting space station, a red light started to flash.


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