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Here's the story:

She gasped and ran to one of the smaller port windows. A grand, beautiful sight greeted her eyes.

They were just entering the atmosphere and were skimming over the ocean. Azarath was a water planet. The entire planet was water with one continent. The water was a sparkling deep, deep navy blue. Light flashed through it, like underwater lightning. Black shadows larger then any animal on Earth swam through the waters. Though it was so dark, the water seemed to sparkle like it was layered with pixie dust. The same sparkle was reflected in Raven's eye and Beast Boy could help but stare. She looked so beautiful when her gorgeous amethyst eyes caught the light.

Beast Boy was jarred out of his thoughts when the lone continent of Azareth, Lanaki, came into view. It was a tropical place, complete with vast beaches and dark, lonesome jungles, where there was no hope of ever returning from. Deep in this vast jungle, a shining city existed. It seemed to be made of pure diamond, and from it many ships were taking off and landing. At the center stood a marvelous temple. It's walls were cream colored and the trimming was gold. At the sight of it Raven smiled widely.

She turned and looked, still grinning at her siblings, who smiled in return.

"Welcome home."

"Oh Friend Raven, it is more beautiful then I remembered!" Starfire gasped.

"Raven, this is… amazing." Robin gaped, though Raven noticed many of his adoring glances were not directed to the window.

"Dark girl, this is awesome!" Raven smiled at Cyborg who was following some of the entering ships with his eyes.

"Prepare for landing!" Azareth shouted from inside the cockpit. Instantly a black bubble of energy surrounded craft. Raven grunted as the ship hit the atmosphere and passed through. It'd had been while since she had used this particular spell, and it was harder then she remembered. But the trouble was all worth when the ship skimmed across the surface.

The blue water glittered in the setting sun, blinding his eyes. But the colors of the sunset were unheard of. There was pink, red orange and yellow, but there was also purple, blue, green, and all colors imaginable, including some that he'd never seen before. Just the sight of it calmed him, luring Azareth into a sense of tranquility he had forgotten existed. It spoke to him of home, safety and family. He was like the sky, smooth, unblemished until some inner storm raged thunder and lightning, or some inner grief let loose tears of rain.

Zynthos watched to surface of the water, watched it glitter and shine, so smooth and calm. But the sea is life's truest pretender, for deep beneath the calm waves raged furious battles between currents. She could remember storms unlike those she had ever seen on Muspell, her father's volcano planet. The difference between Azarath and Muspell crossed such a threshold, it was unimaginable.

And Zynthos was very glad of that.

Raven watched the expressions play across her friend's faces. She felt her own heart flutter as she looked at the land she loved so much. But she couldn't help but to feel nervous. The last time she had come to Azarath, her father had turned the entire planet against her.

Her father.

He was sure to learn of her mother's death. What would he do? She knew that even with the help of her sister and brother, she could never defeat him. Even with the help of her friends, she never could.

For she had one secret she could never tell.

And this made victory impossible.

Her single true secret, the one thing neither her friends nor her siblings knew, the one thing that could bring the downfall of them:

The people of Azarath hated her.

And they hated her with good reason. Before she left she had burned their homes, killed their family, destroyed their crops, defiled their temples, disgraced their name. How could she face all these people? How could she, when she had done so much against them?

As the ship glided over the ocean approaching the city quickly, Raven hustled her friends together.

"Here's the plan. Fob, Beast Boy and Cyborg are Lords from Earth. The planet already distrust less advanced civilizations like Earth, so be careful. Don't do anything stupid. Beast Boy that means you." Beats Boy snapped into attention.

"Sir, yes, sir. I mean, ma'am, yes ma'am. No wait, I mean-"

"Beast Boy. Shut up."

"Yes Raven."

"Starfire, you're coming as the Princess of Tameran. You're my personal guest here and- wait. Why haven't you changed?"

Starfire tapped her pointer fingers together and looked down.

"In truth, friend Raven, I do not have my ceremonial garment. I am hoping, perhaps, you could lend me one of yours?" Raven sighed.

"You can't wear my clothes. They're Queen gowns, not Princess. The entire planet will be talking if you wear Queen garments. "

"But I'm a Princess!" Zynthos cried. "Come on Star, we'll see if any of my visiting-Tameran clothing will work. It will be smaller in length though, but we have the same body structure besides height."

"Oh, joyous Friend Zynthos!" Star jumped up and gave Zynthos one of her death-by-suffocation hugs.

"Now that she's gone," Raven addressed the rest of the Titans," I have something important to tell you. The people of Azarath… well… let's just say I'm not their favorite person. My father came every year. I ran to Tameran every time he came, because he would just anger me. One year I thought I could control myself. I thought wrong. So don't be surprised if there are no flags or parades."

The others nodded solemnly.

In the large marble palace with it's dark tapestries and marble pillars, sat a very old, very fat man. There were three rings on each chubby finger, pounds of necklace around his fleshy neck, and a single gold ruby set belt, though you could barely see it; so much fat hung over. Glazed black eyes stared at something unseen, and the candle light flickered off his shiny bald chrome.

"So… Raven is back, is she? And she wants our throne? Oh… that's really just too bad, now isn't it? Poor Raven, I'm afraid we'll have to disappoint you, won't we?" He chuckled, that light chuckle slowly turning into a deep throated laugh, layered over with the bellowing, agonizing laugh of some demon.

And behind him, four red eyes glowed.

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