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Chapter 1

- Raw: September 24, Kansas City –

Jordan Ryan hurriedly pulled her briefcase and purse from her rented car and made a mad dash for the back entrance of the Kansas City Convention Center. It was her first official night on the job and all ready she was late. As she reached the back door, a huge man, whom she assumed was security, asked her for her credentials. The man, whose name tag read Jackson, chuckled quietly as she wrestled with her purse trying to find her ID necklace. She grinned victoriously as she held it up for him to see.

"You know it might be a good idea to just wear it next time," Jackson said teasingly. He could tell right off the bat that it was her first day.

"I'll keep that in mind," she smiled back as he stepped aside to let her inside the building.

Jordan continued her hurried journey to find Eric Bischoff's office. Despite the fact that she had not even wanted a job in the first place, Jordan couldn't help but be a little nervous and excited at the thought of her new career. Granted her father had gotten it for her, but she was excited none the less. Jordan's father was Vince McMahon' Administrative Assistant, and when he had heard that Eric Bischoff was in need of a personal assistant, he had quickly recommended his daughter. He had been on her case since practically the second she was finished her final college exams that she needed to select a "secure path for her life". Jordan had majored in psychology, but wasn't quite sure if it was what she wanted to devote her life to. Secretly, she had always held a passion for the performing arts, so her accepting a job with the top sport entertainment company seemed logical. Besides, it would shut her dad up for awhile.

So here she was, wandering around a huge arena searching for the infamous Eric Bischoff's office.

Caught up in thoughts of her new job, Jordan did not see the figure that was heading at her in the same hurried pace. Before she even had time to react, her head forcefully collided with a very hard chin, knocking her down.

"For the love of God, that hurt!" she heard a deep male voice responded.

"I am so sorry! I wasn't paying attention to where I was going," she said, slowly lifting her gaze to the man she had run into. She was met with the most gorgeous sky blue eyes she had ever seen. She was so caught up in their color, that she did not notice the hint of anger that lingered in them.

"Well, try to watch where you're going," he said icily while brushing past her.

'That was rude,' she thought. 'He didn't even help me up.' She stood up and dusted her black skirt off. "I hope everyone around here isn't like that," she said quietly, gathering her things from the floor.

"I'm sorry, did you say something?" a friendly looking woman spoke beside her, at a vending machine.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I talk to myself sometimes. But don't worry, I swear I'm not insane," Jordan said with laughter in her voice.

"Well if you're not crazy all ready, this business will probably make you that way," the blond woman said, equally amused. "I'm sorry, I am so rude. My name is Stacy. Stacy Keibler", she said extending her hand.

"Jordan Ryan," she replied with a smile.

"Is this your first day? I haven't seen you around here before," Stacy asked.

"Yes and it's not going very well. Not only am I late, but I just ran into some jerk, who apparently doesn't like to give people the time of day," Jordan said, allowing some of her frustration show.

"Oh, yeah I saw that," Stacy said with amusement in her voice. "Don't worry though, that's just Randy. He can seem like real prick sometimes, but he's not all that bad," Stacy said jokingly. "Honestly though, he's a real sweetheart if you get to know him."

"Well hopefully we just stay out of each other's way," Jordan spoke, looking down at her watch. 7:15 it read. 'Damnit,' she mentally cursed at herself, 'fifteen minutes late.' "Hey Stacy, I hate to be rude but do you happen to know where Eric Bischoff's office is?"

"Yeah, three doors down," she said, pointing to the left side of the building.

"Thank you! You're a life saver," Jordan said

"Well, I hope your first day starts getting better," Stacy said in a friendly tone. "And if you want to hang out sometime just find me. It can get hard being one of the few females around here."

"Thanks, I'll take you up on that sometime," Jordan said warmly. "See you around," she said heading off in the direction of Eric's office. She followed Stacy's directions and wound up directly in front of a door. 'Eric Bischoff' the name plate read. 'Here goes nothing' she thought, raising her hand to knock on the door.