I do not know why. But when I look at you now, I see him. I know who you will become, how you will look. I know that you will be kind, and dangerous. Just as you are kind and dangerous now.

I was so afraid, and so alone. I had lost you all. Cyborg was old and in disrepair. He could not even leave the tower. The tower was in shambles. The windows were broken, the rooms dark and musty, the furniture torn and tattered. Yet Cyborg was a prisoner there. I do not know why you left him there alone. I do not know why no one would help him.

What happened to all of you? Why was Beast Boy locking himself in a cage to be safe? My little funny friend, it broke my heart to see that. I know he said that he tried to be a hero on his own and he failed. How that must have hurt. For he was always the most sensitive of us all. He needed us to strengthen his confidence. Without us there, he doubted himself too much. I remember that he didn't laugh anymore. Oh, my dear friend, that was sad.

And Raven. Strong Raven, who controlled her emotions to channel her power. I wanted us to be friends, and now I know that we were. Somehow, when everyone went away, it shattered Raven's spirit. She was abandoned by the only ones she allowed herself to trust and to love. No wonder she shut herself away in a prison of her lonely mind. How could you have let her suffer so? I do not understand.

I wish that I had asked these things. But I was too frightened. You were kind to me, though. You saved me. You took me to your hideaway. You draped a blanket over my shoulders. And I knew that you had not changed all that much. You had changed your name, and your look. But you were the Robin that I had come to love. And when I saw you I fell in love with who you would become.

I came back to my present, and I found you all unchanged. I was happy in that. But I wondered, late at night, about what had happened to my older friends in that future I had seen. Did my coming back to my time, erase them as if they had never been? Had I only chanced upon them accidentally, and after I left, they would go back to their lonely lives apart from one another. Or had my short stay in that bleak future somehow changed them. Would they stay together now? Would Raven leave her empty room? Would Beast Boy move from the pitiful circus cage? Would Cyborg have visitors in the old tower to help him repair himself? And would Nightwing, my kind and dangerous Robin grown tall and wondrous, would he once more lead the Titans?

I want to believe that. I hope it is so. I would like to think that just as my leaving our present may have caused that bad future, so might my visit there have fixed it and brought you, my friends, back together to help each other, as you all helped me to find my way back to where I belonged. I will never forget you, and I will do I that I can do now to keep our friendship strong so that it may indeed be forever. Yet, I still see him when I look at you.