Summary: The evolution of Chocolate Lovers without Lovers Club

Coming Home:
The Final Exam

It's been a hectic night for my lady, what with being practically kidnapped on the Knight Bus, but now things are settling down. I see the Wolfshadow amulet around her neck and it confirms in my heart that she belongs here with me.

Ah, things are going to be perfect tonight--as long as I can control the urge to carry her off to the bedroom right now. She looks lovely in that powder blue dress. I focus my attention on the bowl of soup in front of me to rein in my wandering thoughts.

Then I hear her coughing. "Cough, cough, cough."

"Are you all right?" I ask. Oh, Merlin, did I somehow poison my imminent lover with my cooking?

"No, cough, just swallowed wrong."

I sigh quietly in relief, but then see the wine she's trying to drink dribbling down her chin and onto her dress. I have to admit, my first impulse is to lean over and lick off the trail of wine from her skin, but I manage to control this, but just barely. Her nipples are suddenly very evident under the fabric with streaks of the wine highlighting them even more.

"Evanesco," I call quietly.

I am very proud of my self-control, although now I've registered that my lovely nymph is not wearing a bra. And I'm supposed to make it through supper? What else isn't she wearing under her dress? No, don't go there. Breathe, breathe.

In the meantime, Tonks is wiping the wine from her chin. "Sorry, I've gotten into clumsy mode."

I just shrug and try to concentrate on the soup again when I hear a plop, then a crash, and then I'm moving quickly to keep her from tripping over the chair.

As I'm holding onto her arms, I'm struck by an alien thought: Tonks is skittish? It's not like it's her first time. "Tonks, are you nervous?"

"Me? Of course not, I mean, I'm not the one who's, who's..."

I'm losing track of what she's trying to say because I just can't tear my eyes away from her lips. I can see just the slightest trace of wine on them but have enough presence of mind to know that just snogging her senseless now would be a bad idea. She appears to be pretty senseless on her own at the moment.

"Look, why don't we just relax and let nature take its course?"

"Right, that sounds like a good plan," agrees Tonks readily.

It's funny, but now that I know she's nervous, I'm feeling in control. Well, mostly in control. I put my arm around her shoulder, stopping just in time to keep my hand from wandering further, and lead her out of the dining room. "You've had a wild ride getting to our home in Holyhead. It's just taken its toll."

"Yeah," she readily agrees.

Then I see her frown. What could she be worried about now? Our home. I keep referring to the house as our home. I glance around quickly at the old place. I mean, literally, it is ancient! Nor is it a mansion by any means. And it has rather stark walls peppered with the odd mosaic. Furniture has always been minimal except in the study and that looks more like a museum. Is she disappointed?

"Tonks, do you have a problem with this house?" I ask. "I know it's not large and the furnishings are a bit rustic--"

"No, no, it's a beautiful house, Remus. It's just that, well, actually, it's that everything is so powerful here. I can feel the ancient magic from the very stones."

I think about this for a moment. I'm so accustomed to it that I don't really register it anymore. "Don't fight it. Just accept it and let it become a part of you."

Tonks nods just as I get to the bedroom. Suddenly, I feel completely confident as I become aware again of the ancient magic in the room. I share this space with the woman I love and it is our bedroom now, this is our home, whether we spend one night or eternity here.

And I know Nymphadora Tonks; I have learned how she responds to every touch I give her. There is no need to rush the inevitable. In fact, the anticipation is exhilarating on its own.

So I lead her to the bed and push her gently. "Just lie down for a minute and let me give you a shoulder rub so you won't be so tense."

"Right, that sounds good." she murmurs, along with another apology. Then she closes her eyes as she lays her head on her folded arm.

I watch her face for a moment. Heart-shaped, and how appropriate that she was born on Valentine's Day! Her midnight black hair reminds me of the blood ties she has with Sirius, but the long eye lashes are a clear reminder of her femininity. Some might think her nose is too perky, but it suits her. And her mouth is a perfect cupid's bow. I can still see a trace of wine on her lips, but I'll get to that later.

I sit beside her and let my eyes wander along the curves covered by the soft blue dress. My breath hitches when I realize that she is completely nude under the garment. However, I think the last thing she wants right now is for me to hike it up and 'give her one.'

My lessons with my lovely lady have been about seduction, not rutting like some teenager. She wants me, but not for the sport, and I have no intention of treating her like a whore. She needed those seduction lessons as much as I did. She needed to know that she could be the object of desire, but be cherished for it and not just used.

So I let my hands move to her shoulders and delight in the anticipation that fills me. I feel the tension beginning to ease in her, and I begin to talk to her about random memories that come to mind.

"My grandfather insisted on referring to each room by its Roman label. I remember when I first got to Hogwarts, Sirius was making fun because I called the kitchens the culinara..."

I move automatically to sooth away her tension as I continue my rambling narrative. My hands begin to gently massage her scalp. I love the feel of her hair with its the silky texture and the contrast of the dark strands against my skin. My fingers slide down to the nape of her neck and I find I can span her neck with a single hand.

Yet this woman is not some fragile flower hanging off a slender stem. She has shown courage in our adventures and an unceasing loyalty to me even when I tried to send her away. Luckily for me, stubbornness runs in the Black family.

And spirit. Nymphadora is not one to accept defeat; her keen mind will find ways to beat the odds and act on her plans. And that keen mind makes her even more attractive to me. Whether I want to tease her body or her mind, I find her the ideal partner.

Now I feel that her breathing is even and her body is lax under my hands. I can't let her wrinkle her dress, now can I? I do the only thing a gentleman can do under the circumstances and carefully remove the garment, slipping it right through her body.

Ah, yes, her perfectly nude body is waiting for my touch. But I don't want to graze her skin with the roughness of my own clothes. I use one hand to massage the nape of her neck again as I pull my shirt off.

I move both hands now to slide down her back. Her skin is so smooth underneath my fingers. I smile as I hear a little moan escape her. I wonder when she'll realize?

Her eyes flutter open I hear her murmur, "Professor, are you trying to seduce me?"

"Absolutely." I whisper my confession into the nape of her neck. Then my lips follow and I smile as I feel the shiver run through her at the contact. I lean over her and press my cheek against her shoulder as I bury my face in her hair.

She smells of life, enticing and bright. I kiss her shoulders and let my hands follow the contours of her body until they cup her breasts. I enjoy the feel of her firm mounds and the changing textures under my fingers. She's turning slightly on her side now so I'll have better access to her body and I grin at the sign that she needs my touch.

But before I can stretch out my body against her, I need to get rid of the rest of my cloths. Sometimes I really enjoy being venificus primo, although my grandfather would consider the reason as blasphemy. I don't even cringe anymore when I just let my clothes fall off to the side of the bed. Nymphadora has truly corrupted me.

Ah, yes, that's better. I find the way she slides her smooth legs against mine to be enticing. I know she can feel me against her hips because she's pressing back against me as my hand roams down her body. I know her; she's taught me exactly what she wants, and my fingers delight in proving to her once again that I've learned my lesson well.

I barely notice the way her body is soon arching against me because I'm too focused on nibbling at her shoulder. I don't know why I became obsessed by this. Perhaps it was the way the silver chain was gleaming against it.

No matter. Now she is turning, seeking my lips as I lean over her. She pours herself into the kiss and I feel the comforting warmth of her body. Her eyes are bright when she pulls away and just looks at me as her head rests on the pillow. I trace the Wolfshadow amulet and pull it gently from her neck and quickly follow by removing my own.

Her right hand is lying near her head and I place the interlocked amulets into it, then cover her hand with mine. She threads her fingers through mine and I see the most beautiful message in her eyes.

"If I'm going to fall into bed with any man tonight, tomorrow and until the hereafter, it will be with you, Remus Lupin."

She whispers these words and I know that what she offers me tonight will only ever be mine for the taking. I settle between her hips at the invitation. She doesn't have to say, "I love you," but the words naturally fall from her lips.

I kiss her after I become her echo. "I love you, too."

I can still taste the wine that was on her lips, but she deepens the kiss .Oh, Merlin, she has me pressing against her with an urgent need. I need to take a deep breath, so I release the kiss and just savor the warm body waiting for me. I move my hand from hers, taking the amulets with me and placing them on the nightstand quickly.

She traces my lips with her finger as she says, "Sorry for spoiling things. I know you wanted this to be perfect."

My tongue lashes out to tease her fingertips even as I am finding my way into her. She tilts just at the right time, and the pressure surrounding me exquisite. "What could be more perfect than this?"

Those are the last intelligible words I say. There's nothing to keep us apart now, not our fears or previous history. I want to give her everything that I am because I know she will hold it like a precious gift. And I feel her truly join with me, not only in the way she's moving against me, but through the ancient magic that surrounds us.

Nothing has ever felt so right. The pleasure is immeasurable and I wonder why I was such a reluctant git about this in the first place as I try to regain control. But we've traveled to this place together, finding that we belong to each other.

I am overwhelmed by what we accomplish with this simple act. Union, covenant, even the potential for procreation, although we've both been careful to ensure there are no surprises.

But I get lost in her moans of pleasure as we find a common rhythm. My mind is filled only with the sensations she brings me. I feel her hands caressing me, then clinging to me as the feelings rise within her. But the simple pleasure of feeling her finding her release beneath me swells my ego.

I remain still for a moment as she recovers, but only for a moment. Her climax drives my own need and I'm barely in control. She adjusts to accommodate a deeper pleasure. I've never experienced anything like it! I think I'm already grunting like some moron above her, but I don't give a damn. I become entirely focused on that urgent feeling rising in me, driving my movements.

And then suddenly my life spills into her and a joy unlike any other suffuses through me as I realize Nymphadora Tonks is completely my woman in body, heart and soul. And I relish the warmth seeping through me knowing that whenever we are together, we will be home.

I have the presence of mind to shift my weight to one side before I collapse, but I feel her hand fluttering to my face. I know she can feel the big grin, but I hear joy in her own voice as she says, "You've passed the final exam with highest marks, Professor."

Oh, I've gotten cocky. I embrace her with the last of my energy and say, "Was there ever any doubt?"

She pinches me as she curling against me, but I barely feel it. My brain is like mush, but I hear her whisper before mental capacity fades.

She drops a negligent kiss somewhere on my chest and murmurs, "You owe it all to your personal tutor."

And who better to teach me about seducing a nymph?

The End

Author Note:

This ends the lessons between Remus and Tonks.
The Chocolate Lovers without Lovers Club has evolved.
Thanks for cheering them on.