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After 12 hours, he was beat. All he wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep. "Good night Doctor Taisho" called Yoshi. He turned right before he walked out of the main doors and nodded at her.
"Too tired to talk, too tired to think." He thought to himself headed down the busy streets of Tokyo. He was thankful that Tokyo General was only a short subway ride from home, not far enough to take up too much time to get back if he got paged, but far enough to feel like he was somewhere else.

He realized he had to wait a few minutes for his line to arrive; he leaned against cement piling trying to ignore the sounds and smells all around him. The sound of the train and the whoosh of air signaling the opening of the doors awoke him from his light sleep. He walked in and looked for an empty seat. "Oh sure the only open seat is next to the passed out drunk, why me?" He thought to himself while grimacing. He sat down and tried to ignore the smell, "Thank God. It's a five minute ride home." He told himself.

As he looked at all the nameless faces, one caught his eye; this woman was beautiful, long, thick ebony hair, and legs. Long sexy legs, too bad she was faced away from him. He could almost imagine her face. Just as he was going to stand and talk to her, the train arrived at its next stop; the woman quickly left the train with a small group of people. "What the hell was I doing? Just what I don't need right now, Kagura was enough for a life time." He thought shaking his head.

His stop arrived and he quickly left, "Only a short jog and I'm home" He told himself as he picked up the pace. He slowly jogged passed the people on the street, most looked at him as if he was some sort of freak, not many men have silver hair. He didn't care what they thought, it ran in his family.

He quickened his pace, and made it to the front of his building. As soon as he saw this building, when he was looking for an apartment, he knew it would be home. The realtor reassured him that security was high and most residents kept to themselves. Privacy, just what he needed during that time in his life. But it had its down falls too, his brother lived with him. Why he ever agreed to let Yasha, move in was beyond him. During the first months' Yasha drove him nuts!

He was home and his bed was calling for him, he could almost hear it, as he walked through the glass doors.

"Hello Doc.!" greeted the security guard.

"Good evening Satoru, Is Inuyasha in?" He inquired.

"Not yet, haven't seen him since I came on the shift." Satoru replied.

He nodded and walked to the elevator. He didn't have to wait long and stepped in,

"Oh God No not Mrs. Oda, she had to be in her 70's, always smelled like Bengay and always asked for medical advice." He thought rolling his eyes.

"Well good evening Dr. Taisho." Said Mrs. Oda.

He nodded and thought "please don't ask me something, PLEASE." No luck he could tell she was going to say something, whenever she had some kind of question for him she would always look down at her cubby little toes.

"Dr. Taisho, I've been having this pain in my lower back for sometime now and I was wondering if you could tell me what it is." She asked with a big bright smile.

He just rolled is eyes and gave her the usual response "I can't give you a diagnosis if you do not have a full exam. Sorry Mrs. Oda." She nodded her head. The doors opened to his floor and he quickly got out, just in case she tried to get one more question in.

Walking to his apartment seemed to take forever, when he finally reached it, he barely had the strength to pull his key from his pocket. He walked through the door, noticing no lights were on, gave a small sigh of relief knowing Yasha wasn't home. He turned on the lights leading into the kitchen and all he could think about was "I'm going to kill him!" There on the table looked like the remains of Ramen, now this wouldn't be bad but it was thick and smelled rank. "The kid's 22, can't he pick up after himself." He grumbled while picking up the bowl and putting it in the trash, just too lazy to do the dishes.

"Shower then, bed." He said to himself while walking to the bathroom. He turned on the water and turned to look in the mirror. What he saw didn't really bother him, dark circles under his eyes, hair out of place and an unnamed stain on his scrubs. He did just work 12 hours, had two gun shot wounds, three broken limbs and the endless number of ear aches, stomach flu and diarrhea come through the emergency room. Thinking on that stain again, "It could have come from that 3-year-old that stuck M&M's up his nose and the mother just had to bring him in thinking it couldn't be good. Good for me I got a good laugh, bad for him he had to have chocolate running out of his nose. Hey, I thought those things didn't melt. Oh well shower time."

He quickly got out of his scrubs and stepped into the shower. The hot water hitting him at the base of his neck, running down his long toned back, across his slender hips and finally rolling down his legs, always relaxed him. He leaned forward and rested his hands on the opposite wall hoping the water would hit his lower back. He stayed like that for a while then told himself, "Must get clean, than out?"
He turned off the shower and wrapped the long fluffy white towel around his waist, he grabbed another and quickly rubbed it threw his hair and walked out of the bathroom to his room.
He didn't even bother turning the lights on, just walked over to the king size bed and flopped onto it. He didn't care he was naked, he just didn't have the energy to put anything on. "If Yasha walked in he would be in for a surprise." This thought brought a little smirk to his face.

Just as sleep was just about to overtake him, the phone rang. At first he just ignored it, he wasn't scheduled for work tomorrow and if it was the perv, he could call back in the morn. But the damn thing didn't stop ringing, giving up on sleep, he reached over to answer it."Hello" Sesshomaru answered half asleep.

"Dr. Taisho, this is Dr. Washio.". At those words' Sesshomaru sat up, Dr. Washio was chief resident.
"Yes, Dr. Washio, What can I do for you?" HE asked.

"I need you to come back in, two doctors are out and you're needed, this is not an option. You're due back at the hospital in an hour." Dr. Washio ordered.
Sesshomaru just looked at the phone and replied "See you in an hour."

Kagome slowly raised her hand from the bed to hit the alarm clock. She raised her body enough so she could peek over her pillow to see what time it was. When it read 6:00 a.m., she flopped back to the bed and mumbled to herself "No, it can't be time to get ready for work!"

Throwing her legs over the side of the bed groggily searching for her robe and finding it half under the bed, she picked it up and threw it over her shoulders. As soon as she opened the door, the aroma of coffee was thick in the air. All she could manage to do was follow her nose to the source of the smell. She made it into the kitchen, poured herself a cup of the black magic brew and took a sip. "Nothing is better than coffee in the morn, gets the body jumping." Kagome laughed to herself. Now that she was a little more awake, she noticed a note on the fridge.

Hope your first cup hit the spot! I'm going to work out after work tonight, you're on your own for supper. Sango

What would I do without Sango? I know I'd never make it to work without a cup of her coffee." She said out loud, not caring if no one was around to hear her.

She walked back into her room, opened the closet and asked, "What should I wear today to make my adoring fans purr. Purr? "More like Ms. Higurashi help me, PLEASE. Ms. Higurashi he won't share. Let me see. A long khaki skirt and this pink button up should work. I just hope nobody is painting today. I've already had to throw one shirt away. Washable paint my "Ass." She huffed.
She got dressed, grabbed her bag and headed out the door. Once she reached the streets of Tokyo, she couldn't help smile at all the people. She just loved to watch everyone rushing to work. It was almost like a dance with people weaving in and out. When everyone stopped at the light, it was a race to get to the other side. She couldn't remember a time she didn't love the love mornings. Every day the colors of the buildings were a different shade, because of the different hues of yellow and orange. The whoosh of the train stopping always sounded as if it was saying "Make a wishhh." Which she did every time she walked through the doors, most mornings it was the same wish, to fall in love. She knew it was childish, but it made her feel good just the same. One day it may happen.

She quickly looked around for an empty seat, "Oh there's one!" she yelled at herself. She sat and looked around; she found it interesting to study the people around her. She loved to see the mothers' holding their still sleeping children in their laps. It always gave her a sense of longing, but she knew she had two special kids waiting for her at school. No matter the type of day, she was greeted with hugs from both of them.

Kagome's stop arrived and she departed the train. She walked the remaining blocks to the school. When she arrived, she saw the pumpkins the children colored decorating the windows. Out of all the pumpkins one stood out, it was pink. Kagome smiled knowing just whose pumpkin it was, "Rin." She walked through the doors, put her bag on the desk and walked through the door marked, Office.

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