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Kouga moved from the clock on the wall to the couch and then back to look at the clock again. He took a deep breath ran his hands threw his hair and sat back down on the couch. He had been pacing back and forth for the past two hours. He took another deep breath and tried relaxing into the couch. He had to get his thoughts in order before he went to get Kagome. "I can't fuck this up!" He said running his hand threw his hair once again. He closed his eyes and thought about all the things she could possible question him about. He knew the biggest issue was going to be his anger. He told her he had gotten professional help, but a name out of the phone book wasn't going to cut it. He knew if she found out he was lying she would never see him again. He didn't want to lose her again. He had spent the past year trying to move on with his life, but every time he would take a step in that direction a simple thought of her would hold him back.

He opened his eyes and looked at the clock hanging on the wall. He had 2 hours before he was due at her house. He stood up from the couch and made his way to the front door. "If I walk slowly I can be there a few minutes early." He said and walked out of the apartment.

When the morning sunlight broke threw the bedroom window Kagome grabbed the pillow next to her and put it on top of her head. She was far from ready to start this day and maybe a few moments under her pillow would delay the dreaded lunch with Kouga.

Instead of going back to sleep she threw the pillow across the room and crawled out of bed. She looked at the clock and groaned. She walked over to retrieve the pillow she had threw took one look at it and gave it a kick. She turned picked up her robe and hopped out of her room. She made it about half way down the hall looked down at her foot and said, "Only a few more weeks of carrying around this plaster." She slowly hoped the rest of the way and thanked the heavens when she saw a fresh pot of coffee. She knew she was going to need it. Her sleep was interrupted with dreams of a man she couldn't have. She poured a cup of coffee and enjoyed it just resting against the counter. She finished her coffee and made her way back into her room and went to her closet. She had to decide what she was going to were. "Jeans are out, damn foot. Let's see I guess this long black jean skirt and white sweater should do. Nothing sex about it." She said grabbing the items and tossing them to the bed. She made her way into the bath room and pulled out a trash bag to cover her cast. "I can't wait to take a real shower or bath." She mumbled. Finishing her bathing routine and putting the cloths she picked out on, she picked up her crutches and went into the living room.

"Hey you look nice." Sango said moving to her side of the couch.

"Not to nice I hope. I don't want to give him the wrong idea." Kagome replied while sitting down.

"No, I would say that outfit says friends." Sango said trying not to smile.

"Great! Just the look I was going for! Where the heck am I going to go with Kouga today? I don't want to go to far from the apartment just in case I want to ditch him as fast as I can." Kagome asked.

"How about that coffee and bagel shop around the corner?" Sango suggested.

"Yeah that might work, they do serve sandwiches." Kagome said and winked at Sango.

"Bring your cell too, if you need me I'll be home all day." Sango said standing up and shutting off the T.V.

"I will. I just hope it goes fast." Kagome said with a smirk.

Before either one could say another word a knock at the door interrupted them. Kagome stood from the couch and said, "That's has to be him Sango, talk to you later!"

"Have fun and remember be your own woman!" Sango called back

Kagome opened the door and there stood Kouga. He was dressed in a pair of Levis and a navy blue hoody. "He is cute no denying it." She thought to herself and gave him a big smile.

"You ready to go?" Kouga asked casually leaning against the frame.

"Sure." She replied grabbing the door and shutting it behind her.

"So where do you want to go this afternoon? We could go to that new sea food place down town?" He asked walking along side of her.

"I was thinking about going to that little coffee shop just down the street." She said giving him a small smile.

"That sounds great, the sun is shining so maybe we'll get lucky and get to sit outside." He replied pushing the elevator call button.

Kagome stepped onto the elevator and rested up against the back wall, she couldn't think of anything to say. She glanced over to Kouga and just looked at him, she noticed in the year that they had been apart nothing really had changed about him. She wanted to ask him so many questions but the churning in her stomach stopped her. She shut her eyes and willed her stomach to settle down and thought "He hasn't done anything so why am I so nervous."

"Hey are you alright." Kouga asked taking a step closer to her.

"Yes, I'm fine." She replied giving him a smile.

Before either could say another thing the doors opened and they made there way out of the building. The walk to the restaurant was spent talking about the weather and the amount of people out. When they reached the restaurant they were a little shocked about the amount of people for a Sunday. Kouga nudged Kagome on the arm and pointed to two empty wrought iron chairs and matching round table. Kouga made his way around the customers and stood next to a chair waiting for Kagome. When she reached him he pulled the chair out for her and held out his hand for her crutches. Once she was sitting he set her crutches against the wall and sat himself down. Within moments a waiter came and took their orders. They both sat there for a few moments before Kouga asked, "So what happened to your leg, I don't think you ever told me how you broke it?" Kouga asked taking a sip of his water.

"I was running down some steps at school and slid on some gravel and down I went." She said lifting up her leg and giving it a little shake.

He smiled and asked, "So tell me how it is teaching all those kids? I can't imagine walking around on crutches and trying to keep track of them."

"The kids are just great. I have two that you could call my favorites, they help me out a lot and when it comes to recess time the other teachers are more than willing to help out." She replied giving him a serene look.

The look on her face made his heart clench, he could always remember her being cute, but right at this moment she was beautiful. How he wanted to tell her but he forced himself to stop, he knew it was too soon and he wasn't about to scare her off. He gave himself a mental shake and asked. "You have two favorites; let me guess two little girls."

"No actually a little boy and girl, their names are Shippo and Rin. They really are great kids. Both had some problems when they first started but they came out of their shells and now they are just the sweetest things." She replied with a smile that reached her eyes.

"How are things living with Sango?" He said looking down at the table.

"Things are great; I don't know how I made it without having her coffee in the morning. Enough about me, how about you, how's work?" She said taking a sip of her ice coffee.

"Same old same old I guess. Dad is trying to get me to take over his construction company, but I really enjoy selling homes not building them." He replied with a grin.

"So you pretty much decided your sticking with your current job. I know things were always a little tense with your father how is that going now?" She asked looking straight at him.

"He's not happy with me, but I think he now understands. I think he wants me to sell the homes he builds, that way the business still stays with the family." He replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Well it looks like he's going to get his way, but at least you'll be doing what you like." She replied with a wink.

Their meals were served and all conversation stopped, both were lost with in their own thoughts. Kagome couldn't believe how easy it was to talk to him. He had taken the time to ask her about her and he really seemed to be interested. He didn't insult her for her klutziness when she broke her ankle and when she voiced her opinion on his father he took it. She didn't know what to think, she wanted to believe he had changed, but a part of her was still screaming caution. She decided she would have to see how this little luncheon ended before she could really make any decisions.

Kouga was even more confused now that she was sitting in front of him. He didn't have to ask her how this past year went it showed all over her. He didn't know if he should be happy for her or mad because she couldn't be this way when she was with him. He was even more surprised that she hadn't questioned him about his anger issues. He had to admit that talking to her felt good; it had been so long since he just sat down with someone and just talked. He looked up and couldn't stop the smile, she had just taken a big bite of her sandwich and she had a blob of mayo on her chin. He grabbed his napkin and reached over and gently wiped the mess away. She rolled her eyes grabbed the napkin and said, "See I guess I can still make a mess."

He laughed and said, "It wouldn't be right if we ate together and you didn't end up with food on your face."

She looked up at him and smiled, "I guess your right. No offence but I think it's you, I only manage to do this when you're around."

"Only me, well then I'm lucky. I get to see you all the times your beautiful." He replied with a grin.

"Sweet talking me will get you nowhere. Now if you'll excuse me I need to use the ladies room." She said pushing herself away from the table and hoping over to her crutches.

Kagome weaved her way threw the crowed restaurant and gave herself a mental pat on the back when she managed to hit no one with the crutches. She looked at the door to the ladies room down to her crutches and sighed. She decided to lean the hated crutches against the wall and hop the rest of the way in. She rested her hand on the door to open it but was surprised when the door seemed to open on its own. She was even more surprised when she realized her body was following the door, "Oh crap." She groaned waiting for her face to hit the floor. She was even more surprised when instead on landing on the floor her face landed on the petite shoulder of some woman. The woman grabbed her by the shoulders and set her back on her feet and said, "I'm so sorry about that, I didn't know you were walking in."

Kagome just stared at the petite woman before her, the woman had to be only 5' 2" and if she was lucky she weight 100 pounds and this woman had caught her. Looking into the woman's chocolate eyes she smiled and said, "You didn't know. I'm sorry I didn't hurt you did I?"

"Not hardly, your only a little taller than myself, and besides I'm tuff." The woman replied with a smile and a wave of her hand.

"If you're sure, I'm Kagome Hiragashi the klutz." She replied extending her hand.

The other woman looked at her hand a moment and back up to her face. She grabbed on to Kagome's hand and gave a genital squeeze and said, "I'm Remi Sato and you can fall on me anytime."

"Well I'll try not to make a habit of it, but nice to meet you." Kagome replied and smiled brightly.

"Is there a problem? I was getting worried?" A man voice asked behind Kagome.

"No problem, I was just meeting Kagome." Remi replied giving the man a slight tilt to her head and a small smirk to match.

Kagome turned her body around to see who what speaking and her heart gave a lurch. Of all the people to see and just when she was starting to get over the hurt his brother is standing in front of her. She took a deep breath and said, "Nice to see you again Inu Yasha."

"I was walking out of the restroom and Kagome was walking in and she lost her balance, I managed to be in the right spot at the right time I guess. She was just thanking me for helping her out." Remi said stepping closer to Inu Yasha.

"Yes, thanks again Remi and nice seeing you Inu Yasha." Kagome said and turned to grab her crutches.

Remi looked up at Inu Yasha, jabbed him in the ribs with her elbow and tilted her head towards Kagome. He looked down at Remi her actions were speaking loud and clear, he needed to say something to her. "Kagome my brother really messed up."

Kagome turned around to face him and said "He's married enough said." Before either one could say anything she walked away from them. She didn't even look back she just needed to get away from them. She was glad to see Kouga was standing at the front doors waiting for her. She looked up at him and said, "You ready to go?"

Kouga had seen her talking to some people but he figured it would be best not to say anything at this time. He look down gave her a reassuring smile and said, "Sure, I hope you don't mind but I took care of the bill?"

"No that's ok; I'll pay the next time we go out." She replied giving him a small smile.

For Kagome the walk back to the apartment wasn't going fast enough. She just wanted to get away from everyone and think. Her day was going great until Inu Yasha showed up and brought everything she had been holding back to the surface. She didn't know if crawling under her covers and hiding or screaming out how dumb men were would sooth her frazzled nerves.

Kouga kept thinking about the man that was talking to her. He looked so damn familiar. He noticed how Kagome's body stiffened once he said something and she moved away from them as fast as she could, but what could have he said to set her off? He shook those thoughts away and glanced over to Kagome, she was moving as fast as her leg and crutches could take her. He could only hope it was to get away from those people and not from him.

Once they were just outside of Kagome's apartment Kouga reached out and rested his hand on her shoulder waiting for her to pause before he said, "I really have enjoyed today. I hope we can do this again."

Kagome turned and looked right into his eyes, she couldn't miss the love he still had for her. She took a deep breath and said, "Today was great, to be honest I'm still questioning everything you do. You're going to have to prove to me that you really have changed before I decide we are anything more than friends."

He was jumping for joy inside. He took her hand and said, "I know I was an ass in the past, but I'm willing to do anything to show you that I have changed. I won't lie and say I have everything in control, but if you're willing to give me a chance I would like to take you out again."

"I'll go out with you. But remember we're still friends till I say other wise." She replied with a small glare.

"I won't let you down." He said giving her a small hug.

"Give me a call next weekend and we'll catch a movie or something alright." She replied pushing him away from her.

"I will, you have a good day." He said giving her a wink and walking back down the hall.

Kagome opened her door walked in and quietly shut the door behind her. Hearing the T.V. she made her way into the living room and upon seeing Sango said, "I'm home."

"How did it go?" Sango replied getting up from the couch and turning off the T.V.

"Actually it went pretty good, until I saw Sesshomaru's brother." Kagome said tossing her crutches to the floor and plopping down onto the couch.

"What? What did he say to you?" Sango said eyes opened wide in surprise.

"My brother messed up." She replied with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Well duh! What did you say back?" Sango asked shaking her head.

"I said he's married and walked away." She said falling to her side to rest on the couch.

Sango walked over to Kagome and sat near her head and lightly stroked her hair saying, "You ok?"

"I don't know. Why does this crap always happen to me? Just when I tell myself I'm over him some how I'm reminded all over again." Kagome pouted.

"It's called life. You just have to pick yourself up and keep going. How about I run to the store and get you some Super Fudge Brownie ice cream, maybe it will cheer you up." Sango said standing.

"Either that or a big bottle of wine." She replied with a smile.

"You stay where you're at and try not to think about things till I get back ok." Sango said grabbing her purse and heading for the door.

"No rush, I'll just lay here and ask the gods why my life sucks while you're gone." She replied with a wave of her hand.

"You do that! I'll be right back." Sango yelled walking out the door.

Kagome rolled over onto her back and just stared up at the ceiling. She ran her hands across her face and was surprised to find a few tears had managed to slip out and whispered to herself, "Damn I thought I was done crying over that man."

Remi watched Kagome walk out of the restaurant and slowly turned to Inu Yasha and said, "When I motioned for you to speak to her, you tell her Sesshoumaru messed up. I can't believe I'm in love with an idiot!" She yelled and walked towards the door.

"Honey wait, what did you want me to say?" He pleaded.

"Why in gods name didn't you just ask her to come and sit with us?" She said and kept on walking.

"I don't know, it just slipped out, I'm sorry." Inu Yasha mumbled.

Remi stopped walking and turn to look at him and said, "Couldn't you see she's still hurting and you go and tell her something she already knew."

He took a step towards Remi and said, "My mind just froze, I just couldn't think of anything at the moment."

Remi threw her hand up in the air and replied, "Kami men are so stupid." She took two steps, stopped turned around and said, "And what the hell did she mean by he's married?"

"I have no clue." He said shrugging his shoulders.

"Great, just great, between you and Sesshoumaru you both are making my job a lot harder!" She replied and continued walking down the street.

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