This fic is set 30 years down the road, when all the Seigaku regulars have their own careers and stuff. And Tezuka has... a son?! Yep. Read on and find out. Pls, comments, sankyuu!

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"It's for you, Otosan."

The young Tezuka watched as his father talked over he phone; he had a very serious expression on his face. The person on the other end was Oishi. He recognized that ojisan's voice because he was his father's closest friend. And he realized that he had been calling more often recently, and his father was always anxious to hear what he had to say. Sometimes, a small, almost insignificant smile would breeze past as he hung up; other times he would allow a small sigh of relief; but most of the time he would end the conversation with furrowed brows. Most recently, he would rush out of the house, leaving the young Tezuka to fend for himself at home. This was what happened today as well. The tall bespectacled man hung up and went back to his room, reappearing in the living room with his coat in a matter of seconds.

"Are you going out, Otosan?"

"Hn. It's rather urgent. I'm sorry, could you fix yourself dinner? I'll be back as soon as I can. Call me if anything happens."

Tezuka Kunimitsu stepped into his car and started the engine. He headed for the hospital. As he drove, Oishi's words echoed in his mind,

"Fuji passed out just now. He's in the hospital now. He's still unconscious, but he has been calling your name ever since..."

/Syusuke, I'm coming. Please be fine. /

Tezuka stepped out of the car and strode towards the main building. Oishi was standing at the entrance in his white doctor's coat, awaiting his arrival.

They had graduated from Seigaku more than three decades ago, but they had remained in contact with one another. They were all working adults now. Oishi was a doctor, Kikumaru ran a flower shop, Inui had taken over Ryuzaki-sensei's job since she retired, Kawamura naturally took over the family business, Momoshiro was doing well as a sports commentator, Kaidoh was a trainer at the local gym, Echizen made it to the top in the tennis world, and Tezuka, he had become the vice-president of one of the largest banking company across Japan. As for Fuji, he worked as a photographer for a popular nature magazine initially, but his health deteriorated and had to give up his career. He then moved in to live with the golden pair, who shared an apartment, so that Oishi could keep a constant lookout for his health. In the day, he would help out at Kikumaru's flower shop, and he would prepare dinner for the three of them in the evenings.

"Tezuka!" the raven-haired man called out anxiously as the taller man neared the building.

"How is he, Oishi?"

"His condition is stable now, he just woke up a few minutes ago. He fainted at home; his blood pressure went too low. Good thing Eiji was around when he passed out."

The two men entered the ward and were greeted by the ever-hyper Kikumaru.

"Hoi, Tezuka you're finally here! Fuji has been mumbling your name since he was admitted nya. I counted! He said 'Tezuka' 11 times, 'Buchou' 6 times, 'Kunimitsu' 18 times, 'Mitsu' 19 times, and... he even said 'Koi' twice!"

Kikumaru grinned widely, very pleased with his 'achievement'. Even at the age of 46, he was still bouncy and cheeky as though he was still a high school student. Some things never change. Fuji giggled at his best friend's chattering. Oishi gave Tezuka a pat on his shoulder and dragged his chatty boyfriend out of the room. Tezuka walked over and settled himself on the bed, next to the pale-skinned man. He held the latter's cold, slender hand in his own.

"Did you have anything you wanted to tell me?"

The pale lips curved into a gentle smile.

"I don't know, really. I didn't even know I had been calling for you until Eiji told me. Sorry to worry you again."

"If you really are, then you should stop worrying me by taking care of yourself. Winter is approaching, remember to wear warmer clothes, and sleep with two blankets if need be."

Fuji chuckled and his cheeks got a little rosier.

"Hai, hai, hai... you're becoming like Oishi. You want to be the mother of 'Seigaku Tennis Alumni'?"

Tezuka glared at the fair-haired man. He felt relieved. At least he could still laugh and joke, that meant that his condition wasn't too bad. Fuji stopped laughing and asked softly,

"You left him alone at home again?"

Tezuka nodded.

"Don't worry, he's an independent boy, he can manage."

"But still, it's getting late. It's dangerous for you to leave your son alone like that. Go on, don't worry about me. There are doctors and nurses here. Besides, Oishi is on duty tonight."

Tezuka looked at his watch. It was already past 9. He looked at the assuring smile on Fuji's face and thought for a while. He wanted to stay by Fuji's side, but he had a responsibility to look after his son. In fact, he was indeed a little worried for the boy.

"I'll go after you sleep."

He stood up and retrieved an extra blanket from the closet at the side. He draped the blanket over Fuji's scrawny body and tucked him in. The cerulean eyes opened to look at his deep browns.

"Thank you, Kunimitsu. Thank you for worrying about me, and thank you for standing by me."

Tezuka looked at the man in bed. His heart cringed at the sight of his lovely smile. His conscience pricked him. It hurt so much he wanted to cry in guilt. He did not deserve this. He was not worthy of Fuji's gratitude. It was him who should have been the grateful one. He had let Fuji down.

"Hush now. Go to sleep. You need to rest."

Fuji snuggled under the covers and let his weary lids slide shut. Tezuka sat there and stared at the sleeping angel for a long time. When he was certain that he had fallen asleep, he gently ran his hand through the soft, honey-brown hair and lightly kissed Fuji on his forehead before heading home.

Tezuka set foot into the house and flicked the switches on, closing the door behind him. The lights flickered on and he was surprised to see his son sitting on the couch. He glanced at the clock on the wall. 11:20pm.

"Why aren't you in bed? It's late, go to sleep now or you won't wake up in time for school tomorrow."

The boy stood up.

"It's Sunday tomorrow, Otosan."

/It is? Oh, yes it is. /

Fatigue was blurring his mind.

"Even still, you should be in bed by now."

"Otosan... Pardon me, but... I want to know, where have you been going? You always rush off after taking Oishi-ojisan's call. I'm worried."

Tezuka stared at his son. He never thought that the boy would be worried for him. He walked over to the boy and pats him on his head.

"Sorry to worry you. It's just... Our friend, he is very ill. Oishi calls me to give me updates on his condition. Every time his condition wavers, I have to personally see that he's all right in order for me to sleep in peace. I owe him too much. It's a long story, I'll tell you tomorrow ok? Go to sleep now. We'll visit him together tomorrow."

Tezuka shuffled the boy back to his room before he returned to his own room to rest.

Just if you're wondering...

otosan - father

ojisan - uncle

Revelation of the truth begins next chapter, Tezuka speaks: . Coming up soon, pls be patient with me!