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Epilogue Again

"Ohayo gozaimasu, Okaasan."

It was a normal school day, yet it wasn't all that normal. Today was the day the Seigaku tennis team would be playing for the championship title. The young Tezuka had trained hard and he was now the Buchou of the Seigaku tennis team, just like his father had been some thirty over years back. He was well prepped up for today's finals. In fact, he was going to make sure his team would make it through.

The young Tezuka walked into the kitchen to see a familiar silhouette standing by the stove. The person turned around in response to his greeting.

"Ah, ohayo, Suke-chan. Breakfast will be ready in a jiffy."

The boy sat down and started with his daily dose of fresh milk, as ordered by his coach. His father walked into the kitchen several moments later and sat down beside him.

"Ohayo gozaimasu, Otosan."

"Ohayo. Is it the finals today?"


"Play hard."

"Hai. We will win."

Two bowls of burning-red ramen were set in front of the two Tezuka's. The boy picked up his chopsticks.


He started eating his breakfast. The older Tezuka stared at the bowl of ramen and looked up at the 'chef'.

"Syusuke, can you cook something more normal? Spicy ramen for breakfast?"

The 'chef' smiled innocently.

"Well, since Suke-chan likes it, and I like it, I don't see why I shouldn't cook it. Don't blame me, because every evening when I ask you what you would want for tomorrow's breakfast you always tell me 'anything will do'."


"Oh ok, don't be so bothered by it. I'll cook something less complicated tomorrow morning. How about udon with wasabi based soup?"

Tezuka glared at the smiling man.

"Saa... don't be angry, Kunimitsu. I'll make it up to you tonight, is that good enough?"

Tezuka shot him another glare. The young Tezuka covered his ears with his hands, causing Fuji to chuckle.

"Maa... Suke-chan, you haven't got used to it yet? Oh come on, it's been two years already. You sure are a slow adaptor aren't you?"

"Enough, Syusuke. Sit down and eat your breakfast."

"Yes, my dear."

Tezuka resist the urge to growl at him. But actually, he quite liked the way Fuji called him 'my dear', just not in front of his son.

It had been two years since Fuji had successful transplants, after which he moved in to live with Tezuka and his son. The boy had accepted the fair-haired man as his father's ultimate love, and he even suggested that his father marry the man, which was what Tezuka did after Fuji was discharged. Although they weren't legally a married couple, but all that mattered was that they could be with each other for the rest of their lives. Their wedding was a simple one, with no grand dinners or fancy dressing. The ex-Seigaku regulars were their witnesses, and their only guests. It was held in a small church nearby.

Life with Fuji in the household was certainly more exciting and interesting. Fuji still helped out at Kikumaru's flower shop daily, but most of his time went to maintaining the house and taking care of his 'husband' and 'son'. He would cook breakfast in the morning, and have breakfast with them before he headed to the flower shop. He would then return at 5pm so that he could prepare dinner. After dinner, he would spend his time doing household chores and 'taking care' of Tezuka. Of course, the father and son did their part in helping out around the house as well.

Things were pretty much the same for Tezuka Kunimitsu. He still worked hard in the day as the vice-president of a banking company, and still made it a point to play tennis with his son at least once a week. What was different was that he now had to work hard in the nights as well, because his 'wife' would keep him 'busy'.

As for Tezuka Kunisuke, he sure enjoyed having Fuji in the house. Although he didn't really enjoy calling the azure-eyed man 'Okaasan' (Fuji made him...), he did like the fact that the standard of the food he ate was much higher now. Fuji made excellent spicy food, which was what the boy happened to enjoy as well. And although it was also true that Fuji was a rather annoying person with his constant teasing, it was also interesting to see his otherwise pokerfaced father's reactions to the teasing and flirtations.

"I'm going off to school, Okaasan, Otosan."

The boy picked up his tennis bag and walked out of the kitchen.

"Be careful, Suke-chan. And, come back with good news, Taka-san is prepared to give you a sushi treat if you win!"

The older Tezuka stood up.

"I'm done eating. I'm off to work too."

Fuji walked over to his 'husband' and adjusted the taller man's tie for him.

"You be careful too. Come home earlier ne? We'll be having dinner at Taka-san's sushi bar. Your son is sure to win."

A smile graced past briefly as the taller man kissed his 'wife' before walking out of the kitchen. Fuji smiled to himself happily. Life was good; he had the love of his life by his side, and lovely son too. He was one happy man.

...Owari again...

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