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Chapter 1: The Kidnapping.

It was Friday, and five more minutes until school's out for the day. Inside Mr. Simmons' class, everybody, including Phoebe was bored out of their skulls listening to Mr. Simmons' lecture about the Andes Mountain range. Harold tried to keep his eyes awake by stretching them out as he gazed at the wall clock above the blackboard, while stretching his arms wide, hugging the table. He felt like that the universe just imploded and time, what's left of it, gone forever and could no longer served its purpose. He watched the second hand slowly… slowly ticked away a second at a time, while not paying attention to Mr. Simmons' droning.




He could die of waiting. He scanned around the classroom, and saw his friends, more or less, trying to endure the boredom. Arnold put his elbow on the table as he rested his head on his palm, trying to comprehend what Mr. Simmons was trying to tell them. Gerald slouched to the back of his chair, not trying to look interested. Helga, to kill time, spitted out some spitwads to Arnold, as he tried to ignore the projectiles that landed on the back of his head. Phoebe played with her thumbs, Rhonda and Nadine was seen exchanging notes, Sid was banging his head softly on the table, while Stinky was drumming his fingers in total boredom. Lorenzo repeatedly glanced at his watch, Lila was playing with her braids, Eugene was nearly asleep, Sheena tried to concentrate on the board, but couldn't, and Curly was pulling his hair out in agony.




And the bell rang, and there was much rejoicing in class. Everybody was back to their cheerful mood again. They quickly packed their things and head out from the classroom. "Oh, wait class. Wait a second…" Mr. Simmons halted them, "remember class, please make sure you do your geography project, and have a pleasant weekend!" he waved at them, but the kids ignored him as they dashed out from the class. As they walked out from school, Gerald went over to Arnold and began a conversation with him.

"Hey Arnold," He greeted, "Aw man, I thought the weekends would never come."

"Yeah, it has been a slow week for me too." Arnold replied.

"How 'bout we blow the rest of the day off at the arcades, or watch a movie or… or play baseball with the guys?"

"I think we should take a vote first Gerald, see what the other guys think."

"Gotcha." Gerald replied, winked at him, clicking his tongue while pointing at him. They continued their journey to the bus stop as they saw Rhonda bragging about her new clipped pearl earrings, again, to her friends as they look at her in irritation, but she couldn't see past their annoyance as she continue to boast about them.

"Daddy brought me these new pair of expensive earrings yesterday. They look exquisite, don't you think?" she said as she rubbed the earrings, glistering and glimmering under the sun. The girls looked at her in annoyance. Helga felt she wanted to punch her. Rhonda continued to rub one of her earring, but suddenly she accidentally pulled it out. She then glanced at it for a while, and fastened it back on one of her ear.

"I get that your mom won't let you pierce your ears." Helga smirked at her.

"She said I'm not old enough, probably next year." She said back angrily as she adjusted the earring.

The boys, being new and alien to jewelry wearing and all, were looking at the crowd of girls in curiosity.

"Stupid girly stuff." Harold bellowed out.

"Yeah," Sid concurred, "why do they even bother wearing those things anyway?"

"I dunno." Gerald shrugged. "But my bro wears those things."

"C'mon fellas," Stinky said to snap them back, "forget those things and lets concentrate on our agenda. I's say we all play ball after this." The proposal was greeted with unanimous nods and agreements from the guys. "So we meet at the usual place then, Geraldfield?" Arnold asked to them.

"Where else but the greatest place in the world?" Gerald intervened with a grin across his face.

The bus eventually came, and the kids lined up in front of the door. Far away from them, under the elevated highway, there were some strangers inside of a van, looking at the group of kids observantly as they boarded the bus.

"Should we go now?" one of them asked.

"Are you nuts? There's too many of them… and too many witnesses."

"Now what?"

"We follow the bus until that kid got out and she's alone by herself. Then we begin our operation." The person then turned around and looked at another person behind him, as he sat leaning back against a motorcycle.

"Looks like we have to use Plan B after all."


Back inside the bus, after they deposited the fare, the kids took their seats. Like always, Gerald would always sit with his best friend, Arnold, while Helga and Phoebe was the same too. Sid, Stinky and Harold grouped themselves together as they talk things that you would expect from a fourth grader. Rhonda meanwhile, excused herself from Nadine for a while and walked over to Arnold.

"Hey, Arnold," she greeted, "like my new earrings?" she displayed the earrings to him by turning her head left and right as she smiles.

"It's…" he didn't know what to say, "pretty nice." He could only say.

"Pretty?" she echoed back sardonically, smiling softly. She was expecting a better reply.

"Uh… uh…" he hesitated, trying to find a more suitable word, "Very. Very nice." He smiled back nervously, snickering softly.

She could only giggle at him, "Well, Geography Buddy, I suppose we should talk about our geography project later after this."

"Uh… Rhonda, I kinda have plans after this." He tried to decline, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Yeah, Rhonda." Gerald interjected, "We're playing baseball after this."

"Oh come on, it won't take long. I assure you, it won't take more than an hour. And after that, you can waste your time with your guy buddies."

"Can't we just do this tomorrow?"

"Aw, you know me. I hate doing my homework during the weekends." She whined, "Besides, the public library is closed tomorrow."

Arnold shook his head, and finally caved in to her plea, "All right. All right, you win. See you inside the library at three."

"I knew you would understand!" she exclaimed happily as she threw a fist across her body, "Ciao, Arnold." She said sweetly as she waved her fingers and walked away at him, a moved that angered Helga a lot.

"Oh, great…" she mumbled to herself. "First there's Ruth, Lila, Summer and now her." She muttered quietly through her clenched teeth, which was accidentally heard by Phoebe.

"She's only his geography partner Helga." Phoebe reasoned to her, "I doubt that they will become more than just that…"

"Always expect the worst, Pheebs. Always expect the worst." She said as she glared with her murderous eyes at Rhonda, who was talking to Nadine right now.

"I swear that your blind jealousy sometimes irks me a lot Helga…" Phoebe thought, as she looked at her.


After spending more than an hour inside the library searching for information regarding their project, they now both feel that they had collected enough of them and decided to call it a day. As they walked out, Arnold stopped at his tracks at the sidewalk, and frantically searching his backpack for something.

"Something wrong?" Rhonda asked him.

"Darn… I forgot my pencil case." He explained to her, still not going back into the library. "I must've left it at the table."

"And why are you looking at me for? It's not like I have your pencil case with me."

"I don't know." He replied worriedly, "I feel like something bad is going to happen."

"Oh, don't be such a silly, Arnold!" she replied amusingly. "I appreciate you being chivalrous and all that, but don't worry, I'll be fine by myself." She said to him, firmly holding his shoulder to give assurance.

"How about if you walk me in? We can find it together."

"Arnold..." she replied in amused disbelief of her friend.


"Just go!" Rhonda said jovially as she pointed to the library doors. In reluctance, he went back into the library, hastening his pace, as Rhonda waited for him outside the library. As she waited, a motorcyclist came over to her, possibly to ask directions. The motorcyclist was riding a Japanese motorcycle, wearing a black colored helmet that completely obscures his face for Rhonda to recognize and plain everyday clothes.

"Hey kid," the person said, muffled under the helmet, "could you show me the way to the City Hall?"

"Oh, just go straight ahead six blocks and— mmmpphh!!" somebody clasped her mouth tightly from behind. She dropped her books in shock. The motorcyclist quickly jumped out from his bike and assisted the assailant by grabbing both of her hands and forced them behind her, locking it. She couldn't turn around to see the person behind her because the kidnapper was holding her head. Another person came over to them and put a blindfold and gagged her with some cloth and duct tape. She tried to struggle to set herself free, but it was futile because she was too weak. She tried to scream, but the only thing that came out from her mouth was a muffled, weak scream that would never grab one's attention. In midst of the resisting, one of her earring was accidentally dropped off.

The kidnappers were trying desperately to quell her down as they scanned the area around nervously for any onlookers and witnesses. After she was bound with duct tape on both of her arms and legs, one of the kidnappers held her up by the body while the other held her up by her legs. Still, she tried to resist and scream. Both of them quickly carried over her to the van and put her in. Rhonda tried one last act of resisting by kicking one of the kidnappers with her tied legs. One of her shoes were detached from her feet and landed on the sidewalk. The person on the motorcycle signaled them off, took her books to dispose the evidence away, ran over to the motorbike and quickly rode away from the area. The kidnappers then quickly went into the van, started the engine, floored the gas pedal down and flee.

Minutes later, Arnold came out from the library, but Rhonda wasn't there waiting for him. This was very unusual for her since she would always notify the person she wanted to leave first.

"She must've left." He shrugged. Realizing he was late for the ballgame with the guys, Arnold felt he should continue on and worry about her later. As soon as he took his first step, he felt that he step on a strange object. He stopped at his tracks, lifted his leg and saw an earring. He then picked it up to examine it.

"This looks like one of Rhonda's earring…" he said to himself as he gazed at the jewelry, rotating it. He began to suspect something was not right. He scanned around, and saw something at the corner nearby the curb. It was a red shoe that was really similar to Rhonda's shoes. He began to worry. Without wasting any more time, he hurriedly went to the public phone and call Rhonda's house.

"Lloyds residence." A person answered with a thin Jersey accent, probably one of the butlers.

"Is Rhonda there?" he asked worriedly.

"I'm sorry sir," the butler politely replied, "but young Ms. Lloyd isn't home from the library yet."

"There's definitely something is not right here." He thought assumingly. Without putting the receiver back, he then quickly raced to Rhonda's house, just a couple of blocks away from where he was now. The receiver swung back and forth, with the line on the other side still active.

"Hello? Hello?" he took the receiver away from his ears and looked at. The butler shrugged, and put the receiver down.

"Bob, who was that on the phone?" Buckley Lloyd asked his butler, as he walked into the living room.

"I don't know sir," he replied, "It's probably one of Miss Lloyd's friends."


The bell to the Lloyd's residence was rang repeatedly and frantically, and alerted the butler who was cleaning the living room. He dusted himself up, adjusting his tie a little bit and headed to the front door. The door opened, revealing a boy panting and gasping for air as he looked up at him.

"Beat it, kid." He said, "Rhonda's not—"

Arnold ignored him and quickly he dashed into the house as he shoved the butler away. The butler nearly fell, but managed to regain his balance back by propping a table behind him. As he got up, he saw the kid who shoved him away just now quickly ran into the living room, shouting "Mr. Lloyd, Mrs. Lloyd— anyone!! I want to speak to you!!"

Buckley who was at the dinner table reading the business section of the newspaper was surprised at the unexpected visitor as he saw him running to him as if a lion were chasing him. He recognized that face, but never caught his name but could assume he was one of Rhonda's friends. Buckley could identify his face because he once saw him at one of his daughter's party. "Mr. Lloyd, I have something— hey!! Let go off me!!" he shouted at Bob the Butler, as he tried to grab him to kick him out from the house.

"Bob, Bob…" Buckley said calmly, motioning his hand. "Release him. He probably has some pressing matters to talk about." In defeat, Bob released Arnold and walked away from the kitchen, leaving Arnold and Buckley alone. Arnold was very weary and tired, breathing heavily and was very sweaty because he had run all the way from the library to Rhonda's house. Sensing that it was important, Buckley spared the formalities and went straight to the point.

"Now son, what can I do for you?"

"I don't know sir," he replied worriedly, huffing and puffing. "Rhonda was waiting for me in front of the library for me to get my things, but by the time I got back, she was gone."

Buckley lowered a half of her eyebrow in startled worrisome, "gone? What do you mean, gone?"

"H-here, I'll show you some things I found at the sidewalk." He then opened his backpack up, rummaged through it and took something out from the bag and handed it over to Buckley.

"This is one of Rhonda's earrings I gave to her yesterday." Buckley said, examining the jewelry.

"That's not all," Arnold quickly added, and showed him the red shoe.

"Why, that's one of Rhonda's shoe." By now he was completely perplexed, and becoming really restless. "What are you trying to tell me, son?"

The conversation was cut short when the phone suddenly rung. Buckley and Arnold hoped not for the worst as they look at each other. Slowly, he got up from his seat and went over to the phone. He gulped in anticipation, lifted the receiver slowly and placed it on his right ear.

"H-hello?" He answered gravely.

"We have your daughter." A garbled, synthesized, computerized voice replied, "We'll call you back at exactly an hour. No police." The line was cut off, and engaged tone was heard. Buckley felt he wanted to faint, and scared of the wellbeing of his daughter in the hands of those kidnappers. He looked at Arnold in grave disbelief, fearful of what they would do to her precious child. No time to lose, he quickly restarted the phone and call an old friend of his.

"Is Detective Spade there?"

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