Dscmr - I only own the concept of this fic.

N.B - Written before 6.13 - i.e. Chris is still a baddie; Leo's still trying to get rid of him; Piper and Leo are back together:)

The blue and white lights corporealised into Leo's handsome form.

As the surroundings of P³ came into focus, he noted the clothes lain across the floor and the empty beer bottles. 'Chris!' He shouted. A second later, millions of bright particles danced around until settling into thin shape of Chris, the new whitelighter, and arch-enemy of Leo.

'What?!' Chris asked, impatiently. He knew Leo was close to discovering his secret agenda.

'I just wanted to let you know,'

'Let me now what?'

'That today is your last day as the sister's whitelighter.' Leo's face free of emotion

'Is that it? You tell me that, like, everyday'

'Today I mean it'

'You know what, I'm sick of you trying to get rid of me all the time! I get that you don't trust me and don't like me, okay!'


'Whatever' Chris said before orbing away.

Leo gave smirk. He loved how he was able to annoy him so easily. Emotions like that only come from guilt. And I know you're guilty, Chris, today, I'm gonna prove it.

'How's my little man doing today?' Leo asked his toddling son. He took him out of his play crib and sat down on the chair, with him on his lap. Wyatt began to play with the buttons on Leo's shirt.

'Guess what Daddy's going to be doing today? I'm going to send a horrible man away' Wyatt giggled

'Yes I am. Because that way, I'm never going to leave you or your mommy ever again. Do you like your mommy and daddy together again?' Wyatt giggled a second time.

'Does that mean yes or no?' A new voice asked. Piper stood against the doorframe, smiling as she watched her husband and her son interact.

'I think yes' Leo smiled.

'Me too. So what are you doing here?' She moved to the bed

'Just wishing my beautiful son good morning, and of course, his beautiful mom' He leant over to give her a kiss.

'Good morning' She said. It had taken a while, but they were finally getting back on track where their marriage was concerned. It had nearly come to a divorce court, but her meddling sister's had made them see sense. 'So what are you up to today?' Piper asked

'The usual'

'Trying to frame Chris?'

'Piper, I'm not framing him, he was the reason I was in Valhalla and the reason you was all...chipper'

'Fine, but I'm still gonna trust him until you can up with evidence that he did it'

'That's fine. Because today is the day that Chris finally gets out of our lives' He got up from the chair, gave Wyatt a kiss on his little forehead and handed him to Piper, 'I'm gonna make sure of it'

With a blink of an eye, he was gone.