'I'm gonna get some popcorn, anyone want anything?' Piper asked her sisters. They had decided to have a girly night in seeing as their respective boyfriends were out of town. With 'No's' all around, she got up from the overstuffed living room chair, and made her way into the kitchen, her fluffy slippers making scuffing sounds on the hardwood floor. Piper swung the kitchen door open and stopped dead. She didn't expect to see her husband stand by the counter with a smug look on his face. 'Hey you'

'Hey!' Leo walked closer to her and swung her off her feet. They exchanged giggles and a kiss.

'What's got you so happy?' She asked

'I did it'

'Did what?'

'I found out the truth about Chris. It was him who sent me to Valhalla.'

Piper was shocked. 'It was?!'


'So where is he now?'

'He was sent back to his own time, even though he'd changed most of it'

'Leo, I-I don't know what to say. I'm sorry we doubted you'

'I forgive you' they kissed.

'So where does that leave us? Are you going back to being an Elder?'

Leo thought of how he could tell the news to Piper. 'Come with me' he said, leading her back to her sisters.

'Hey Leo!' Phoebe said

'What are you doing here? Not that I'm not glad to see you' Paige cleared up

'I have some news' He went on to explain Chris's situation and how he'd lied to all the sisters 'so we've assigned a new Whitelighter to you'

'Does that mean your going to carry on being an Elder?' Piper asked disappointed and a little angry

'If you'll please all wait in the foyer, Ill go get your new whitelighter' He orbed away.

A moment later a stream of white and blue particles danced around in the foyer. The sisters waited anxiously. The little lights formed into a shape. The sister's where shocked when it became clear who it was.

'I don't get it' Piper said

'I'm your new whitelighter'

'You mean..?'

'Yep, I am no longer an Elder'

Piper's face formed a huge smile as she ran towards Leo. They embraced in a passionate kiss.

Phoebe and Paige had huge smiles too, but realised that this time was apparently Piper and Leo's,so they slipped back into living room.