Hi everyone. This is a brand new story that I had floating in my head. I hope you like it. It will be slash of course with our famous Harry/Draco coupling. It will have Mpreg, and it will have character death at least for the first few chapters. Don't give up you never know who will come back from the dead.

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Chapter one

It was the day before the final battle. Two lovers were hidden in an unknown room and were lying in each other's arms. They were talking after having just made love. They were talking about the next day and the battle to come.

"Draco I don't want you in the middle of the fight. You're bound to have to fight your father if you do."

"I don't care Harry. I will be at your side, I promised that I wouldn't abandon you and I won't. I love you. I need to be with you to help keep you safe."

"Draco, one of us is going to die, it either Voldemort or me. It was in a prophesy so I want you to be aware that I may not survive the battle tomorrow."

"Love, this is going to be dangerous for all of us. Anyone of us could die tomorrow. The death eaters have no qualms about killing anything that moves in front of them. You'll need someone to watch your back and I intend to be the one to do it."

Harry hugged his lover and started kissing him. "I love you Draco, I always will, always remember that no matter what happens."

The two lovers stayed the whole night in each other's arms; something they had never permitted themselves to do before.

The next day they woke early and made their way to the great Hall for breakfast. Students didn't notice them coming in at the same time. They separated and went to their respective house tables. The great hall was full of aurors and members of the order of the phoenix. They were sitting amongst the student to make them feel better. In the middle of breakfast professor Snape came into the hall casting a sonorous charm on himself.

"Quiet down everyone, the dark Lord is here." Cries of fright were heard all around the room. Some of the younger students started crying.

Dumbledore got up and motioned for the forces of the light to follow him. The students watched as Harry got up and joined them. All of the seventh year students except for the Slytherins got up and made their way to the adults. One lone Slytherin got up and came to stand next to Harry. The professors and aurors watched as the son of Lucius Malfoy, Voldemort's second in command stood in front of Harry and smiled.

"I promised you Harry that I would be at your side and here I am." Draco extended his hand for a handshake. Harry quickly shook it and replied.

"You Draco will give back honor to your family name. Fight with me to defeat Voldemort; he as ruined our lives enough as it is. Mine by killing my family and yours by killing the goodness and love they had in their hearts for you." The two boys looked at each other before turning towards the Adults.

"Well are we going to do this today?" asked Harry. Everyone left the great hall. The school locking it's doors to protect the students who wouldn't be part of the battle.

A few hours later after a long drawn out battle, Harry was finally able to face Voldemort. Draco had just been rendered unconscious by a stray spell so he didn't see the final moments of the battle. When he woke up in the infirmary he was told by the nurse that Voldemort had been defeated. When he asked about Harry she just patted his hand and told him she would get Dumbledore.

When the headmaster came in he sat in a chair next to Draco's bed.

"Professor why won't anybody tell me what happened to Harry?" He tried to hide just how desperate he was for information.

"I'm sorry to say that Mr. Potter also died in the battle. He gave up his life to save us all." The aged wizard had never seemed so old as he did at that moment. Draco's eyes went wide with shock.

"No...no..." he whispered.

"I'm sorry Draco." The head master got up and left the young man to his grief. He was sobbing so hard that he didn't hear his godfather come in and sit by him.

"Draco, I didn't think that Potter's death would affect you so much."

After a few minutes of trying to get himself under control Draco spoke with a voice that seemed to come from far away. "Sev, what I'm about to tell you must stay between you and me. We never told anyone for security reasons. But now that he's dead..." Draco's voice choked up on the last words.

The potion master could see that this was important to his godson. "I promise to keep this a secret."

"Harry and I were lovers." He heard the dark wizard gasp. "We were together for most of our seventh year." Draco took a chain off from around his neck. On it was a ring which he showed to Severus. It was a Potter family wedding band. "He gave me this ring as an engagement ring. We were to be married this summer." Severus looked at the ring again and saw an inscription in it. It read "Forever love"

"What will you do now Draco?"

"After graduation, I will travel a bit and visit the many Malfoy properties and decided which ones I'm going to sell. I will only keep a few. There are some where no dark magic was ever performed. I think I'll move to one of those. I'm not a dark wizard anymore."

"I agree, this will help you forget. I will help you pack when you are ready to go. I hope you will keep in contact with me?"

"Of course Sev, you're like a father to me. Now if you don't mind I'm kind of tired I think I will rest some more."

Severus said his goodbyes to this godson. He really hated Potter now. "Why did he have to make Draco fall in love with him if he planed on disappearing after the battle? If he ever finds out that Harry is still alive and doesn't wish, for some stupid reason to tell him, then he will be devastated."

Once the potion master left Draco turned towards the nurse and asked. "How long have I been unconscious?"

"For eight days."

Draco gasped. "So I've missed Harry's funeral."

"Yes, I'm sorry Mr. Malfoy; his funeral was four days ago. He was buried in the same cemetery as his parents and godfather in Godric's Hollow."

Draco turned towards the wall and silently started to cry again. As soon the he felt better he would go to the grave and say goodbye to his love.