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Harry and Draco had now been married for seven years. Their daughter was now almost eight years old and their son Evan was about to graduate from Hogwarts. He had been Severus' apprentice for two years now and was about to take his test for his level one master's degree in potions.

It had been almost nine years since Harry had been given his pacemaker and with his monthly dose of Severus' potion he was only now starting to show signs of fatigue due to his disease. They knew that if the miracle cure was not found soon that there would be no more chances for Harry. Draco held Harry's hand as they watched the graduation ceremony where Evan got top honors for his grades. They watched as he made his head boy speech in front of his friends. Harry and Draco were very proud of their son. Harry laughed as Magnolia kept on cheering for her big brother. Harry told her to keep the noise down as he watched a few of the other parents scowl at the child. To Harry's amusement she just turned and stuck her tongue out at the offended parents.

Harry gave a small chuckle while Draco just shook his head. As intelligent as his daughter was she was really mischievous. She had grown up on stories of the marauders thanks to her uncle Remus. At eight her pranks were already legendary around school.

After the ceremony Evan came to talk to his fathers. He shyly introduced them to another graduate, a young Ravenclaw girl name Emma who would be his date for the Graduation dance. Draco and Harry weren't fooled they had seen how Evan and Emma looked at each other. Harry was happy that his son was discovering that life did exist outside his books and potions.

"She must be very smart if Evan is interested in her." Harry kept on looking at the young couple. Emma blushed when Evan took her hand and gave her a small present. His eyes went wide when he saw Evan place a small gold chain around her neck and saw the girl give him a kiss.

"Did you see that Draco, I think our son has a girlfriend?" Draco just smirked. Harry looked at him and gasped. "You knew… and you didn't tell me."

"Yes Evan told me a few days ago." He rolled his eyes when Harry stuck his tongue out at him. "Don't ever wonder where your daughter gets her bad habits from Potter."

A few minutes later Severus and Evan came back to speak with Harry and Draco.

"Dad, I know that at graduation it's usually the parents that give their child gifts. But I think we can make an exception for today."

Harry and Draco looked at each other wondering what their son was talking about. Magnolia came out and took Harry by the hand.

"Follow us daddy." She pulled Harry towards the doors of the great hall. She was following Severus and Evan who were heading towards the potion master's quarters. Harry looked at Draco who just shrugged and shook his head.

When they got to Severus' personal lab they were brought up to a cauldron that was simmering on a small flame. Severus gave Evan a small nod indicating that he could proceed.

"Dad, as you know Severus has been working for years at finding a cure for your disease."

Harry looked at the cauldron and back at Evan. "Yes."

"Well this isn't a cure but it's the closest that we will ever be to having one. This is an improvement of the original potion that Severus had come up with many years ago. This will let you live a normal life as long as you take a goblet of the potion once a week. You will have to do this for the rest of your life. You probably won't live to be a hundred and fifty years old but you will manage to live a normal life like the rest of us."

Draco gasped and placed a hand in front of his face. He was in shock. "Merlin, Harry, I can't believe this. You're saved."

Evan turned towards his father. "Papa, this potion cost fifty galleons a goblet. And dad must never miss more than one dose in a year. He needs to keep a constant amount of the potion in his body. Now I know that the cost isn't a problem. What we will need to is a reminder system to help dad remember to take it on time."

Harry turned towards his son and hugged him. "I don't think that will be a problem. With the bunch of you watching me I'm pretty sure I'll take my medicine on time." Everyone laughed as the tension that had been accumulating the last few months was gone.

Harry turned to Severus who had his first goblet in his hand. Harry lifted his glass as to make a toast and he saluted the people in the room; his family. He drank the potion and felt the effects almost right away. He smiled and told them that he hadn't felt so good in a long time. Everyone let out their breath that they were holding. Everything would be ok.



Draco and Harry lived for over seventy years in their house in Godric's Hollow after they finished their time as teachers at Hogwarts. Harry passed away at the young age of a hundred and nineteen. He had been surrounded by his children and grand children and all of his friends that had been at his side over the years. He and Draco had lived a full life full of love and laughter. After they had stopped teaching they had traveled the world and enjoyed the things that they had been denied when they were young.

Draco stood by and watched as one by one his two children and grand children and great grandchildren placed crystal roses over Harry's tombstone. He watched as blue and white crystal roses were joined with crystal roses of all the other colors of the rainbow. It was a true monument to the love he had shared with Harry and their family. Draco smiled though his tears as he felt his son and his daughter come up and hold him. He knew in his heart that he would follow his soul mate very soon.

A few weeks later he did join his love. He passed away in his sleep. When he opened his eyes he saw a young Harry looking no older than twenty holding out his hand to him. Draco got out of bed not noticing that he had left his body behind. He took Harry's hand and noticed that his own hand looked young. He looked up at Harry and smiled. Harry returned the smile and leaned down to kiss him.

"Come love, it's time for you to rest. There are people waiting for us on the other side."

Draco kissed Harry again and laughed. "All right Harry, I'm ready."

Soon the two spirits left the living world in a bright light where they were reunited with each other forever…