This is story is written in both Sakura's and Neji's point of view. There are abrupt POV changes so read carefully. I edited this on 1-27-09, I intend to do this for all chapters. Hope you enjoy and I will finish it. Thanks

Sakura barely got out of the way of Neji's outstretched finger tips as he started towards her, tired of waiting for her to make the first move. Sasuke was yards away, learning weapon techniques from Tenten with Naruto was working on his taijitsu with Lee. Silently she cursed Kakashi-sensei, sitting up the hill midway with Gai-sensei. Why did they have to start training with them now? And how did the two teachers come to the conclusion that Neji of all people could help her with her defenses and attacks. Sakura circled Neji as she thought about how defeat him.

"Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get into the fight. It's not like I'm actually taking this seriously, but you could at least feint at paying attention."

Sakura's thoughts snapped back into the present as she thought of a way to defeat Neji. It wouldn't be by strength or stamina like Naruto and she didn't have Sasuke's eyes. It was hopeless.

"That's right girl, you'd never beat me, not in a million years."

Sakura flushed as she avoided his attack; again she was the girl in team 7, the one who always had to be saved, even Naruto saves her! Her mind whirled; she wondered if she could use that to her advantage. It was basic Kunoichi training and after all Neji was only a teenage male, granted one with a superior sense of control, but maybe he didn't have that much control, not yet.

Slyly she got back into a fighting stance and starting thinking about Neji, kissing her, touching her, imagined his hands all over her body. She kept thinking erotic thoughts about herself and the ninja she was fighting. Sure the Hyuga clan couldn't read minds, but they manipulated you into thinking they could. And from what she had seen him do with Hinata-chan and Naruto he seemed to be fairly good at it.

Sakura felt her pulse start to race as she thought about Neji naked, beneath her. She shuddered as she thought of how his rough hands would feel, caressing her body. Imagining everything she could feel her body start to react to her thoughts. Her stance became a bit wider, as she thought about him in between her legs.

"Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get into the fight. It's not like I'm actually taking this seriously, but you could at least feint at paying attention." Neji couldn't see how this would really benefit him at all. Maybe if he was fighting with Sasuke or Naruto, but not this frail female in front of him. Neji mentally rolled his eyes as he noticed she was thinking of a way to defeat him and wasn't coming up with anything.

"That's right girl, you'd never beat me, not in a million years," Neji continued. This was starting to get really boring. He went in for a low attack and missed. Well at least she's good at staying out of my range, but that's not going to help her any. Neji raised an eyebrow. What was she thinking about, no, she wouldn't think about that. Would she, in the middle of the fight? He silently took in her flushed face. The way her body had leaned into his, her lips slightly parted as her breathing changed. This was too funny, here she was fighting with him and she was thinking of him sexually.

"I know what you're thinking Sakura-chan. A ninja shouldn't have these feelings, especially during battle. Never for the enemy."

Sakura let the blood rush to her face, making it flush an even darker red. She hoped this worked, or it could blow up in her face. Biting her lip as she glanced at Neji, she quickly thought of him entering her, taking her fast and hard. Sakura sent chakra into her legs making them appear to start to tremble as she let a small whimper escape her mouth. Neji came in then for the next attack. She watched as Neji pulled up short and stopped the attack, within her reach. He wasn't considering her even worthy to continue this fight. Perfect.

"Gai-sensei, do I really have to put up with…"

THERE! Sakura could have laughed at the opening he left himself with. Gathering the rest of her charka in her right leg, she delivered a roundhouse kick that made Neji fly back into a tree.

"HELL YEAH," Inner Sakura crowed, "take that!" On the outside Sakura smiled and laughed when she noticed that everyone else had stopped what they have been doing and looked at her in shock. Except for her teacher, she noticed dryly as he took money from Gai-sensei. "TRAING MY ASS, YOU WERE JUST BETTING ON US PERVERT," Inner Sakura yelled. She turned to look back at Neji and noticed he wasn't there, just as she felt a tap right underneath her shoulder blade on her back.

Gasping she collapsed to the ground and turned her head away from the group as a violent orgasm ripped through her body. Sakura bit her lip to stop herself from crying out. Sure she had masturbated before, but it was nothing like this. She leaned forward into the grass, making it seem to the others watching from afar that she had been knocked down, her eyes on Neji the entire time.

"I know what you're thinking Sakura-chan. A ninja shouldn't have these feelings. Especially during battle," Neji told her. Really this was pathetic. Another look at the girl and he could tell exactly what she was thinking. Going in for another attack, he heard her breathy moan and stopped short, half in disgust, half in amusement.

"Gai-sensei, do I really have to put up with…" Neji felt the blow and was suddenly airborne as he flew back and then hit a tree. Groaning he looked up to see her smiling at everyone else.

Boy had she fooled him. Neji's eyes narrowed. Fine, he'll just fight fire with fire. He slowly stood up and made sure everything was in working order and then attacked. He targeted the spot and adjusted himself as Sakura turned. Quickly, before she could've seen or stopped him, he tapped her in that special spot. He stood right next to her, watching as she collapsed and turned her face towards him. Silent screamer, he thought as he watched her bit her lip till it bled to stop from crying out. He'd never actually used that charka point before, but everyone in his clan was told about it when it was age appropriate. Looking at Sakura in amusement, he watched as she got up and started to smack at him. He grabbed at her one hand and twisted it behind her as he pulled her flush to his body and with the other hand tapped the same spot again. Her body was warm as it shuddered against his.

Sakura took a deep breath, mind racing as she got up and started to smack at Neji. Let him think she was just being a silly female, that she was embarrassed. She took a kunai out just as Neji reached under that arm for that same spot of her back. Clinging against him, she held fast to him and couldn't stop herself from moaning into his neck. Feeling his arms tighten around her she kissed his neck. Pulling her head up, this time she didn't stop the little moans of pleasure or stop herself from whispering his name in his ear.

Smiling she could feel his body responding to her. As she was almost finished she gathered charka to the front of her body and like they had done with the tree exercise, made Neji stick to her. "Neji," she said. Bringing up the other hand that held the knife she kissed Neji on the jaw bone and whispered, "I win," as she held the knife to his throat. She felt him try to let go and then stop when he realized that he couldn't without hurting himself.

Neji's arm tightened on Sakura as she continued to orgasim against him, his other hand laying flat against the small of her back. He listened to her breathy little moans and almost smiled when she whispered his name. He turned his face into her hair and breathed in as he felt his body react. Thankful that they were turned so all the saw what Neji holding Sakura, he felt her reaction slowing down. "Neji," she moaned in his ear as she kissed him. "I win."

Startled Neji felt the pinprick of the kunai against his throat and tried to release her and felt the knife dig into his body when he couldn't let go. 'You do realize that this means war?" he said, finding that he couldn't fault her for these tactics. He didn't even feel that she was all that weak. This was one battle that he thought he'd have fun losing at, but trying to win.

"You do realize that this means war?"

Sakura smiled as she released the charka and giggled. She looked at Neji and started her way towards her teacher.

"Sakura-chan are you okay?!" Naruto shouted at her. Smiling she nodded to him and laughed when she saw Lee standing there with tears running down his face. "I always knew you good, but to defeat Neji…" she saw hearts in his eyes as she backed away and went up the hill. "Sakura-chan, I love you! I promise to, ugh." Sakura turned around and saw that Neji had bopped Lee in the head and he was sitting on the ground. Glancing towards Sasuke and Tenten, Sasuke was smirking at her. Blushing she turned around.

Shaking her head she finally made it up to Kakashi-sensei and held out her hand, "20," she said.

Kakashi looked at her with that smiling eye of his and took out two folded bills and gave them to her. She pocketed the money and yawned. She lay down in the sun next to them and said, "I'm kinda tired, I'm taking a nap.

"I'd be kind of tired too Sakura-chan if…"

Sakura whapped Kakashi in the arm, "Shut it," she growled. Smiling she started to drift off, not before she heard Naruto comment to Neji.

"Hey hey, since Sakura defeated Neji, I think you should try and go for it Lee! Right now even Konohamaru could kick his ass!"

Sakura rolled to the side and started to cry she was laughing so hard. Gai and Kakashi joined her and the others looked on to watch them.