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To answer a question, yes I did get the idea of the circular fan tossing from Tamora Pierce. The individual katas are available to find online however. They're very interesting and beautiful to see.

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"There will be no afterward, there's only going to be right now," Neji's eyes darkened as he kissed her mouth. Sakura trembled, the way he was holding her was so gentle. He was giving her the opportunity to escape if she needed. She molded the rest of her body against his. Heat pooled from her center, she was already ready for him, but he wasn't moving beyond her face. His teeth scrapped the the her jaw, near her ear. Her head fell back, it was maddening not being about to touch him.

She could feel the proof of his desire between her legs now. She squirmed, trying to find the best way to rub against him, easing the ache she felt. His hands came up and stilled her body. She strained against them in protest, she wanted more now.

His face nuzzled her ear and he started to whisper to her, "I want to do all the things to your body that I imagined when I set up that genjustu. I want you to feel the real me, I want to get my fingers wet as they make you hot with desire. And then when you can't take it anymore, when I need to have you or stop breathing, that's when I'll take us beyond the memories."

Sakura whimpered from sensations he was making her feel just from what he was saying. While he was talking, his hands undid her chest bindings and pulled them off. He started at her neck and traced imaginary patterns across her skin with his finger tips. Teasingly he slid his hands under neath her breasts and cupped them. His rough palms against her soft skin made her against him, wanting more contact. Teasingly his thumbs circled her nipples, making them pucker. Neji's arm came around Sakura and held her up so that he could lean down to take one nipple in his mouth, while rolling the other between his fingers.

Sakura couldn't believe the sounds that were coming out of her mouth, that he was making come out of her mouth. Mostly they were cries of his name, please or more. He held her there for what seemed forever until finally pressing a hand against the heat from between her legs.

"You've soaked through your pants Sakura," Neji whispered smugly against her neck, "You're so beautiful when you're losing control for me."

His fingers moved between the cloth and her skin slowly until he was able to slide on finger in, his palm still rubbing against the apex of her body. Wave after wave crashed on her as her body shuddered in relief. Sakura's head fell forward, nuzzling Neji where she could, until she found his lips to kiss.

"Please Neji," Sakura begged as he added another finger into her body, "I need you, please."

"Sshh, be a good girl for me," Neji's fingers left her body, "lift up so I can remove your shorts."

Sakura put her weight on her knees, letting Neji pull them down, then lifting her to one side to pull them off completely. She whined in protest as he settled her back against him, knees on either side of his still clothed lap. She ground against the bulge in his pants showing him what she wanted. He lifted her up onto and undid his pants, freeing himself.

Sakura looked down and hesitated only for a moment, she had waited so long. "Neji!" She pleaded, staring into his eyes.

His hands were on her hips and they guided her down, slowly pushing himself into her body. Sakura's mouth trembled as her body eased open, being filled. Gasping like she had just run a marathon when Neji was fully inside her she lay her head against his shoulder, desperately trying not to move.

"Untie my hands Neji, I want to touch you," she demanded. She felt his hands shake as he did her bidding, pulling the robe completely off. Finally free her hands traced up his body to his head, forcing him to look at her. The naked emotions that were on display were worth everything. She started to rock slowly, watching him. He let everything show on his face, the pleasure they were sharing. She let his hands grip her waist, but made if very clear from the pacing that she was in charge. The need grew and she clasped him to her body as the she started to get frantic in her movements. Neji's hand went down to the apex and started to stroke the flesh there, causing her to orgasm moments after he started. She felt him pulse inside her, his release coming as a result of hers.

Exhausted she collapsed into his body, feeling boneless. Sakura's mouth curved into a smile, contently in Neji's arms.

He had meant what he said. He wasn't going to willingly let her go. Showing her off this way to his clan had been a very good idea, they had no other choice but to respect his. His uncle had given his approval weeks ago privately, but had so again publicly today.

The only thing left to do was to make her as crazy about him as he was about her. Neji was confident that he'd complete that mission, no matter how long it took. He lifted her lithe body from his, sliding out of her. Grabbing the ripped kimono, he wiped both of them off and carried her to his bed. He was going to trap her in his bed until he had memorized ever inch of her skin. He hoped she didn't mind, he really didn't think she would.