A short piece of fluff featuring Colette and Sheena. I'd make comments about my opinions about the sort of relationship Colette and Sheena might have (sisters/best friends kind of thing), but you'd probably either be bored by it as I've mentioned this before or wouldn't read it, so I'll just say read this one how you want :)

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia. I think it's an absolutely wonderful game, I really love it, but I don't own it.

Sheena had been staring into the fire, unable to sleep, when a movement she spotted out of the corner of her eye caught her attention.

"Alright?" she asked the little angel who was uncurling from her sleeping position and shaking her head slightly.

"Funny dream," the blonde said sleepily.

"Nasty?" the summoner asked.

"No, just, odd," Colette shrugged. "Don't know what it was all about, but I suppose that'll teach me to eat Raine's cooking before bedtime."

"I would have thought you'd have learned to not eat Raine's cooking at all long before now," Sheena giggled and gestured for the angel to come and sit with her. She did, grabbing a blanket before sitting beside the summoner. Sheena smiled and patted her lap.

"You look like you could use a hug, come here," she said gently and the blonde moved again, wrapping the blanket around Sheena's shoulders then closing it around herself so that just their heads were poking out of the makeshift tent. Colette leant back against the summoner who wrapped her arms around her.

"Cozy, warm," the angel purred sleepily.

"Good," the dark haired girl smiled before unwrapping an arm from the blanket so she could play with the smaller girl's hair.

"You have such lovely hair you know, so much nicer than mine. If you weren't so nice I'd be jealous you know," the summoner said softly.

"You shouldn't be jealous, you're really pretty too Sheena," the angel nodded. "You're prettier than me I think, and you're so amazing, being able to make pacts with the summon spirits, that must take so much courage, and using the fighting techniques you do, that's really cool."

"I'm not that amazing, really I'm not. I mean look at what you've been through, and you can still smile," the dark haired girl sighed quietly.

"You can smile too Sheena, see," Colette giggled and moved to tickle the older girl.

"Ah, no, stop," she yelped, falling on her back then rolling around giggling.

"No, no, I won't, not until you admit you're a really fantastically wonderful person" the angel said happily.

"Not happening," Sheena grinned and moved to grab the blonde and pin her to the ground so she could tickle her.

"Ehehe, no, no, no fair, eeee, stop," Colette giggled, clearly enjoying herself despite her protests.

"OK," Sheena said, stopping. Colette looked up at her with sad puppydog eyes. This caused the summoner to start ticking her again for a short time. Then she scooped the younger girl into her lap and wrapped the blanket around them again.

"Even if you won't admit it I mean it," the blonde said snuggling up to the dark haired girl. "You really are amazing."

Sheena began rocking the smaller girl gently, not really thinking about what she was doing but giving into the instinctive urge to protect her and look after her. Before long the angel's breathing slowed and she was, once again, asleep. Sheena gazed at Colette's sleeping face, wondering at the innocence it held.

"Sweet dreams," she whispered, kissing the top of the girl's head lightly before moving to place her onto her sleeping bag. She wrapped the blonde in the blanket and started to move away, but felt a hand wrap around her arm and pull her close again. Sheena shrugged and moved to lay beside the little angel, who purred and cuddled up to her before settling back into her peaceful sleep again. The summoner played with the angel's soft, blonde hair for a short while, finding it soothing to do so, and then fell into a deep, peaceful sleep herself.