Love, Cannibals and Evil Cats

By Brandon Rice

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Chapter One

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Lucca had few times in life that she really just despised. She had many bad memories, but few that were so very bad she hated them. This was shaping up to be one of those few memories. When Gaspar had mentioned recharging the Moon Stone, which could provide some awesome weapons for the gang, Lucca had been more than willing to go along. Even when she heard she'd have to accompany Frog and Magus on this quest. (Crono was still weak from his recent revival, and Marle refused to leave his side. Since Gaspar hinted water magic would be needed, that left her stuck with her current companions). She had not expected this, however.

Lucca was down on her knees, attempting to recover from that last shot. The creature they were now engaged in combat with was called, ironically enough, Son of Sun. They quickly learned that attacking his eye directly would be pointless. It had been sheer luck of Frog's that they learned the secret. One of the dancing balls of fire that floated around him was the true source of damage. This only left the downside that if they attacked the wrong one, they'd get burned.

Lucca could hear Magus cursing about something. That was nothing new, since the start of this battle he'd been slinging profanities left and right as fireballs smashed into him from every angle. Lucca didn't really care what Magus said, she was more interested in his hand gestures. Not the finger (though he'd been seen giving that a few times) but the way he was now pointing his arms in various directions.

"What are you doing!?" Lucca cried out.

"I'm going to give it a ring and ask for marriage!" Magus snapped back. "What do you think I'm doing!?"

"NO! You're magic –"

Too late. Magus had launched a cascade of Dark Mist right at the beast; and all of its flames. The one true flame was hit and it did cause heavy damage to the eye. The problem was the rest of the false fires. They all counterattacked. And not just Magus. She wouldn't have cared if they all hit Magus. No, they hit Magus once. Two others attacked Frog, and the third sent a blast of heat her way. She was hit directly in the chest and thrown backward onto the floor. It was times like this that made her really curse her luck.

Lucca aimed her gun. That last attack had severely damaged them all, but it had done the same to Son of Sun. And she knew which flame was the right flame. One good hit should take him down. Aiming carefully the young genius fired a round just as the flames began to dance and rotate. She hit a false flame and instantly they'd angered it too much. A fire blast from the flame she hit, and a flare from the eye was all it took. Lucca was down. She couldn't take any more abuse or she'd be dead. And Frog, the only healer with them, was knocked out.

Lucca looked around the desolate room. There were a few of those Zeal Statues nearby. Perhaps she could find shelter behind one of them. Sprinting as fast as the scorched geek could manage; she dove behind the statue just as a ball of heat hit the ground behind her. It was close enough to singe her shirt; and melt the arm off the statue. Lucca was beginning to hate these odds.

"Alright, now I'm mad."

It took Lucca a moment to realize that Magus was speaking to her. He too was seeking shelter behind the enormous statue. He was floating above her, glaring at Son of Sun with an angry scowl.

"It's your fault!" Lucca growled her anger hotter than their enemy. "If you hadn't attacked then Frog could heal us!"

"Frog is useless." Magus replied simply.

"No, Frog is a great swordsman and a useful magician!" Lucca shot back. "You're the one who's going to get us killed!"

"I." Magus's voice had suddenly taken on an icy tone that caused Lucca to shiver. She hated to admit it, but Magus could be awfully scary when he wanted too. "Am greater than Sir Froggy – or any of you – could ever hope to be."

Lucca wanted to remind him of how they had mopped the floor with him when they fought him. However she never did. At that moment a flare attack ripped their statue into shreds and destroyed any shelter they had once had. Magus had the keen ability to cause an argument even in the grimmest of situations. On Death Peak he and Frog had become so engrossed in insulting each other that the Lavos Spawn they'd been fighting had almost killed them.

Of course Lucca couldn't think back to those times now. She was busy trying not to be fried. Frog had been carrying the bag of elixirs and tonics with him, and it was now at his feet. If she could get to him and those items, she could stand a chance against the burning horror before her. If not, she'd die here. Roasted alive with Magus and an unconscious Frog. That was not how she wanted to die, thank you very much.

So Lucca ran once again. She had to move very fast, because Son of Sun was constantly launching fireballs at her. She could hear them explode on the ground behind her and she could feel pieces of floor whirl through the air. Finally she dropped down at Frog's side and poured one of the elixirs into her mouth quickly. She also splashed Frog with a revival potion before jumped aside (just in time too, since the bag of items was Son of Sun's next target and it was soon engulfed in hot yellow death).

"Hearken?" Frog muttered as he opened his eyes. A fireball was whirling right at him and he quickly yelped and rolled to his side. Magus was still floating in the air, watching Son of Sun closely. Lucca aimed her gun and fired. She hit the wrong one and a painfully close call was her reward as flames licked her back. Frog gave a mighty battle cry and slashed a puff of fire with the Masamune; but it too was wrong and Frog was sent falling backwards, desperately trying to squash the tiny inferno on his cloak.

Finally Magus attacked once more. He opened up a black hole and two of the dancing embers were swallowed up. That left only three; and two of them were the ones Lucca and Frog had attacked. Lucca grinned, thankful for once that they had allowed Magus to join their party. She took aim and fired a deadly accurate shot. An instant later the beast went down. The center eye and all of its painful helpers were gone.

"You see." Magus smiled in a snobbish manner. "I took care of it."

"The creature would have met the same fate sooner had you not invoked its wrath before!" Frog pointed out in a very angry voice. Frog hated being knocked out in battles. Magus ignored him all together. He merely stepped up to the alter and looked down at the pearly white Moon Stone.

"Well, no use complaining anymore." Lucca sighed. "Let's just get it to Epoch and head back in to the End of Time."

Lucca strolled right by Magus and Frog, carrying the stone in her arms. She had no clue what kind of trouble that stone would bring her. Still smoldering from the previous battle, and upset at the realization that they'd have to buy a whole new cache of supplies, Lucca climbed into the cockpit of the ship. Frog and Magus joined her soon afterwards. Frog seemed to be too tired to speak, and Magus was just being quiet (not that that was a shock).


The trip was a short one. Epoch may not be the fastest thing in the sky (not after remember Dalton's Airship, at any rate) but it was certainly able to skip through time periods quick enough. After a short jump to the End of Time, the three worn-out time travelers jumped off of the flying machine and onto the short street corner that made up the end of the known universe.

"Hey! You guys are back!" Marle shouted. She was leaning against the light post, next to a sleeping Gaspar. The others weren't anywhere to be seen, but judging from the loud cries of battle from behind the old wooden door Lucca figured they were battling "The Master of War".

"Really? How'd you come by that amazing deduction?" Magus remarked as he swept past them all with a swish of his cape and made his way up towards the pillars of light. Magus usually spent his time on the other end of the street, but he was prone to go and stare at the gate portals from time to time. No one really understood why; nor did they want too.

For the most part, the gang just ignored the wizard. Crono didn't talk very much as it was, and he'd barley said a word to Magus. Marle and Lucca usually got into fights with him anytime they tried to speak with him; and Frog seemed on the verge of drawing Masamune and trying to smite him 24/7. Robo and Ayla were oblivious.

Marle ignored him and instead took to admiring the Moon Stone. Tomorrow they'd head for 65,000,000 B.C. and plant the stone in the cavern. It'd take millions of years for the stone to re-energize, but that was not a problem for them. Actually they could have the fully ready Sun Stone tonight if they wanted; but Lucca and Frog needed a good nights rest before doing anything else. And, judging by the sounds from the War Room; Crono and the others would need the same.

Once everyone had been assembled and a recount of the battle was given (Crono nearly fainted when he learned there were no Elixirs left; Spekkio had given him hell with a nasty fire magic.) they decided to completely their quest tomorrow. Soon everyone was asleep. Robo was leaning against the wall near Spekkio's door; while Frog was snuggled up in the charred remains of his cloak near the lamp post. Crono was resting by the Lavos trash can and Marle was leaning against him (Holding him a bit too tight for anyone to mistake her intentions). Lucca was sleeping in the cockpit of Epoch, deciding that it'd be more comfortable than the ground. Ayla was curled up like a cat at Gaspar's feet. (Some of the group was now convinced she was part feline, since she'd taken to hissing every time Gaspar tries to move her away).

Lucca hadn't cared about any of this. She was quite comfortable in Epoch. She'd wrapped her jacket around her helmet and created a pillow; it wasn't comfortable, but it was better than having her head on the emergency brake. Of course all good things eventually get ruined by evil wizards or something like that. And it was true. Not long after she'd fallen asleep, she heard the pitter patter of someone knocking on the large dome window. Finally opening her eyes and shoving her glasses into place she looked up to see Magus.

"What?" She called through the glass; her voice as faint as a ghost's shadow.

"Where is it?" Magus called back just as muffled.

"Where is what?" Lucca asked. It was like having a conversation underwater.

"The Moon Stone, stupid. Where'd you put it?"

Finally deciding that straining her ears wasn't worth this, she popped the dome open. Magus had to jump back to avoid being hit in the face and that didn't improve his mood.

"Why do you want the Moo-oo-ooon Stone?" Lucca asked during a large yawn.

"Hmm. Its freezing cold in this God-forsaken place. That stone has enough magic boil an ocean. I dunno, maybe I want to drill some holes in it and go bowling."

Lucca glared viciously at him. "It's not been charged. You know it won't keep you warm."

"No." Magus replied in a very snobbish manner. "I'm from Zeal. I've seen what it can do. So give it to me. Now."

The last word was said in such a cold, dangerous voice that Lucca grumbled and reached under the seat. She shoved the glowing pearl-like stone into Magus's arms and then promptly shut the lid of Epoch once again. Magus was on her bad side today because of the battle. Normally she just ignored him. Most of the gang did. Except for Frog who had to work hard to fight the urge to smite him. Still, Lucca wouldn't have shed any tears if Frog did unsheathe the Masamune one of these days. Especially since her favorite orange jacket was burnt beyond repair and she'd have to take it home to be fixed by her mother. This would require explaining where she'd been, and why her jacket was singed nearly in two. That would be a fun conversation. Gee ma', I'm traveling with Crono, the Princess, a robot from the future, a cavewoman, a talking frog-knight and the evil wizard who tried to destroy mankind 400 years ago so that we can save the future from a big mutant . . . turtle . . . thing.

Sighing, she turned over and went back to sleep.


Lucca awoke in the morning to the sounds of arguing. Not that this was unordinary. All of them were friends – except for Magus – but they were still stuck with each other. And everybody knows when that many people are stuck together for that long; arguments happen. However as she heard Frog screaming medieval curses and waving the Masamune around wildly she knew at once who had caused this quibble. Unwrapping her jacket from her helmet and putting it back on Lucca climbed out of Epoch. She quickly set her helmet on her head – the morning hair was worse than a Nu's snoring – and she set off down to the other side of the end of time. She gasped at what she saw.

Magus was lying, apparently still asleep, with his arms cross in front of him like a mummy. The Moon Stone was hanging above him basking the wizard in an unnatural silver light and, judging from their conversation last night, warmth. Everyone else was screaming at Magus loudly (even Crono, who rarely spoke) trying to tell him to wake up. Frog was jumping and waving the Masamune as he shouted threats; but Magus slumbered on. Or he pretended too – Lucca spotted the grin that was spread across his face.

One may be wondering why they didn't simply grab the stone form him. Of course, Magus was asleep. Just not on the floor. Magus was floating just above the top of Gaspar's street light. The wizard must have climbed all the way up there since to Lucca knowledge; he could only float so high once he left the ground. The inventor made her way over and the princess quickly noticed her.

"Oh Lucca!" She whined. "Do something! We've got to get him down! I thought about shooting him with my crossbow but Crono told me not too."

"We don't kill companions." Crono muttered. "That means you too, Frog."

Frog glared. He didn't sheathe the Masamune, though.

Lucca puffed a heavy sigh and walked back to the Epoch. She had an idea, and it was a very good one. Digging around under the back seat she found what she needed – her old Air Gun. Most of her companions sold their outdated weapons, but Lucca did not. She kept every one of her guns in Epoch in case she ever needed them. The one she had now was much too powerful for her purposes – she may injure Magus which would cause him to return the favor. Quickly Lucca walked back to the light post.

"Lucca, what are you doing?" Crono asked, eyeing the gun. Lucca was now aiming at Magus.

"Fixing things." She smirked. Magus yelped as the blast of charged air hit him in the back and sent him sprawling towards the ground. He stopped just inches above the ground, but he wore a bitter expression despite the lack of injury. Frog let out a victory call and Marle scooped up the Moon Stone. The others merely laughed and patted Lucca on the back. The Mystic King wasn't a playful guy – at least not when it was he being made a fool of.

Magus rose to his feet (which were now on the ground) and glared at Lucca as if he'd like nothing better than to transfigure her body into some hideous creature. Crono however, sensing danger, quickly broke into some heroic dialogue. "Well, now that that's over; let's go charge the stone!"

Crono, Marle and Lucca piled into Epoch and took off without another word. Frog had expressed his desires to come along, but Crono wanted Lucca away from Magus until his temper subsided. And he wasn't about to leave Marle there. He never left Marle at the End of Time. Well, only once. When they'd attacked Magus's castle. Lucca suspected that Crono had only left her because he thought this would be the horrible final battle and could be dangerous.

Lucca smiled at the thought. Some may think she'd be mad; since he only chose her over Marle when it was dangerous. If she asked him about it Crono would probably blush and mutter something about Lucca being able to take care of herself. And with her ego, Lucca would just laugh and accept it. Of course she knew the real reason. Everyone did. And ever since Crono had been brought back from the dead, he stopped trying to hide it. Lucca didn't mind. She was happy that Crono had found a good woman. Two years ago Lucca would have blasted Marle into dust for ever looking at Crono; but that time was long gone and so was her crush.

Lucca's thoughts were disrupted – as they usual were much to her dismay – by Epoch landing. They quickly exited the ship and made their way into the tropical cavern. Thankfully there were no monsters around to hinder their progress and they made good time getting the Sun Stone in place. Once they did they hurried off to Epoch and jumped ahead in time to 2300 A.D.

Still no monsters inhabited the cave and the group was even happier this time. The prospect of having the Sun Stone was making them walk twice as fast. Something about completing a quest always made Crono's mouth water. He loved this adventure stuff. But Crono and the girls soon received a nasty surprise. The stone was gone. Vanished without any clues. Crono kicked a rock, which of course caused his foot to hurt, and Marle pouted and whined.

"Don't worry, I've got an idea." Lucca smiled happily. "Let's just go get the others and have everyone search a different time period! If someone took the stone, we'll find it!"


So that was how she ended up flying Epoch with the entire group squashed behind her. Gaspar had failed to mention that with Epoch that whole three-people-rule was void. (That would have saved us a lot of time!) They had agreed on who would go where.

Ayla would be dropped off first. She'd find Kino and then search for the stone in 65,000,000 B.C. Robo would be in 2300 A.D. and search all of the domes and ruins for any sign of it. Marle and Crono would go to 1000 A.D. and look around. Frog would go to 600 A.D. and seek out aid from Queen Leene; while Magus went to 12,000 B.C. to check his own time. Lucca was going to stay in Epoch and fly to each time period periodically to check on results.

Of course that's not how it happened at all. Everyone else was dropped off just fine. It wasn't until only she and Magus remained that it happened. Magus removed his scythe from behind his cloak (he must use magic to hide it there, Lucca thought) and was using his finger to sharpen the blade. His finger, of course, was burning with fire magic so that it actually did sharpen it; rather than just cut him. Lucca had no problem with this as she began to set the dial for 12,000 B.C.

What she did have a problem with was that smile on Magus's face. It was a grin of revenge. Magus quickly pointed his finger away from the scythe and towards Lucca. Tiny flames jumped onto her neck and she leapt upwards very quickly while vocalizing a loud four-letter-word. She didn't even notice the dial moved just a hair past the "12,000" mark. Instead she turned around and glared at Magus.

"What the hell did you do that for!?" She snapped.

"Do what? I'm sorry, I must have dozed off." Magus replied with a sadistic smile. Lucca turned away from him with a huff and took off. Epoch shot forward at impressive speeds and all around them the hazy skies of 600 A.D. dissolved away into a vast field of white. Unfortunately that vast field of white was dampened in one spot where a large iron statue of a man with one hand raised to the sky was erected. Even more unfortunately; the statue was directly in front of Epoch.

Lucca screamed and turned the time machine as quickly as she could. It wasn't quick enough. If Dalton had been nice enough to give them just a bit more speed when he did his rework on their ship, they could have made it. Instead they tore off to the right just in time for their left wing to smash against the head of the statue. The wing tore off as easily as paper ripping and Epoch began to spin.

"If we survive this" Magus was snarling. "I'm going to kill you!"

Epoch was now spinning wildly and heading directly for a large cluster of brown beneath the white exterior of the planet. It was a village. Lucca saw her chance and took it. She pulled a lever on the side of her seat and the hood of Epoch shot open. Then she started unbuckling her seat belt.

"Insanity!" Magus screamed. "But what the hell, I can float."

Lucca dropped out of Epoch the second she let go of her seat belt. Magus dropped after her, although he floated down to the ground rather gracefully. Lucca fell fast, and landed hard. The white snow, now dyed with a red sauce she suspected to be her own blood, was the last thing she saw before closing her eyes.

---- ---- ---- ---- ----

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