Summary: A parallel between Chris' good and bad life, mainly from the perspective of his relationship with his grandfather. Does that make any sense? I hope so, if It doesn't better... so you read and find out...and please.. don't forget to review :) .


I guess, probably, the first memory Chris has of me, is on his fourth birthday.

I mean, not that I haven't seen him before that, but I moved to New York when he was barely three month old. And even though, Paige always offered to orbed me back and forth whenever I wanted, I didn't really like orbing back then, and I always felt they had too many problems to deal in that house, and I was one more innocent to save if I stayed there. More a burden than help.

Or maybe, I was just being me, anyways.. I did talk to the guys on the phone. A lot actually, Chris loved to talk to me, with his tiny three year old voice that could handle a better vocabulary than an encyclopedia. That kid was amazing! And the way he could always made me laugh.. I loved it.

I was shocked that the little guy would always wanted to talk to me for so long, longer than my own daughters. Piper said that it was cuz he needed a father figure. It probably was, or maybe we already had this special bond since always.. you know this people you have this weird connection since the second you meet them, and you can't quite figure out why? Well, that was always me and Chris, despite the HUGE age difference.

Piper said Chris felt his dad played favorites, let me tell you, if that girl thinks that that was just how Chris FELT, she was deluding herself. My not-my-favorite son in law was barely around for his kids, but when he was... He would always pay much more attention to Wyatt. Piper kept on saying that it was because Wyatt had been kidnapped when Chris was born and Leo was scared and felt guilty, cuz he was suppose to be watching him when that happened, but got called for an emergency meeting "up there" (wherever that is!) and he left Wyatt in magic school. And then he was kidnapped. Not only that, but this guy that was suppose to be Leo's mentor and was in charge of magic school, quit the day after that, no reason.. never to be seen; or cuz Wyatt was the twice blessed and the heir of Excalibur and he needed more training (whatever that means.. and however that helped in avoiding him to become the rule of all evil); or because Leo was working, but how ever you want to disguise it, Leo was never around for Chris.

Back to the day when I really met Chris. So, I had move back to San Fran a few weeks before and it was Chris' birthday. I finally got to the house.

-"DAD!" Said Piper glad to see me.

And then I saw my grandsons, I couldn't understand how Leo could ignore two wonders like that. I know every grandparent in the world say their grandsons are the cutest. But trust me...Mine WERE the cutest.

With a smile from ear to ear, the most prefect and vivacious four year old run to hug me.

His hair was light brown and his green eyes, were almost bigger than his face, except for his green eyes, he looked exactly like my adorable daughter.

-"GRANDPA" Chris hugged my leg strongly and I felt the urge to pick him up. You would have too, I tell you, this kid was adorable.

-"You have grown so much bigger since the last time I saw you"

-"It's cuz I am FOUR now grandpa.. And you know what?? Mommy told me that daddy is going to come today, to play with me... for my birthday...isn't that great?"

And then I understood the big smile, and it didn't make me happy.

-"yeah kiddo, that's great! Here, your present"

-"WOOW this is big.. can I open it mommy, please??"

When Chris saw his blue truck, he was jumping up and down with happiness, he ran to show it to Wyatt.

After a while my other grandson came, don't let the stories of Wyatt confuse you. Wyatt wasn't born evil, he wasn't even always evil. At the beginning he was a great boy and a fabulous brother, Wyatt always loved Chris, and Chris always loved Wyatt. I think that is why it was so hard for Chris when Wyatt turned evil, cuz deep inside.. he still loved him. That is why he had to go to the past. Cuz he couldn't hurt his brother. Because till the last second of Chris' life, he loved Wyatt. And despite what you might think, till the last second of Wyatt's life, he loved Chris, in a twisted awful way, yes, but that was the only way Wyatt knew how to love, at the end.

Anyways, back to the birthday. Wyatt came to me, he was a lot shyer than Chris, and he didn't trust people easily, I guess being kidnapped when he was 1 ½ old, for like 6 month, didn't really helped in that department. I was a stranger, and for shy Wyatt, to come to me like he did, meant a real effort.

-"Grandpa, can I ask you a favor?" He asked bashfully

-"Sure honey, what is it?"

-"Chris is waiting for dad, but dad always hurts Chris, either he doesn't come, or he icknore him when he does"

-"Ignore him?"

-"yeah, that... so, if that happens.. can you go and play with him, you and him alone and pay attention to him? He is going to act like he doesn't care, he might be even a little mean to you, but that is just cuz he is hurt. Can you please, please do that? Chris really likes you, he always wants to talk to you on the phone and ask mommy to call you. Please?"

I couldn't help smiling at my sweet grandson's request, I hugged him and kissed him.

-"Sure, will do kiddo, you are a great brother!"

-"This will be our little secret?"


So now.. if you come to think about it, I owe my whole relationship with Chris to Wyatt.

Are you betting the asshole didn't show?Yeah, you wish!

He did show, two seconds and a half before we blew the candles. Chris was so happy.. he went and sit beside him and put Wyatt on his lap.. for crying out loud put the BIRTHDAY BOY on your lap you dumbass.. but well...everybody but Leo seemed to notice Chris' unhappy face as he blew the candles.

Seconds after the conversation was something like

-"So Wy, tell me, how is first grade going? Is it hard? Are you having good grades?"

-"Yes Dad, I am learning how to spell Wyatt and Chris and Mommy and Daddy"

-"My teacher says I am doing really good too, Daddy" Said Chris Proudly.

-"of course you are doing sweetie, everybody does good in kindergarten"

Chris smile faded.

Don't get my wrong, my son in law didn't mean to hurt him, he wasn't a mean man, he was an angel for crying out loud. But he just was... plainly stupid.. or at least he was really dumb when it came to parenting Chris.

Chris run away to play with his toys, hurt. To my surprise and delight, of all the new toys he had, he picked my truck. And I took that as a sign, that it was my key to keep my promise to Wyatt.

-"Hey kiddo, so you liked my truck?"

-"yes grandpa.. is the best" He said lifeless, no vestiges of the vivacious boy I met a couple of hours before.

-"Can I play too?" I asked picking him up and sitting him on my lap.

-"sure" he said a little bit more cheerful.

-"You know you are my special boy, right?"

-"No grandpa.. Wy is the special boy, I am just Chris"

My heart sank when I heard those words from my precious four year old grandson.

-"No, you are MY special boy"

-"really?" He lighten up, his huge eyes went even bigger and sparkle with an unknown happiness.. and I felt even sadder.

-"Of course you are.. I have an idea, what do you say if you come to have dinner with me on Thursday night, a boys night, just you and me?"

-"Just you and me?"

-"Yes, unless you want to bring somebody else"

-"No grandpa... I want to have a boys night just you and me... promise??"

-"Sounds like a plan kiddo"

It's funny, after that, Thursday night was our night. For years and years, even when I was in the hospital, Chris would come every Thursday night with dinner.

I didn't know whether I should post the good life and the bad life in the same chapter on make one chapter of a bad life and one of the good one, please let me know what you think it's best. Right now, I'll post it like this, cuz the good life is still in my head and not in my computer.