Author's note: Hey, everybody! This is my first fic, so I hope you like it!!! (Keep in mind that I started writing this before I finished the game) Happy reading! Anime17

Kingdom Hearts: Return of the Heartless

Chap. 1 Everyday Life

Sora, Kairi, and Riku's island was finally back to the way it was, all the worlds had been rejuvenated with life, and the heartless beings had been destroyed. Or, so everyone thought...A new journey was about to begin....

"You'll never be able to beat us, Kairi. Remember last time? We left you in the dust," Riku told her.

"Well, now I'm sixteen. I'm probably a lot faster than you think."

Riku called to Sora, who was sitting on the bridge.

"Sora! Come here! Kairi wants to race!"

"What? She doesn't have a chance!"

"I heard that!" Kairi had been listening.

"Well, it's true," said Sora when he came by them.

"So, how many times around the island this time?"

"Two," Kairi answered confidentally.

Sora was surprised, "Sure you can do it?"

"Of course...On your marks..."

Everyone was in position.

"Get set.......GO!!!"

Sora and Riku were already ahead of Kairi after the first time around.

"She knows she won't catch up," Riku told Sora.

"Don't be so sure," Sora glanced over his shoulder, "She's not far behind."

"Huh?" Riku looked behind and saw Kairi only a few feet away, "...She has gotten faster!"

"Hey, guys!" yelled Kairi, "Ready to give up?"

"Not a chance!" Sora exclaimed.

A couple minutes later, the finish line was in sight, and Kairi was still close.

"Looks like we'll still beat her," knew Riku.

Just then, out of nowhere, Kairi was running next to them.

"What!" Riku didn't want to lose to a girl.

"See ya!" Kairi barely got in front and won with Riku and Sora only a foot away.

"Told you so," she bragged.

Riku sighed, "You got lucky."

"Maybe she's been practicing," thought Sora, "We haven't raced in a while."

Kairi smiled, "That's true...We Should race again tomorrow!"

"NO!!!" Sora and Riku shouted in unison and walked away.

Kairi asked, "What?...C'mon, guys!"

"I love being on vacation," Goofy told Donald.

"You know it," he agreed.

They had flown to Hawaii (in the Lilo and Stich world) on their gummi ship for a week-long break.

"Yep. This is the life," Goofy lie back in his chair.

"No duties to do, no orders...Aaaaah!" Something stood in front of him, staring.

"Ish ta meesstah..."

Donald was puzzled, "Excuse me?"

"Nana creeshta!"

"Who are you?"

"My name Stich."

"Stich! Where are you?" a little girl called out.

Stich pointed to her, " Ohana."

"There you are!" Lilo exclaimed, "Why are you bothering these people?...I mean duck and...something else."

"Oh, he's not bothering us," said Goofy.

"Yes he is!" disagreed Donald.

"C'mon, Stich!" Lilo ordered, "Let's go."


"We need to give Pudge a peanut butter sandwich. fish?"

"Fish?" Donald questioned.

"Hurry!!! I'll be late for hula class again!" Lilo pulled Stich in another direction.

"Who was that?" thought Goofy.

Donald corrected him, "Don't you mean what was that?"

"Uh, I guess."

"Goofy...what time is it?"

"My watch says 1:30. Why you askin'?"

"Isn't it a little dark for the afternoon? The sky was brighter than this two minutes ago."

"Huh?" Goofy looked up.

Just then, the sky turned into black in only a matter of seconds.

"Something's going on," Donald knew, "Something wrong."

"Let's get back on the gummi ship. Maybe we can find out..."

Author's note: Well, that's my first chapter. I know, it was a little boring, but it's just the introduction. The best is yet to come! I'll get the next chapter up ASAP :)