Extended Family

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Leaving Home and Parting Gifts

Ranma sat on a rock in the woods. As he looked around he remembered this place from his fight with Ryouga when he, Ryouga, first learned the breaking point. The crater filled landscape was perfect for finding solitude. It was far enough always from Nermia for him to be alone, but close enough for him to run back without anyone really noticing he was gone for long periods of time. Plus even if someone came out here there were enough holes, caves, and other places to hide, from Ryouga blowing things up, for no one to find him.

After the Phoenix Mountain Battle, life had gone to hell for Ranma. He had declared his love for Akane, he still thought that was caused by either to many shoots to the head, a brilliant strategy to completely throw every one there off guard including himself, or the Amazons had drugged him during the wedding and the potion was starting to take affect, but anyway after that his other fiancés had begun to try even harder to get him. Their new tactics involved twice the potions, glomps , and other things that got him into trouble, beaten, or otherwise not happy at all. The worst was Akane though she started to act like she owned him giving him orders and trying to change him into her perfect "mate". That was what he though at least until him went into here room one day to get her for dinner and discovered a few interesting items. Like a collar which he would have assumed was P-Chan's if it wasn't for two tiny details one it was to big and the other was that it had a name tag on it that said "Ranma property of Akane" on it. To top it all off were a few magazines and books like "How to Bend Men to Your Will", "Being a Mistress for Dummies", and a few other books but the thing that scared him the most was a few magazines called "THE BOND". The covers plus the few whips, chains, and other instruments of torture he found were enough to make him run out of the room trying not to scream in abject terror.

The others of the NWC, The Nermia Wrecking Crew, were just as bad as his fiancés. Mouse, Kuno, and Ryouga were now attacking in groups and his other rivals, like Taro, seemed to show up at the worst possible moments in these fights. He thought it was all just his bad luck; well until he saw Mouse and Kuno talking and decided to follow them. If nothing else he wanted to watch the blind lead the idiotic around a bit. What he discovered was one of the most screwed up things he had ever seen. Inside a warehouse he found all of his enemies, rivals, and every other male that every caused him trouble on a regular basis. He was starting to think it couldn't have got any weirder when Kuno stood up on a platform and declared the meeting of the Crusaders Against Ranma, C.A.R, had begun.

He though these people were weird before and that he just had bad luck or was cursed. However it turned out that his enemies had organized and were out to get him for stealing "their" women, he was in the way or something, they just wanted him to suffer, or they had nothing to do in there life and were bored. Ranma though that was the worst of it but the idiots seemed to worship blunt objects like mallets and the other objects that the local female martial artist used.

Now he was just pain creped out every time he saw one of them. Somehow Kuno had found and organized the group to fight the Evil Sorcerer. He still wondered how the hell anyone joined a group where Kuno was the leader. The Fathers were at an all time low they seem to think that because of what he said at Phoenix Mountain that he had already agreed to be married and would ambush him at least once a day. It got to the point that the priest was on speed dial and had his own room at the house. His mother was worst of the lot though. She loved honor more than her family, which he might have understood sense that was all she had for so long, but when she ignored everyone else honor but demanded his to be prefect and was ready to kill him for that. That and her ideas were really starting to creep him out and were against his believes but she still demanded he follow them. He might have done it all for her if she showed him a little love but all he got was more demands and death threats. Nabiki and Kasumi were almost as bad in there own ways. Nabiki apparently believed like Akane and though that Akane owned him and that gave HER the right to order him around to she had started to treat him like a slave and if he tried to resist she'd call Akane and say that he was doing something perverted and he would be malleted, no questions asked no quarter given. The mallet ride usually led to a parade around Nermia with Ranma in front and everybody chasing him. Kasumi was just torture to be around now. Her bright and cheerful smile while she stitched him up telling him that Akane was a sweet girl and that everything would be alright. He was starting to think that she got her jollies on seeing him suffer because he finally notice that almost every time he was in trouble she was around watching with the cheerful smile of Satan on her face. Not seeming to care about him but worried about everyone else. She did bandage him up after but that was usually with a lecture nowadays with how HE should be more careful and not fight innocents and in short everything was his fault.

That was what it came down to almost every single person in Nermia now seemed to think that it was ok for them to blame him for all their problems and shortcomings. Hell they didn't even seem to care that he could nuke the damn place if he wanted to. He had gotten a lot stronger after his battle with the demi-god but he could not actually go all out on his rivals and other assorted people he wanted to beat to a bloodily pulp because he did not want to deal with the backlash. Everyone one saw him as a hero, a honorable person, or a nice/good guy and if he did something out of THIER view of him they would crack down on him and force him to return to there normal never his. They would make him seem evil and wrong and he did not want to deal with that.

Ranma felt like there were two of him the one that every on saw and subjugated and the true him. That was mainly impart to the letters he had in his hands and the ones he had received all his life. The letter was from his Aunt the only real family that he felt he had in the world. The relation was in terms of blood very distant but that didn't matter to him or to his Aunt. She was a foreigner, the relation went back to when trade from the west was brought to Japan. It was a classical romance the foreign man falls in love with a local girl and against all odds come together. The man was the brother of the grandfather of his Aunt so they were very distant relations but to Ranma that didn't matter she was the only one to listen to him and give him a choice he had ever met. He could honestly say that he loved her.

He was lucky that he even knew that she existed let alone keeps in contact with and find acceptance in her. Ranma sometimes thought that she was his guardian angel sent to watch him and was blessed at least in one aspect of his life. She had lost her family at an early age and went looking in her family records to see if see had any family left and she had found a distance relation in Japan. His Aunt had come to Japan and contacted her family she had discovered his mother and father and a baby Ranma. After the first visit she made one every year. His parents resented her but could not turn away family or at least to his mother that was the answer he had no idea about his father. He growing up grew to love his Aunt. He'd lost contact with her for the first year of his training trip but a letter found its way to him and he responded with the help of the postmen telling every thing about his life and feelings. That was how he grew up the only real place of comfort he had was his Aunt. You may wonder why he did mail his mother well that was very simple Genma told him not to but he said nothing about his Aunt.

While reading his newest letter Ranma pulled out a cigarette from the small box next to him and smiled. When his Aunt had received letters form him that were almost unreadable from his hands shaking so badly she had started to send his cigarettes to calm him. At first Ranma was shocked and though he would never use them. That lasted till that night when he had had a 50 mile race around Nermia with him being the prize and being beaten on by the entire NWC. Ranma went up to his roof and stared at the case of cigarettes for about a minute before he broke the seal and pulled one out. It was a brown hand wrapped cigarette and looked like I cost a lot of money. He lit it with a spark of ki and took a puff. He stated coughing but after about the 5 draw he had settled down and decided his Aunt was the best person on earth for giving them to him (Side note Ranma may smoke but he only dose it for three reasons, stress, to make a dramatic entrance, and nervousness).

If the people of Nermia ever discovered he true Ranma they would be in for the shock of there lives. The real Ranma had a lot of similar characteristics that the Nermia brand Ranma had. He was honorable to the point off obsession, kind, caring, loved martial arts, and was a basically a nice guy… that's where the similarities ended. The real Ranma had no problems with killing if he was protecting something, Phoenix Mountain demonstrated that quiet clearly, and was not afraid to hit girls. His Aunt had stressed this points when she wrote to him and after asking various dojo masters who agreed, Ranma took those views to heart, well when not around Genma. The real Ranma was also different in that he loved to read and learn… that was one thing Ranma always wondered about with the NWC they saw him master techniques that take years in a matter of hours or days and yet they somehow thought that he was an idiot, ignorant maybe but stupid how did they ever buy that. No matter the situation he found a way out and yet he was thought of as a mindless jock, he would never understand how they missed the one flaw in his mask. The true Ranma also had no trouble speaking his mind and speaking to the fairer sex (for you uncultured readers out there, women) but after being mosleted almost daily he was starting to develop problems. The most major difference however was the core of the Nermia Ranma's personality his pride was greatly lessen in his true self. Oh he still though a lot of himself but he knew when to retreat, how to ask for help, and he accepted that there were people out there who were better than him at things. On that note Ranma also had no problems using weapon even modern ones. Actually Ranma was fascinated by firearms and realized how useful they could be but he also did not rely on them, they were a useful tool. His Aunt had been the one to get him interested in firearms. Once in a while Ranma would sneak out to the police station and the officers would let him practice with his guns.

To explain after expressing an interest in firearms his Aunt would send him manuals and artificial guns to "play" with but after settling in Nermia she had actually somehow got him permission to have firearms and practice at the Nermia police station, which the police had on problem with because Ranma keep crime in the area next to zero and saved lives to they let him practice and kept it secret. Thanks to Mouse's hidden weapons technique no one ever found his guns, ammo, and permits. He sometimes wondered about the bullets seeming to be silver but he always just thought they were painted to look cool. Why in the hell would he need silver bullets? (hehehehe if you haven't guessed where this going by now you need help).

Ranma after reminiscing about his life finally got to reading the his letter…

Dear Ranma

I hope that this letter finds you in good health. First I would like to wish you a happy 18th birthday. – Ranma smiled sadly she was the only one to remember it, no one else cared that yesterday was his 18th birthday - Now that you are a legal adult I would like to give you a present that I have been waiting to give you seen you started that blasted training trip. Ranma inside the box there is a ticket to London you will also find a passport for both your male and female forms. – Ranma smirks he remembered that it actually took him video taping the change to get her to accept it and after she got the tape the next letter was mainly comprised of death threats to Genma and reassurance for him, from that point on his Aunt believed whatever he wrote in his letters wholeheartedly - I know that I will see you soon if nothing else a short visit to see each other in person for a time, but you are welcome to stay with me. Also included in the box is a good sum of English currency make use of it on your way to my estate. The ticket is for tomorrow afternoon I can't wait to see you.


Your Aunt.

Ranma looked down at the short letter in his hands and smile an alone tear of pure joy slide down his face and onto the letter. He was going to England he was going to see his Aunt, Integra Wingates Hellsing.

Ranma sprang up and started to dance for joy he was finally getting out of this hell hole that was called Nermia. Suddenly and thought struck him he got and evil smirk on his face, 'It would be rude to leave suddenly and not give them something to remember me by' ,Oh another dereference between the Ranmas was that the true one knew how to hold a grudge and was not above revenge. Its amazing how years of abuse can give a person a nice vengeance streak. Luckily no one was around or they would have run always in terror at the evil laugh that echoed around the area.

After returning to Nermia in the dead of night Ranma began his quest. First stop, after picking up various prank necessities, was the Cat Café and to the amazons store of magical knickknacks 'Lets see how everyone else likes to be on the receiving end of this shit'. It was around midnight that Ranma struck. He used the Shooting Star Defense Advanced (Ranma fixed the original by using the Soul of Ice to lower his body temperature so no one could feel his aura, a small amount of ki on the soles feet to not make a sound and not leave a trace of passing, and a small amount of ki around him to stop the air around him to stop it from moving and stopping his scent.) to get to all of the magical goodies. 'Lets see what we got' though Ranma, he had "liberated" basically some amount of every spice, potion, or other drug that the amazons ever used on him, some packets of instant Jusenkyo with various springs, some water proof soap, the reversal gem, some formula 411, and a potion of truth. Amazingly the amazons labeled all there magic gear. He had no idea what some of the other stuff did even with the names labeled on them and with his luck with magic he had NO intention of messing with them and some of it just sounded very messy and just really screwed up.

Ranma went up to the living quarters of the Café and hit the sleep point on all of the people there; next he gave everyone some truth potion. Then he found Mousse robes and put some stink bombs, super glue, and various other implements that make sure that the next time he tried to fight he would be ruined. Next Ranma heated and bent all of Mousse's glass lens so that he couldn't see no matter what. Shampoo was next, he got a permeate marker and wrote bimbo on her forehead and then colored her head ten different colors using permeate ink and used formula 411 to make her forget about her curse. Last was the old ghoul, first he shaved her bald, cut her walking sticks so that they would break when she next got on it, and finally got some instant spring of drown man and used it on her. Then Ranma used the water prove soap to make the affect of the water stick for a while. Last the cats tough pressure point, after he was done he suddenly noticed that she look like Happi now that she was bald and male 'ooooo this was perfect'.

Next on his hit list was the Kunos. Again sleep points and truth potion all around. First was the brother he put the reversal gem on his back using super glue. Next was the sister first he turned off her voice box using a pressure point so no one would be subject to that laugh for some time at least and then some instant spring of drowned man and more water proof soap. Last was the father of the insane family. He cut off his palm tree, shaved him bald, 'Lets see how he likes it' though Ranma, and scribbled insults all over his head and hung him upside down over Mr. Turtle's pond.

Next was Ukyou and then the usual by now sleep point and truth potion set up. He no matter how much he wanted to couldn't do any long lasting to his first friend but that didn't stop him from getting some revenge. First he wrote betrayer on her forehead, he bent or weakened all of her spatulas so that when she next used them they would break, put glue on her flour bombs, put fake temperature knobs on all of her ovens and stove, and put stink bombs with time fuses throughout the restaurant. 'These pranks might be childish but they will give back some of the pain and chaos they brought to my life' though Ranma ' and no matter how much I want to hurt them the chaos and in fighting this stuff will cause will cover for me went I leave tomorrow… plus it will be fun to watch'. On his way to the next target he stopped by that evil ladle lady's house and destroyed her ladle and smashed her bucket and wrote a message on her wall that is she ever washed her walk again he would come back here and shove her ladle down her throat and a few other messages with the same sentiment.

Last on his mission of mischief was the Tendo Dojo. To start was the usual treatment. Then he visited the kitchen. He took all of Kasumi's spices, oils, and other cooking ingredients and mixed them with the spices and potions he got form the amazons 'Meal times at the Tendo's will now be even more interesting hehe'. Then he moved on to the old pervert. He burned all of his silkily darlings and replaced them with Soun's and Genma's dirty under garments and filled his pipe with their shredder underwear. Then as a final blow he made him as weak as a baby, with a pressure point like the one Happi used on Ranma, and covered his bombs in glue. Next was the panda and Nodoka. He took Nodoka's blade and ground it down to the size and sharpens of a butter knife. For Genma he locked his jaw close, used about ten different instant spring packets on him, some water proof soap, colored his fur different colors, and the cat's tough pressure point. Soun was up to bat next he got a Mohawk, his mustache now had all the colors of the rainbow, and burned the damned shoji board. The daughters were next. First was Kasumi…. 'What the hell am I going to do to her I mean I not happy with her but its Kasumi for gods sake… o the hell with it' he walked up to her and wrote clueless on her forehead. Next was Nabiki 'Now we're talking I have no problem with this… now what to do to her, so many choices so little time'. To start bitch was written on her forehead, next he got out the mushroom that makes people obey a command and gave her some "Now whenever some one says Nabiki you will tell and embarrassing secret about yourself" (note I think this would work because it is a subconscious thing and the person effected cant stop them self form carrying out the command so it should work in her sleep), he put a virus he got for the computer club in her computer, took some reveling pictures of her which he would later spread around in school, destroyed all of the pictures of him, or her depending on the photo, and covered all her cloths in itching powder. Last on the grand tour of not niceness was Akane, also know as the Evil Bitch of Satan which he promptly wrote on her forehead. 'Oh and look P-Chan had returned to her, perfect. The pig first mmmm what to do?' He first got out some of the various torture implements for the room changed him back to male hung him up over the bed, put a ball gag in his mouth, wrote bastard on his forehead and I'm P-Chan on his chest, covered him in itching powder, hit the same pressure point he used on Happi, and burned his backpack and all his stuff. 'Now for Akane, hmmm turning her male is such a obvious choice lets try something more creative hmmm I wonder…' he took the last packet of spring of drowned man and mixed a small potion of it and poured a even smaller amount on her crotch and chest… 'Well it worked lets see whose perverted now Akane the she male MWHAHA'. Again water proof soap, cut the top off of one of her mallets and put it in her bed, gave her a buzz cut, and hit a passion point on her body.

Ranma undid the sleep point on Kasumi and went to sit on the roof with the Shooting Star Defense Advanced still in effect. 'Kasumi should be making breakfast now with her new ingredients and by the time she is done the sleep points should be wearing off. Ahhh what a beautiful sun rise'. We pan out to a shoot over looking Nermia and all seems right with the world well until we hear some explosions and screams echoing all over Nermia. 'Show time'

End CH 1

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