She showed up. I didn't think she would, after the way I had treated her the other day. I told her that I was in it for her body and not her personality. But I guess she was fine with that, as she showed up in the waiting room at ten o'clock like I had invited her to.

"I thought you weren't going to show?" I asked.

"Well, I love you... and I thought this may be the best way to let you know..."

I let out a sigh of relief. 'If that is the case, I may be able to do this with her more often,' my dirtier side informed me. "Well then, shall we get started?"

My body tingled with excitement as the impact of what was happening struck me. I was going to deflower her, that beautiful |- block I had longed for for so long. She looked a bit confused, having never done anything like this before, so I helped by undressing her. Staring at her colorless, naked pixels, I discovered what true beauty was. No wonder the ancient Greeks loved gazing at the 8-bit Venus in the nude!

I unbuttoned the blue pixel I had on my lower half and instructed her on the ways of foreplay. As her top pixel met my bottom pixel, I let out an ecstatic sigh. Such pleasure I had never experienced in my life. I didn't want the experience to be one-sided, so I let her stop and I touched her bottom pixel for a bit. She grunted a few times and made comments on how she was sorry she hadn't done this sooner.

It was time. As bottom pixel met bottom pixel, we both moaned in delight. We were in love as Romeo and Juliet were, and nothing could tear us apart. When the deed was done, we were both satisfied for the moment, yet also hungered for more.

"Let's do this again soon," she said.

"How about tomorrow?" I asked.


'Success!' I thought to myself. Going over the night's events and thinking of what tomorrow's would be like, I couldn't wait until we met again. The next night arrived, and we both immediately stripped out of our colors and began to get closer to each other. As we were about to touch, we were startled by a noise.

"You there!" announced the Conductor. "It's a night shift tonight. |- block, you're needed right away!"

"But..." she started.

"No buts. Get out there now!"

She left very embarrased, being naked, and entered into the field, falling steadily to help the rest of the night's comrades. I watched as she was covered up by another piece, waving goodbye as long as I could.

"Get out, you're not needed," the Conductor ordered me.

Reluctantly, I left the scene. When a block is put into play, it has a low chance of getting back. If it is helpful enough, it will be set free. But only | blocks usually have that priviledge. I had never seen a |- make it out. I could only hope that my |- would be useful enough to escape the claws of banishment into nothingness.

I sat around outside the arena waiting impatiently, pacing back and forth, for the match to end. After ages, Game Over had finally taken place. The list of blocks that had been of use was posted. I scanned the list. I looked it over twice. I checked a third and final time. She did not make it.

I felt a sharp pain in my middle pixel that threw me to the ground. I felt sick. Because of me, my sweet |- had been lost. Because of my lust, the beautiful block had been banished. I had nothing more to live for; I was a wanted criminal in my own mind. I could not escape the guilt I had put upon myself.

I grabbed a nearby color coat and wrapped it around my head. This was the only thing I could do. There was no way out. I tightened the coat. I had to do this. My love would not want me alive after this. I pulled the coat around my top pixel with all my strength. The pain was proper punishment. The lack of air was sufficient. My self-made jail was through. I fell to the ground, dead.