So I feel kind of bad about leaving this story for so long, but the truth is that I don't really like it anymore. I was a much different person when I wrote it. But so many of you seem to love this story, and new people keep reviewing everyday, that I decided I'd give it one more shot and try to finish it. Unfortunately I forgot what I was aiming for, but I'm sure I can think something up. It's a little on the short side, but at least it's something. So without further ado, I give you chapter 10 of Smile.


Consciousness slowly returns to me in the middle of the night. Fire is a blessing, burning the toxins from my blood. Potions only work half as well, if not less on a fire elemental, unless taken completely willingly. Silently I sit up and swing my feet out from under the blankets and onto the floor. I scowl at the hospital pajamas they changed me into. I send out my magic, casting a sleeping spell over everyone in the vicinity before slipping out of the infirmary.

"Forgiveness." I hiss sarcastically at the pink cow before slipping into the Gryffindor Common room. All that red gets really annoying after a while. I scowl at it and slip into my bed, changing into some black sweat pants and setting the hospital clothes on fire. I fall blissfully back into unconsciousness.

It's a long time until I wake up again - nearly noon. I sigh and bury myself under the blankets. I don't want to get up. I dreamt while I slept, dreaming up old memories. Memories from just before Azkaban, when I was being dragged off wounded and confused. They didn't even listen to me dammit!

The looks on everyone's faces. They were so angry, so furious, they wouldn't listen to reason. The Weasley's looked so betrayed, so mad. Ron turned his back on me as I pleaded with him to listen, to believe me. Hermione was sobbing, repeating the words 'how could you?!' over and over. Cedric's mum walked right up and slapped me, splitting my lip. I'm sure his father would have killed me had some of the teachers not been restraining him.

As I continue to remember the events leading up to my imprisonment, the air in the room begins to crackle with energy. I need something to take my anger out on. With a smile I remember something Bumblefuck told me when we were leaving Azkaban. Wormtail had been captured. He's most likely in Azkaban right now.

With an evil smile I get up, summoning clothing and jewelry to myself. I get dressed quickly, throwing a heavy cloak with a deep hood that hides my face over my clothing. I stalk through the halls of Hogwarts and to the one-eyed humpbacked witch. Man is that one messed up person. Only one eye and a hump?

Pulling myself back to the present and the angry energy still pulsating around me, I break the block and rush through the passage and out into Hogsmeade. With a flash of fire I apparate from an alleyway. It's impossible to apparate directly into Azkaban, but I do it anyway. I cast the patronus charm and a tracking spell and quickly make my way to Wormtail's cell, once more changing back into my Scorch look.

The next week a murmur runs through the hall as the Daily Prophet is delivered. The headlines read 'Convicted Death Eater Found Tortured To Death In Cell.' I smirk as McGonagall gasps and the students say he deserved it. I close my eyes and reminisce. I can still remember his screams perfectly. He deserved every last curse times ten for what he did to my parents.

I skip class for the rest of the day, no need to bore myself to death. I go out for a walk around the grounds for most of the day actually, sneaking into the forbidden forest for a few hours. I kind of like the atmosphere in there. Dark. Creepy. Kinda like me. I decide food might be a nice thing to have today as my stomach growls angrily at me, and make a brief appearance at dinner before finding myself back in Snape's rooms. There are new wards around his alcohol cabinet. I spend all of three minutes breaking them, only to find that he's moved it all. Bastard.

"Potter, what an unpleasant surprise." Snape sneers as he enters the room.

"I know, isn't it?" I ask with a sickening smile. He starts twitching in anger again.

"Just ask what you want to know and get out. You shouldn't be in my private rooms anyway, it's against the rules."

"Since when have I ever cared about rules?" I ask.

"Never, apparently." Snape sneers. I grin and wander around his rooms for a bit longer, wondering what's become of the alcohol.

"What is your purpose here, Potter?" Snape snarls.

"To annoy you?" I ask, wondering if that answer will please him.

"Job done, you can leave now." He says, pointing to the door.

"Well you're just a big old sourpuss, aren't you? How did Voldy take the news of Wormy?" I ask. Snape rolls his eyes but figures out the names eventually.

"Ecstatically. He wants me to try to recruit you to his side." Snape informs me in a deadpan. I can't help but laugh at that one. I can tell my laughter unnerves Twitchy a bit, which means it's probably quite hysterical and would scare most students here. Good. Then an idea begins to form in my mind.

"Tell ol' Voldy that I'll consider his offer."

"You must have a few more screws loose than we initially thought, Potter. You cannot seriously be considering this!" Snape hisses.

"Don't get you knickers in a twist Snape. I have a plan. If I can get him to meet with me thinking I want to join him, his guard will be down and I can stab him in the back, so to speak. Or I could do it literally if he turned his back to me. I'm sure I have a knife around somewhere..."

"You're rambling, Potter." Snape cuts me off.

"So? I guess if you're not going to tell me where you hid your booze, I'll just go finish my plans. Sleep tight, I hope the bed bugs bite!" I say cheerfully, gaining a dark scowl from Twitchy before I exit his rooms. I can hear his sigh of relief just before I close the doors. I have a lot of planning to do. Perhaps a letter to old Moldy Shorts himself?