Twilight Knights Chapter 1.

Faith stepped in between her husband and her father as a Harry Tasker let loose with a right-cross that was intended to take Xander's head clean off his head.

Xander saw it to using the skills imparted to him by his Halloween costume and the newly gained slayer reflexes and powers using the flat of his hand Xander stopped the killer cross from connecting with his head and even as he did Harry failed to see the left hook that took him off his feet that his little girl had thrown. As Helen and Gibb ran to help the fallen Harry. Faith spoke to her downed father.

"Daddy I am saying this only once and this goes for all of you Mom Uncle Gibb and you too Uncle Spence if anyone of you tries to hurt or do anything to my Xander I will break you in half."

"Dana what are you saying?" asked Helen as she tended to her fallen husband.

"It means mother that I grew up after you and dad disappeared 5 years ago, I'm a married woman now married by God herself so deal with it and stay away from me and my husband." Faith ran into Giles office as tears started to fall Xander ran after his bride trying to calm her down.

"What the hell is going on here?" asked Harry as he rubbed his jaw.

"Well sir you are in Sunnydale California and you have caught us at kind of a weird time you see."

Giles froze as he was spun around by a pissed off Buffy

"Giles what happened to mine and Willow's powers." Buffy shrieked.

A cough caused them all to turn to see a man with wings and armor standing at the door.

"I'm Loki I'm looking for Xander and Faith Harris." Spoke the winged man.