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The promise of a storm hung in the air. Not a small shower that still alowed you to walk to school, without the fear of

drowning, but this day ensured a real storm.

The clouds were dark. So dark, that if you looked out the window, you might have thought that your alarm clock had broken, and youd slept the day away, and part of the night.

None of this mattered to Cindy. It was Monday. It was also 6:50 in the morning, which was ten minutes earlier than when she usually got up.

The only reason that Cindy was seated in her large, white kitchen so early was because her mother had shaken her awake, claiming to have important news.

Cindy rubbed the sleep from her eyes and waited for her farther to set her breakfast in front of her.

Cindy picked up her fork as her mother and father sat down with her at the table.

"we've got some news, honey" said her father, setting down his coffee cup.

"good or bad news" asked Cindy

"well, its good in a way................" said Mr. Vortex

"Cynthia what your father is trying to say, is that.........." started her mother but cindy intterupted.

"are you guys having a baby?"

"of course not!!!!" said her mother.

"well, then what is it" she said putting another forkfull of food in her mouth.

"your father was premoted"

"thats great news!" said Cindy, because she knew that a better job meant more money.

"That's not all. The job is in North Dakota. which means that....................were moving........"

"Moving! were moving" exclaimed Cindy as she dropped her fork on her plate, making a large clattering noise.

Her mother nodded.

Now, as Cindy thought about the event that was going to effect her life forever, she looked out the window, noticing the storm for the first time that morning.............


Meanwhile, in the house across the street, Jimmy was wide awake.

He was in his lab developing his latest invention.

He had no idea what was happening at Cindy's house.

Jimmy heard Goddard approaching and yawned a good morning before going back to his invention.


He thought of a dream that he had had the previous night.

It had started off normal enough, he was in school, seated in his desk.

Principal Willoby had burst through the door and presented him with yet another award. But then it got weird.

Jimmy , of course knew that he was dreaming, but he had fllashbacks that were so realistic he couldnt believe it.

First, he was in his parents car. It was his first day in Retroville.

Then, he remembered meeting Carl and Sheen.

Next, he had a f lashback of saving his parents from the yolkians.

defeating calamatous.

kissing april....................twice

going to aprils planet

rescuing a kidnapped cindy.

recieving news from a video tape

cindy kissing him on the cheek

Then, he had woken up, his eyes wide with confusion.

Jimmy shook the dream from his head as he continued his work.

As he worked, he wondered what his dream meant........................


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