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Cindy had been standing in the living room of her new house when Jimmy had dissapeared. She had been standing there, but wa no longer.

Cindy opened her eyes and realized that she was home.

"Yes" she screamed aloud, waking her parents from their deep sleep.

They ran down the hallway towards her room and threw open the door, in fear that their daughter was having a nightmare.

"I'm ok" she replied after being asked what was going on. Her parents left her in her room alone.

Cindy picked up her phone and decided to make a phone call, forgetting that it was eleven o clock at night.


"Hello?" asked Jimmy while he answered the phone , yawning.

"Hey, Neutron" he heard Cindy's voice say.

"Cindy, don't you realize that it is the middle of the night" he asked, surprized that she was calling at all.

"I know, but............well, I need to talk to you, you you think that you could meet me somewhere?" she asked.

Jimmy was confused. Why did Cindy need to talk to him?

"Okay, Vortex, where?"

" about Retroland."

"Cindy, it's closed for the night"

"We can sneak in, just meet me there in ten minutes, okay?"

"Okay" he replied,. wondering what was in store for him next.


Cindy stood alone beside the fence that protected Retroland. She wasn't quite sure why she had asked Jimmy to meet her there, but she knew that they needed to talk.

Cindy realized that she had forgotten her jacket in her haste to leave the house, and it was a quite cold night.

"What is taking him so long" she asked herself aloud, desperate for sound.


Jimmy was having second thoughts about meeting Cindy. A number of thoughts raced through his mind. What if she's decided that she'd rather be rich than live in Retroville? What if she's mad because of it? Many what ifs ran through his head, but the loudest was- What if she wants to go back to the way it was, and move again? As Jimmy grabbed his coat and set his hologram in his room, he hoped she didn't.


Cindy was about to leave, when she heard jimmy's footsteps behind her.

"Hey vortex, whats going on?" he asked.

"I just needed to talk, is that so unusual"

"yes. and why do you need to meet here, i mean we could have talked any other place just as well"

"i dont know, just open the gate, i need to get somewhere warm, and fast"

Jimmy used his spray to make a hole in the fence, which they went through moments later.

Soon, they were seated in a roller coaster car.

"What's this about?" asked jimmy.

"um........ I , ok..........we've been through alot together, right?" said cindy.

"i guess so, what are you getting to" he asked.

"first, we saved our parents from the yolkians the first time. and then the second time, no one believed you........"

"you did...."

"well actually, it was my fault in the first place. It's time I tell you the truth about a couple of things. Ok, the only way that the yolkians got the technology to reginirate poultra was because i told them how to get into your lab. and, there are other things i need to say too. after we got back from winning Intergalactic Showdown, and we were at the candy bar, and we almost, you know, I was really mad because we didnt....................." she said.

"you were" asked jimmy uncertainly.


"but why?"

"well, you know how we tried to be friends before, but that didn't quite work out, and then, when you saved me from eustace and calamatous, and tape" she said as she looked at the ground.

Jimmy remembered the tape all right. The moment he had watched it, he knew that cindy loved him, despite how she treated him.

Jimmy nodded his head, and let cindy continue.

"well, what I said on the tape, it was true.............."

"What are you saying , cindy?"

"I don't hate you, Jimmy. I well, um sorta, love you."

At last the truth was out. After years of hiding behind her meanness, cindy had finally admitted the truth.

"Cindy, i dont know what.........."

Before Jimmy could finish his sentence, Cindy kissed him. This time, though, it was real.

Jimmy drew back, with a shocked expression on his face, not believing what had just happened.

Cindy's eyes were wide too, and before he said anything she started walking out of the park.

"Where are you going?" he asked, finally able to speak.

"Home. I cannot believe what i just did, and im going home to forget that it ever happened."


"because, everything will be different now. you probally never want to talk to me again."

"why wouldnt I, you haven't even let me talk."

Cindy turned slowly around and made her way back towards jimmy.

" Go ahead, I'm listening." she said, folding her arms.

"I just wanted you to know. I don't hate you either."

A small smile spread across Cindy's face.

"Is that all you have to say."

"Yep, that's about it" he said and walked out of the park.

Cindy sighed, thinking that she had made a mistake, telling him her feelings.

"Oh, and cindy" he called over his shoulder.


"I love you too"


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