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I jumped out of the rickety old rowboat as my hit the dock. I have just arrived in Port Royal, but not by my choice. You see my ship the Crest Moon sank after a fearsome battle with another Pirate ship Black Sea. Even though I won the battle, my ship was in bad shape and could stay above water. I'm the Captain were the only one that survived. Every other member of my crew is now in Davy Jones Locket along with my ship. The only reason I came to this stupid port in the first place was because it was the closest land. I was praying no one would notice me. I was not in the mood to act like a nice proper lady, so I wouldn't be caught. But like the rest of my luck recently, the harbormaster walked up to me clipboard in hand.

"Miss, it's a shilling to tie your boat to the docks and I'll be needing your name." The harbormaster said getting ready to write down the name. I sighed and reached into my pocket and pulled out a shilling. I throw it at him and he just barely caught it, with out dropping his precious clipboard.

"There and the names June." I said throwing out the first name that came to mind. No one now, but myself knew my real name. Everyone who used to know it would never guess it was me anymore. I changed my last name from Clarks to Darkness just for that reason. I always loved the night that's why I took the name. My mother died giving birth to me and my father was a great pirate. I used to play on his ship with my friend whose name escapes me now. My friend's father was the captain of the ship me and my father were on. When my father was killed in a battle I left the ship saying good-bye to my friend and everyone else. The ship hurt to look at, so I left and became Captain Darkness one of the most feared pirates in the Caribbean.

I walked down the street and into a bar called Rum Runners. I smelled the sweet scent of rum and saw drunks fighting and whores finding their company for the night. It wasn't as much as Tortuga, but no place could ever been like Tortuga. I walked to the barkeep and ordered a bottle of my favorite drink, rum. I walked over to a dark corner and sat down at the table.

"Did you hear the Black Pearl was spotted near by?" One of the drunks said. He and a friend of his sat at a table a couple feet away from me, so it was easy for me to eavesdrop on their decision.

"Yeah right, it doesn't exist." The other drunk said putting his feet on the dirty, dusty table and taking a drink of his rum.

"It does exist mate." A new voice said in a slurred voice. There stood a pirate. He had brown dreadlocks with beads for decoration. It was held back with a red bandana and a three cornered hat. He wore a white tunic that showed a little of his chest and a worn out vast. He also wore faded britches and worn out boots. I looked up at his face. He had a mustache and goatee. His goatee was spilt in two braids. His brown eyes were deep and rich and reminded me of chocolate. He seemed kind of familiar, but decided to leave before a fight broke out. I stood up and headed out the door. Right before I reached the door, someone touched my backside. I quickly turned around and pointed my sword at his throat.

"Don't you dare touch me!" I hissed as the bar became quiet because everyone was watching me and waiting to see what would happen.

"Frisky aren't ye." The man said with a drunken smirk.

"You're not worth my time." I said sheathing my sword and started back to the door, until the same man grabbed my arm.

"I'll pay ye good." The man said holding up a small brown bag. He shook it and I heard my favorite sounds, the sound of a lot of money, which made me smirk.

"Really?" I said with a raised eyebrow, and then before he could move I grabbed the bag and pulled out my pistol and aimed it at his head, "I'm no whore. I'm a pirate mates."

"A pirate, I would love to be on your ship." The man said looking me up and down with a perverted smirk.

"You shouldn't use such stupid pick up lines." I said putting my pistol right on his forehead, "It could get ye killed." I smirk, "You don't know who I am do ye?" He shook his head saying no, "Name's Captain Darkness." There were gasped when they heard my name.

"Ye Captain Darkness?" The man asked shocked fear in his eyes.

"Aye that's me." I said with a smirk, "Now I'll be leave." I put my pistol back in my belt, and then headed out the door. I heard footsteps behind me; I turned around and saw red coast coming my way.

"Pirate!" One of them yelled pointing to me. I ran, but there was too many of them.

Norrington: In the next chapter I catch two no good pirates, but there is something coming. Next time on Captain Darkness- Jail birds.