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The next morning Nikki and Jack were standing on the gallows with their hands bound. An executioner checks the mechanism of the trap door with a sandbag, while the officers start to doing Jack's crimes after taking about a half-hour just to do Nikki's.

" Jack Sparrow…be it known that you have been charged, tied and convicted…" The officer said reading from the page in front of him.

" Captain. Captain Jack Sparrow." Jack mumbled to himself causing a small smile to break on Nikki's face.

" …For your willful commission of crimes against the crown… Said crimes being numerous in quantity and sinister in nature… …The most aggrieves of which to be cited herewith… Piracy… Smuggling…" The officer read you spotted a feather hat moving, " …Impersonating a person of the Spanish Royal Navy… Impersonating a cleric of the church of England…" Jack smiled at the accusation, until he looked at the executioner. Nikki raised a eyebrow at him, " … Sailing under false colors… Arson… kidnapping, looting, poaching… pilfering… depravity… lawlessness…" Nikki saw cottons parrot fly off one of the flagpoles and she smiled to herself, " … and for these crimes, you have been sentenced on this day to be hung by the neck until dead… May god have mercy on your soul…" The nooses where put around both Nikki's and Jack's necks. Nikki saw the feather over the crowd coming closer to them, as the executioner gripped the release lever. The drum roll ends as the lever was pulled. The both of them dropped, but lucky a sword was under their feet, saving the two of them. Will races up the steps of the gallows as Nikki and Jack try to stay on the sword, but it's not easy. Will had lost his sword fighting the executioner when the axe hit their ropes. They both fall to the ground hands still bound.

Will knocks the executioner off the gallows platform, he falls into the crowd on top Norrington and his men. Nikki and Jack quickly cut the binds on the sword freeing their hands. Both of them ran out from underneath the gallows as Will jumped off joining the two. Jack pulls the noose off his neck and throws the other end to Will, they trip some of the men. They all end up being surrounded by the men though.

" Silence!" Norrington yelled. He walks to the front of the men followed by Swan and Elizabeth. Norrington holds his sword up to them, " I thought we'd might have to endure some ill-conceived manner of escape attempt." He looks at Will, " But not from you."

" On our return to Port Royal I granted you clemency, and this is how you thank me? By throwing in your lot with him? He's a pirate." Swan yelled at Will.

" And a good man." Will said throwing his sword aside, " If all I have achieved here is that the hangman will earn three pairs of boots instead of two… So be it. At least my conscience will be clear."

" You forgot your place, Turner." Norrington growled. Will glanced down, then back up at Norrington with a smile on his face.

" It's right here between you and Jack." Will said. Elizabeth finally acted brave and step up besides him.

" As is mine." Elizabeth said strongly. Nikki smirked.

' So she finally grow a back bone.' Nikki thought to herself.

" Elizabeth." Swan said in surprise. Elizabeth linked hands with Will's. Norrington takes in what's happening finally realizing the truth, " Lower your weapons! For goodness sake, put them down!" Norrington glanced at Elizabeth, then to Gillette and nodded. Gillette gestures for the men to lower their rifles and they do so.

" So this is were you heart truly lies?" Norrington asked sadly.

" It is." Elizabeth replied. Norrington glared at Will. Swan realizes what's going on finally. Nikki and Jack figure it's time to go when they spotted Cotton's parrot. Jack's smiles his cute smile.

" Well I'm actually feeling rather good about this. I think we've all arrived at very special place, eh? Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically…" Jack said in Swan's face, while he sneered in disgust. Then Jack walked to Norrington, " I want you to know that I was rooting for you, mate." He walks over next to Nikki and turns to Elizabeth, " Elizabeth, it never would have worked out between us. I'm sorry I found someone else." Jack put his arm around Nikki's waist, making her smile. Elizabeth gave him a 'Yea right' look, " Will…" Will looked over at Jack with a raised eyebrow, " Nice hat." Jack pulls Nikki over to the steps of the wall and they both jump on it. He let's go of her and starts making his hand movements again, " Friends! This is the day you will always remember as the day you…" Jack slipped falling to the ocean. Nikki sighed and turn to the others.

" Well see ya." Nikki jumped back off the step and started falling to the ocean with Jack. They both pretty land in the water as the men watched from above. Nikki's head snapped up over the water and Jack came up next to her, he snaked his arm around her waist pulling her close. They both smiled as they saw the Black Pearl come into view. Both of them quickly swam over as they throw a rope over the side for the two of them. Jack grabs the rope with one hand while the other held her tightly around the waist and hers were around his neck.

" Heave!" Gibbs yelled above them. They both were pulled out of the water and landed softly on the deck of the Pearl near the helm. Well Nikki landed softly, cause she landed in Jack's lap. She smiled and stood up giving him a hand, which he took and stood up.

" Darkness." Anamaria whispered to her. She turned and walks up to the helm where she hands her Jack's coat.

" Thanks and please call me Nikki." Nikki said smiling. She smiled back. Nikki turned to Jack who had got his hat back from Cotton. Jack walks up to her smiling.

" Captain Sparrow… the Black Pearl is yours." Nikki said putting the coat around his shoulders. Jack lovely traces the helm, when he suddenly realizes everyone's watching him.

" On deck, you scabrous dogs… Hands to braces… Let's go and haul to run!" Jack yelled and his men ran off, " Now bring me that horizon." He starts humming, when he started to sing Nikki joined him.

" …and really bad eggs… Drink up me hearties…Yo, ho…" Nikki and Jack sung together. He looked at her and smiled.

" I thought you didn't sing lov." Jack said she smiled at him.

" Well for you I decided to make a acceptation." Nikki said leaning up and kissing him fully on the lips her arms around his neck. He kissed back with one arm around her waist while the other was on the helm. The two broke apart a few minutes after and the crew cheered. Nikki and Jack shared a small laughing; they looked at each other smiling, then back at the horizon where the sun was about to hide. Nikki smiled as she stayed in the only man who was able to freeze her heart arms.

' This truly is freedom.' Nikki thought to herself as she laid her head on Jack's shoulder, ' I'm glad I found it.'

Nikki: Well that's the end mate. Hope you enjoyed hearing our story, right Jack?

Jack: puts his arm around her waist Of course lov.

Nikki: See ya mate, so you better watch out for our black sails on the horizon.