Alright guys I have some major inspiration, however, not about the two stories that I already have on going. One is still in the brain storming phase right now, and the other one already has a chapter and a half done! Going to class pays off, you can write your fics during them, lol! Anyways here is the story, I almost have chapter 2 done, if you guys like where it's going then I'll continue so review and let me know!

This story takes place at the beginning of last season. For the purposes of my story there is no Webb crap (I am anti-Webb), no Harm being in the CIA, no Mattie, and Meredith is still very much in the picture. Okay so here it goes...

"Morning Petty Officer Coates."

"Morning, Ms. Cavanaugh."

"Is the Admiral available?"

"Sure, he's just reviewing some files. Do you want me to let him know that you're here?"

"No that's alright"

"Go on in, ma'am."

"Thanks, Jennifer."

Admiral Chegwidden sat at his desk lost in thought, so much so that he did not even see Meredith walk into the room. She sat down in front of his desk and gazed at her love working so intently. Finally, after a minute or two went by, he had the feeling that he was being watched, and looked up.

"Meredith? Why didn't Coates let me know you were here?"

"AJ, leave the poor girl alone. I told her not to."

"Fine. So what do I owe this wonderful visit?" AJ said smiling at the woman he loved.

"I came here with a brilliant plan!" she stated excitedly.

"Oh no, no plans Meredith" AJ sighed.

"It came to me this morning while discussing Much Ado About Nothing, in class. It is perfect, AJ, and it will work I just know it."

"What will work Meredith? And what does Much Ado have to do with any of this?" AJ inquired.

"Of getting the Colonel and Commander together, of course! And Much Ado has everything to do with it. I was discussing the rival love of Beatrice and Benedick to my students when it hit me, Harm and Mac are just like Beatrice and Benedick! And as in the play they need their friends to come to their rescue and help them see their love for one another!" Meredith practically shouted grinning from ear to ear.

AJ sighed, he knew that Harm and Mac loved each other, everyone saw it but them. But to get involved like this, it's not my place...

Reading his thoughts Meredith said, "They've been given 8 years to figure out their love AJ, they need guidance".

AJ knew he had to agree with her, "Alright, what's your plan Meredith?"

She leaned in and whispered all the details to AJ, pausing every so often to make sure he was following. She knew it wasn't really necessary to whisper but this operation was deemed classified and sensitive and all precautions must be followed, she grinned at the fact that she was beginning to think in military terms every since she meet AJ.

"You know what I think that this crazy plan of yours might just work."

"What do you mean might? Of course, it will work, however, I am going to need some help in order to pull this off, in such a short amount of time."

"Well feel free to enlist the help of Harriet and Jen, I know they will be onboard. Harriet has been trying to get those two together for years."

"Alright, AJ I better get going. I need to get started on this plan of mine straight away, after all Halloween will be here soon and the Masquerade Ball will prove effective and hopefully we will be attending a wedding this spring!" Meredith stated, giving AJ a quick hug and kiss goodbye.

Meredith left AJ's office and asked Jen is she and Harriet could join her for lunch to discuss her plan.

"Plan, ma'am?" Harriet inquired as the three women made their way towards the elevators.

Just then both the Colonel and Commander headed in their direction bickering as usual.

"Harm, I am not going to give you a deal. You're client is guilty and you know it and I know it and soon the jury will know it and he'll be put away for good!"

"C'mon Mac..."

"Ssh!" Meredith whispered and gave Harriet "the eye" to be quiet just as the two passed by, hardly paying notice to the three, except to say a quick hello as they made their way into the bullpen still arguing over the case, they were too absorbed in their own conversation/company.

Right then both Harriet and Jen understood. Meredith's plan involved a certain Colonel and Commander and they merely nodded to Meredith signaling that whatever the plan entailed they were 100 for it. After all Harm and Mac have spent so many years trying to make others happy rather than themselves, they deserved one another, they deserve to be happy.

With that the three ladies stepped into the elevator and began to giggle and grin from ear to ear knowing that they were about to make two people very, very happy with relieving all the sexual tension and all.