I'm Sorry Master 21

Obi-Wan reread the letter from the Jedi Council for what seemed like the hundredth time but no matter how many times he read it, it still said the same thing. "Blast! Now I'm trapped in this apartment with the blood sucking vampires! I don't dare go out! What is wrong with the Council, first werewolves and now freaking demons!"

Anakin appeared the next moment, Padme hot on his heels. "I heard you shout, Master. What's wrong?"

"Anakin, I forbid you to leave this apartment!" the Jedi told him in a strict voice as he waved the letter in his face. "The insane Council has put demons in the room next to us, can you believe that? It's insane I tell you, insane!"

But the young Jedi did not seemed concerned at all. "I'm sure it's a joke, Master."

"A joke? But the Council does not joke, they're always very serious! I fear this is the sort of stupid thing they would do! They see nothing wrong with vampires or that hungry werewolf across the hall, so why not demons as well?"

Anakin sighed loudly. "I'm deeply sorry that there are demons living next door now…"

By the expression on his padawan's face, the Jedi could tell that Anakin didn't believe one word about the demons. This annoyed him greatly, as he was just trying to protect Anakin as best he could. "Go and do your work!"

"Yes, Master." Anakin turned and headed back to his room, Padme following him.

Once they had left, Obi-Wan stood there and didn't know what to do. The thing is, he didn't know anything about demons. "But if I can't go out, then those hungry vampires will be after my neck!"

The Jedi darted to the kitchen to see what red foods he still had on hand. The giant watermelon had been sucked dry last night by the hungry creatures. Luckily, he had remembered to slice the melon in half to reveal the tasty red innards. He figured that with each eating half, it was enough to fill them up all night. It was, but then he had been forced to listen to the two running up and back to the bathroom all night, the door slamming. Apparently it had been too juicy… It hadn't mattered, as he couldn't sleep anyway.

"Well, I still have these red things…" Obi-Wan said as he held the pomegranates. He left them on the kitchen table where the vampires would hopefully find them later. The Jedi then headed towards the living room to watch the vampire holovid that Master Mace had ruined yesterday. But after it started, he fell asleep, his mouth wide and snores pouring forth.

The hours passed and Obi-Wan slept, exhausted from his horrible ordeal with Mace. He forgot to prepare supper as he was fast asleep.

The sun soon set and Anakin crept out of his room, Padme hot on his heels. The two were starving, their long fangs protruding from their hungry mouths. The padawan spied his sleeping master and licked his lips hungrily, but headed to the kitchen first.

"What are these things?" Padme asked him as she stared at the exotic fruits. "Why is there never any blood in this place?"

Anakin picked the fruit up unhappily, staring at it. It was a lovely shade of dark red but he really desired blood. "Master expects us to eat these…"

"But it's not blood." She pointed out. "How can you live on this stuff?"

"With great difficulty." Anakin replied unhappily. "But what else can I do? He hates getting bit."

"Well, I never had this problem before. I just went out and got the blood I needed!" Padme stretched her arms up high, her big bat-like wings stretching out as well. She opened the kitchen window and climbed up onto the sill. "You stay here and wait until I return. I'll bring us some blood…"

Anakin watched his wife fly away on the night wind, the refreshing breeze blowing in the window. It had never occurred to him to go out and bite someone else, not when he had his Master right here. It was too much fun playing the game of vampire and prey. His feet moved on their own and he soon found himself staring down at his sleeping Master. Slowly he leaned forward, his mouth open and fangs protruding. "Just a little sip, the merest snack…"

His teeth touched Obi-Wan's soft skin and he bit, drinking. Obi-Wan moaned in his sleep but otherwise didn't wake up. Anakin straightened, smacking his lips.

He heard a sound in the kitchen then and went to investigate. It was Padme and she eagerly showed him several glass pint bottles in her shopping bag. All of the bottles had labels loudly proclaiming they were either cherry juice or cranberry juice. Anakin stared at them confused. "I thought you were getting us blood?"

"It is blood! I hid it in these fruit bottles so Obi-Wan won't know what it is."

The padawan grinned and poured a big glass. He sipped it, but somehow it didn't taste as good as his Master's blood. He watched as Padme stuffed the bottles in the refrigerator, pleased with her own cleverness.

"I hope poor Master doesn't drink it, thinking its real juice…"

Across the hall, the werewolf was very happy indeed. "Finally some peace and quiet for one night!"