It was dark outside, a thin sheet of rain pouring down onto the sorry earth. I glanced out the window of my warm home, out into the harsh night. The clocks struck nine, an assuring ring ran through the house. Behind me, sprawled out on the worn couch, sat Lisa, reading a thick novel. I had never asked her what it was, but it was certainly too late now. As I realized I didn't know what she was reading, a sharp panic swept over me. I glanced behind me again; too see a brilliant bolt of lightning silhouette our large tree and picket fence. Then as I felt the side of my face burn slightly, I realized the fire was lit in the fireplace.

I turned and fled towards it, "Put it out! They're coming!" was all I was able to say. Lisa turned to me and frowned, trying to reassure me. I knew the difference, though. To me it all made sense, she just couldn't comprehend it.

I knelt down by the fireplace and reached for the jug of warm water. I could feel my skin contracting, but I knew what had to be done. I leaned forwards and poured the water quickly on the fire, sending sparks dancing through the air. I heard Lisa saying something to me, but I didn't pay any attention. She couldn't sway me, fore I knew why I must do this. They were coming.

I felt a hand on my shoulder spin me around. When I looked up, I saw Lisa staring me in the face. I knew that look in her eyes. She meant to say something, and I knew what it was. She was leaving again. I didn't know where. I tried to ask when she'd be back, but she just said soon. She always said soon. That word meant nothing anymore. I pulled myself up and crawled over to the chair she had been sitting in, where she gave me one last hug and left for her bedroom. She was always in there. I never knew where she left to from there, or how she got out. I had never actually looked, but I had always suspected she had some type of portal or something.

In a sad stupor, I realized she had left her book by my side. I glanced down to read the title, and there it was. "To Kill a Mockingbird". I panicked again, my eyes searching the walls and ceilings. Nothing was in the right placed anymore, so I knew again what I must do. I started pulling the books from the shelves and the painting from the now barren walls. I piled them in the corner, working feverously. Once everything was down, I realized how much stuff we had. It was too much for me to do alone. I couldn't undo this mess, and then I found how cold it had become without that unforgiving fire. I found a blanket on the couch, and wrapped myself in it. I found the empty corner, across from the great pile, and sat in it. Curled up into an efficient ball. I had to conserve my body heat. It wasn't working, and I felt the cold coming closer to me.

Then I felt it. It was at the door. It was looking in, at me, studying me. It meant to harm me; I could just feel it. Suddenly it stirred, and pulled on the door. I leapt up and ran towards the door. I had to stop it, for Lisa's sake. If I lost her, then...

No! I grabbed the door, clumsily, and held it fast. But alas it was stronger then I was, and the door flung open. And then I saw it. It had been following me all my life, and now I was standing face to face with it. With a growl, it said to step back.

"No." I said, surely, "you're uninvited."

Yeah. I just felt like writing something random. So I did. And incase your offended cause I made a mockery of this 'uninvited' game, I'm sorry. I don't know what the hell it is, I just typed something. Okay bye.