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I am Bonnie Rockwaller.

Hi, I am Bonnie Rockwaller. I am one of the cheerleaders at Middleton High School. I have two older sisters, Connie and Lonnie. They are my older sisters, and they are a pain. I have a step dad and a mom if you can call her that. I have lots of boyfriends. Boyfriends are my life. I keep a main with plenty of spares. Right now my main crush is Brick. Brick is perfect, sweet and dumb. Just like I like'em sometimes, their IQ about the same as their jersey numbers. I also hit the real brains once in awhile when I need help with my grades.

My main adversaries in school are two people. I make it my mission in life to make their lives as miserable as possible. My life is miserable so why shouldn't theirs be. Oh, their names? They are Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. They are one of the more noticeable couples at school. They have been friends since Pre-K and are about as opposite as possible. Kim is the captain of the cheerleading team, at least for now, till I take her down. Little miss perfect, perfect grades, perfect life, perfect family, too perfect. People say she saves the world. Yeah right, Kimmie couldn't punch her way out of a paper bag. Then comes the loser, Ron Stoppable, the biggest dope in the whole school. The one thing this guy can get right is doing the mascot thing for the cheerleading team. These two are close, and go everywhere together. The loser follows Kim around on those missions she goes on. What he does I don't want to know. They saw these two are one of the best teams around. That is hard to believe.

I never had much to do with Kim and Ron unless I had to. One time on a cheerleading trip, one of the freaks that Kim and Ron have to deal with lured all of us and Mr. Barkin to some dumb summer camp. It was some camp Ron had gone to and had freaked out. Well, this freak used to be a regular guy but somehow got mutated into water monster thingee. He blamed Ron and used us to get to Ron. This creep spit the goo out all over the place while he went after Ron. But, you know, Ron did something creepy. He found out how the creep mutated and Ron changed himself into some giant chipmunk/beaver thing so he could fight that freak. He saved us all, go figure.

Also, recently, the dumb loser had some bomb they had found on a mission. The dope dropped it. It turned out to be some type of superglue mist, I ended up stuck to Kimmie and the loser got stuck to Barkin. Disaster of major proportions. The four of us found ways to deal with it. The loser had to go to some Pixie meeting where Barkin was the leader. I went on a date with Brick, Kim, she just had to deal with it. Later, Kim was called on a mission and guess what, I had to go, of course. Like I had a choice being glued to her. We got there and one of the first things that happened was we got caught. Some little dude by the name of Dementor wanted to take over the world by stealing all the power. Do all these freaks want to take over the world? How does Kim deal with these dudes and keep her sanity I don't know. Next thing I know the door crashes down and here comes Barkin and Ron. Somehow Ron knew how to calm down these monstrous wiener dogs that Dementor had and he turned them against Dementor. Kim and I used out cheerleader skills to drop the little shrimp. So Kim and Ron deal with this all the time. Maybe they aren't so bad after all. In a way Ron is kind of cute.

Well, we found the antidote for the glue and now we are all back apart. Kim and I have a truce for right now. Ron is still Ron, just as klutzy as ever. But you know, he is a neat guy. He will do anything for you, I always thought he was just a loser who was trying to get on my good side. Now I realize that he is just being himself. He really likes to help people even if they don't like him back. He doesn't care. I had planned to take Kim down, but maybe not. She is pretty cool in her own way. You know, she found out a lot about my life and my family while she stayed with us. Kim now seems to understand. She has been there for me a couple of times when I needed someone. We are still competitive, but not like we were. I have a lot more respect for Kim and Ron now. I have realized what they really do. They face down people that would make my hair stand on end. They do it together and they do it very well. I know that they are friends but lately I have noticed the way Kim looks at Ron when he isn't looking and same for Ron looking at Kim. I believe secretly they are starting to love each other very much but don't know how to say it. One day I hope that I can find a relationship like the two of them have. One day I would hope to find a guy like Ron who would be as dedicated to me as he is to Kim. I know that Kim cares for Ron a great deal. Awhile back I heard that Kim and Ron were on a mission around Christmas. Kim thought Ron might have been killed and she cried. Kim Possible really cried. I have never ever known Kim to cry for anyone, yet she cried for Ron. It turned out he was okay, and she really was happy. Those two are inseparable. They are friends, they are heroes, they are a team. They are Team Possible.

I used some ideas from several shows to bring out points in this fic. I also used ideas from some of the other fics that I have read. Bonnie appears to be a hard, tough, thoughtless person. With sisters like Connie and Lonnie who wouldn't be. But I think that really she might not be all that bad. I think one reason she is so hard on Kim and Ron is that she envies their relationship. I also noticed that Bonnie's sisters are much older than she is. Could it be that she was not planned and is treated as such. That is my opinion of her homelife. That was my mindset as I wrote this fic. Thanks to lucyrocks73, soccergurl1990, miss piratess, Maxine goofmore, fryfan, triaxx2, and so many others. I appreciate your comments and support.