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"Hey, Kagome, wake up..."

It was Inuyasha's voice, coming from behind her. She snapped into reality once again, rolling over to face him. She clutched the blanket to her closely, not wanting any of the cold air from the Feudal Era to chill her and her lover. The rollout futon under them was set on nothing but the bare soil, under a canopy of wild, flowing trees. It was early morning, and only the smallest and warmest rays of sunlight pierced through.

"Hmm?" she answered, turning her vision to stare at the hanyou beside her. His hair was a tussled mess, the blanket loosely covering his naked body. He was casually leaning on one elbow, staring holes through Kagome with his piercing amber eyes.

One ear twitched, and he scratched it. Kagome scotched closer to Inuyasha, helping him scratch behind his ear, letting her hand slowly slide down his neck when she was done. He looked at her again, his love for her shining through his eyes.

She was now his. And his alone.

How did this happen? How? Kagome was thinking. It all happened so fast. It wasn't like she regretted anything, she had wanted it, needed it. She wanted it again and again like a fire that would never stop....

Kagome returned her hand to her side, relaxing a little into the futon with a sigh. She thought of the word 'futon' her mind adding an extra 'n' to make it a 'fun-ton.' Thinking of that reminded her of last night. She blushed.

Inuyasha chuckled, "You're so damn CUTE when you blush!" He moved one hand to caress her cheek. She averted her gaze, which caused him to worry. "Is something wrong, Kagome?"

She turned away, hiding the deepening of her blush to cherry tomato color. Why all of a sudden was she being so shy? She certainly shouldn't be shy after what had happened last night. Perhaps, it was only in her innocent schoolgirl nature. But after THAT, there wasn't anything to be shy for....


"I LOVE RAMEN!!!!! I LOOOOOVEEEE RAMEN!!!!!" Inuyasha was being quite amused with himself. The entire gang, consisting of Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo, Sango, Miroku (who was sliding his hand not so casually towards Sango's ass...) and Grandma Kaede, was clustered around a small campfire.

Spits of the fire licked the edges of the black pot Kagome had used to boil her famous instant noodles. The group had made a circle around the edge, trying to keep warm in the brisk night atmosphere.

Inuyasha made slurping noises as he greedily gobbled down his noodles. Shippo was whining that he hadn't gotten enough, though the small kitsune youkai had downed just about as much as Inuyasha.

SLAP!!!!!! Sango sought out her own revenge with her hand, slugging Miroku a good one across his face. The monk blinked, tearing up in one eye.

He chuckled, raising one finger into the air. "It was worth it."

Sango growled low. The monk seemed to shrink a bit. Kagome couldn't help but laugh a little. Miroku was a perverted ass, but she deeply admired him. He wasn't afraid to show his affection for people. Even if his methods were a bit...warped...he deeply loved Sango, and had even gathered up enough courage to propose to her.

Kagome sighed a little at this. Her best friends were going to get married soon. She was just now over 17, but that was alright, right? Hell, it was the Feudal Era. Parents married off their children as young as 12, for crying out loud! Kagome was more than an available adult in these times.

Delving deeper into her thoughts, Kagome dwelled on the last part of the previous paragraph. She had been with a man she loved for the past three years, and though they had shared some tender moments, Inuyasha and her had never really "proclaimed their love" for one another.

Hell, Kagome had known Koga less than a couple of days, and he screamed to the world. And numerous other demons and humans alike had fallen all over for her, but not Inuyasha. She was sure he loved her though...every time she walked, his eyes were on her, every time she was in danger, he cared for her, protected her at the risk of his own life. Every time they were alone, he dropped his smart-ass routine and was for once a caring, sweet, man.

So, was it really that hard to make a commitment to her??

"Don't you dare think that I can't see that hand, monk," Sango mutter, and Miroku's hand retreated.

Inuyasha was licking the last remnants of the bowl. "MMM! Great as always, Kagome!" His tongue wandered around the edge of the bowl, slurping up the noodle's spices. Briefly, Kagome wondered about what else he could do with that tongue of his...letting her mind wander a bit too far.

Inuyasha got bored with the bowl, tossing it aside. He adjusted himself, sitting in a more comfortable cross-legged style, arms folded across his chest, hands tucked away behind his long sleeves. Once again, Kagome couldn't help but notice how his gi (shirt) had slipped down a ways casually in the afternoon rest time. She could see most of his collarbone and shoulder, and had to strain to gaze further downward.

Turning about 65 different shades of red, Kagome noticed too late that both Inuyasha and MIROKU OF ALL PEOPLE were staring back at her. Miroku was grinning, but Inuyasha was just looking innocently confused.

Kagome coughed, standing. She took the dirty, empty pot they had used for the noodles in hand. "I'll go down to the river and clean this out," she murmured, taking note that Miroku had whispered something in Inuyasha's ear.

"Take care child," Kaede offered as a farewell. But Kagome wasn't there to hear it because at that point Inuyasha had jolted upright as if struck by a thousand volts of lightning.

Retreating to the quiet serenity of the outdoors, Kagome tilted her head back, soaking up the clean, unpolluted air. Sighing, she began to mentally slap herself again and again.

'DAMMIT! You IDIOT! What in Kami-sama's name were you thinking, staring at him like that?! What was that FOR?!' By the time Kagome had reached the stream and dunked in the pot, she was almost twitching with rage.

'I'm such a stupid idiot! He noticed me! And that monk, too! I was so obvious, a stupid perverted horny SLUT!!!' At this point, Kagome sat down by the edge of the water, letting the pot sink down into its shallow depths. The stars seemed to twinkle, and Kagome sighed in defeat.

'Why am I thinking such things in the first place? He'll never make a move, and neither will I. We're too shy...' She thought, drawing little circles in the moist soil from the stream. "Maybe I should just forget it."


BACK in the hut....

"Heh heh heh," Miroku chuckled, setting his empty ramen bowl aside.

"What are you chuckling about, lecher?" Inuyasha hissed, absentmindedly pulling his gi back over his shoulder. His ears twitched in annoyance.

"Oh don't tell me you don't know? That you didn't notice? It's like I told you, she was TOTALLY checking you out!" Miroku scoffed, patting Inuyasha on the head like a little kid.

"Don't pet me!" Inuyasha sniffed. He huddled closer to the wall. As the gears in his head turned, he finally got the full meaning out what the monk was saying. His ears twitched again. "Wait. W-why would she be looking at me like that? What do I do?"

Miroku's eyebrows rose. Inuyasha regretted saying anything. "Oh, forget it! Forget I asked!" Inuyasha closed his eyes, pretending to be all nonchalant about anything. But inside, his mind was reeling. What did this mean? Did Kagome KNOW?

At one point or another in every demon's life (or apparently, every hanyou's life, for that matter,) there comes a time where every instinct hardwired into their brain tells them to find a mate. To bed with the one they loved most. Inuyasha had been killed and tacked to a tree for fifty years, causing his inner clock to be offset a bit.

Now, all he could think about was Kagome. She was always in his thoughts...and dreams too. Sure, he acted all normal and everything: The same cocky ass as usual. But he knew he was changing. He was growing up. The nagging of his instincts was a constant voice in the back of his head, and it was so hard to resist sometimes. Inuyasha had begun to wonder how Sesshomaru, who had lived over 700 years, had somehow never found a mate.

Inuyasha began to emerge from his thoughts, and realized that that monk was still yammering on!

"You see, Inuyasha. Kagome is a woman. She won't wait for you forever..." he was saying.

Inuyasha sat bolt upright. "What was that?"

Miroku blinked, then hesitantly repeated himself. (Note: This would be Feudal Era thinking here folks, FEUDAL ERA! Way back then!) "You may have demon blood in your veins, granting you a lifespan greater than any human. But Kagome is a mortal. And we humans often have paired off around the age Kagome is now. My point is, you love her, and she loves you, but how long is that going to last?"

Inuyasha stiffened, refusing to listen to the hentai. "What do you know?! You don't know me, or her!"

"How could anyone not see how annoying this is?" Sango said quietly from the other side of the room. Both men blinked sever times, realizing that she had been in on the entire conversation, including Miroku's babbling. "I'm not asking you to do anything stupid, but I agree with Miroku in saying you should make a move, or at least cut Kagome some slack."

Inuyasha curled his hands up into fists. If they only knew....

Miroku, being the total opposite of Sango, was pushing for Inuyasha to "seduce Kagome and make her his mate." Miroku couldn't possibly have known about Inuyasha's little predicament, but his in-general assumption about demons was right on the mark. (After saying this, Sango gave him a good slap.)

The room was silent as Shippo shuffled around the room, having no clue what was going on, and Kaede pretended not to be listening in the corner. The silence was overwhelming, and was driving Inuyasha nuts.

"Keh," he muttered. He began to move to the door.

"Where are you off to, Inuyasha?" Kaede asked casually.

"Out. That's all. I think I'll sleep outside tonight." Inuyasha tried his best to sound like an ass, but he was really curious about what Kagome was doing. As the hanyou moved to the door of interwoven straw and grass, he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"What is it—huh?" Inuyasha made a very unintelligible sound as Miroku suddenly appeared behind him, forcing a rolled-up traveling futon pack, complete with cushions and blankets, into the hanyou's hands. Inuyasha would have ranted and raved if Miroku had had the normal gleam in his eye, but the monk was perfectly serious looking.

"Here, take this. We don't want our biggest fighter to catch a cold, now do we?" Miroku asked rhetorically, knowing perfectly well that Inuyasha slept in trees when he was outside.

"Miroku...." Inuyasha grated, but he did not drop the futon.

"You never know," Miroku simply said, and for a moment, that gleam in his eye was back. Inuyasha just glared, refusing to respond, and stepped outside.

As soon as he was out of sight of the hut, Inuyasha visibly slumped. This was shit. Life was once again, being a bitch. This wasn't fair. What should do? In frustration, he swung the futon wildly over his shoulder.

It wasn't long until he came to the stream where Kagome was sitting. She had her chin rested down on her hands, her bare feet dangling in the cool waters of the stream. She seemed so wound up in her thoughts, sitting there talking silently to herself, pondering the starry sky. So absorbed, in fact, that she didn't even notice Inuyasha come up behind her.

With his sensitive dog-like hearing, Inuyasha was able catch a glimpse of what she was saying: "Kami-sama, what should I do. Tell him how much I love him? How utterly hot he is? How I need to be with him? How I want..." Kagome's thoughts drifted back into her head where Inuyasha couldn't hear them.

Holy...the damn monk was right. For once I his little lecherous life, he was right. Kagome thought...that he was hot? What did that mean? It made him blush a little, and it sounded like a complement. Now what? This just confused the poor hanyou further.

He was thinking so intently to himself, that when he sat down next to Kagome he did so rather loudly and practically on top of her. In surprise, she let out a squeak, and jumped up. Due to the soggy, sandy ground around the stream, Kagome slipped, and she fell in.

"Kagome?!" Inuyasha berated himself for once again making an idiot out of himself. Kagome sat in the shallow water, totally soaked. The stream was deeper in the middle, and she thanked God that she hadn't fallen in there. On the other hand, she was none to pleased.

"Inuyasha!" she sputtered. "What is this? Why are you here?" The hanyou was back on his feet and was standing in the water about a foot deep. His expression changed from worry to one of relief.

"Kagome," he sighed, "I'm sorry about that. I guess I just wasn't thinking."

"You guess," she muttered, but she knew she couldn't stay mad at him. "What are you doing out here? Everyone else is inside."

Inuyasha waded a bit further in, getting his pants to get wet and cling to his ankles. "I'm out here, because I need to talk to you Kagome."


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