AUTHOR'S NOTES/REFLECTIONS-----------To the Reviewers (Not a chapter)

GCN-ANIME-DRAGON: I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! I appreciate all the feedback, reviews and kind words you all gave me! I've never had any of my stories be such a huge success before. I went all out on the lemon sequence, and I'm glad you all liked it. (You naughty peeps.) I was just confused by the fact that 33 people read the first part, but only 15 read and reviewed the main part, the LEMON!!! Hmmm, it is strange, that it is.

Heh heh. There was one part that at least one of you was questioning: Inuyasha biting Kagome on the ass. Well, if any of you watch Scrubs on NBC, then you might have figured that out. My mind doesn't just blossom with really warped stuff like that, just so you know, it came from one episode where JD does that to Elliot. I was amused.

----Now, I was wondering. Another reviewer noted that a sequel would probably be a great addition. Do all of you feel this way? I am open to suggestions, if you have any. A lot of stories go along on the SAME basic deal for a sequel or continuation: Kagome gets pregnant, or it becomes a future fic where we follow the lives of their child, which has nothing much to do with the original fic.

Do you have any opinions?? I'd like to here them. And not necessarily in the review. Sense this is not a actual chapter, I don't really demand reviews for this (But I do for chapter 2!), just feedback. (If you'd like to, that's okie-dokie.) E-mailing is probably the best way to go. I usually check my e-mails daily, and respond as soon as possible.

INUYASHA: (begins reading previous chapter) What the hell is this drivel?

GCN: Can it. Anyway, I'd just also like to say that I updated my story New Goal is Payback, like I said I would. Next on my agenda is the hilariously stupid: Me on Crack!: Featuring quotes and the many tidbits of repetitive features that flow through all anime's veins. Check it out, I promise you'll laugh! After that, I SO have to update Warped Reality because this lazy ass of mine hasn't worked on it in far too long!

INUYASHA: Whatever, stupid human girl. This story confuses me...wait. WHAT IS KAGOME DOING?! (Jumps up and down, baring his teeth.)

GCN: I think he hit the lemon. Oops...gotta run! (Flees for Mexico. Or Canada. Or somewhere.)

INUYASHA: (0-0) to T-T ::::::grrrrrrrrrrr::::::: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!! WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?!?!?!?!

(He tears story into little bitty pieces, and chases GCN. Whoopee.)

INUYASHA: HOW DARE YOU INDULGE IN MY PERSONAL LIFE!!!! AUGHHHH! (It's funny if you think of Richard Cox yelling that....)

GCN: I'll see you later!!!!! (to Inuyasha) SO, DOES THAT MEAN YOU REALLY DID FUCK KAGOME????? Didn't those fangs hurt on her ass??? (One person asked me that...hmmm, never thought of it that way....)


(They disappear into a fading sunset, as the reader wonders what exactly is wrong with GCN today. Don't ask, she doesn't know either!)


-----GCN-anime-dragon, who is having problems with insanity today.