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Estrogen Dreams:

Part III

Ranma's red hair was fanned over her shoulders and the white nightgown made her breathtaking. Ryoga couldn't take his eyes off her cleavage. Ranma giggled. "Stop staring, you big lug, and kiss me."

"But I don't know you," Ryoga answered with a blush.

"You don't have to know me to know you want to kiss me." Ranma pulled him to her and kissed him passionately. Now Akane will hate him, she thought to herself.

Ryoga kissed her fiercely and soon began to tug at the silky white nightgown as if he were trying to remove it. Ranma tried to resist, but couldn't. She was too caught up in the moment. When it became clear exactly what Ryoga was trying to do, she sat up suddenly. "Stop! Ryoga, I'm not who you think I am."

Ryoga smiled impishly. "What do you mean? I don't have to know you to know that I want to…" It was obvious he had no intention of stopping.

"I'm Ranma," Ranma emitted quickly before covering her face with her hands fully expecting to be pummeled. To her surprise nothing happened.

"I know," Ryoga answered. "I always know it's you, Ranma. I'm not stupid." He then moved to kiss her again.

"What do you mean?" Ranma pushed him away the panic evident in her voice.

"I mean I always know, but I play along. Like when you pretended to be my fiance, that was fun. I love it when you tease me. That way I have an excuse to touch you." Ranma's mouth was wide open in shock. Ryoga leaned in and kissed her. "There's only one thing that would make this better," Ryoga said as he produced a tea kettle and poured water over Ranma transforming her into a man. "Much better," Ryoga leaned in to kiss him…


Ranma awoke to find himself in the bathtub. He was horrified to find that he had dreamt about something like that in male form, but relieved that it was all just a terrible nightmare. Ranma felt sick to his stomach and was sure he couldn't go through with everything. A quick splash of cold water renewed his resolve and his female form went to prepare for a meeting with Ryoga.


A loud bang from outside caused Ranma to turn off the television, fluff his hair, and go to the door.

"I'm here, Mom!" Ryoga yelled from the other side. Soon the door opened and beautiful red head stood before him. "Wow, Mom, cosmetic surgery really did wonders for you."

"I'm not your mom, you idiot." Ranma said more coldly than intended suddenly wondering why he was wasting any effort on this guy. "Won't you please come in? I'm the one who asked you here. My name is Maiko, and I've been admiring you from afar." Ranma grabbed him by the arm and pulled him inside shutting the door behind them.

Ryoga became flustered and began wringing his hands. "I guess I should have known my mom wouldn't come to see me. No offense, but this seems like a weird way to get a guy to talk to you."

"Oh, please forgive me," Ranma purred, "It was the only way I could think of to get you here. I've wanted you for so long."

That's when Ryoga noticed the sexy white nightgown, and his face flushed a deep shade of red. "I…I…already have…some…some…one," He stuttered.

Ranma giggled. "Oh, really. That's too bad, I had really hoped we could have some fun."

"I should go." Ryoga's eyes were locked on Ranma's full chest and to Ranma's relief he hadn't given any indication of recognition. "I really have to go." He turned and walked into the bathroom.

Ranma chuckled. Ryoga was always so lost. When Ryoga finally emerged from the bathroom, Ranma was seated on the bed in direct view of the camera. "Will you at least sit and talk with me a minute?" Ranma pouted. "It would make me happy." Ranma patted the space on the bed next to him.

Ryoga glanced at the woman uneasily. "I guess it couldn't hurt." Ryoga took a seat. "So, Maiko, where are you from?"

Ranma grabbed the back of Ryoga's head and pulled their faces together so that from the view of the camera it looked as though the two of them were kissing. He figured that would be enough to make Akane hate Ryoga and from the back she'd never know who the mysterious girl was, although now that Ranma really thought about it, he wondered if he should have put on a different colored wig.

Ryoga was surprised and tried to move his head away which caused their lips to accidentally brush against each other sending a chill of excitement through Ranma's female body. They brushed lips again and soon they were kissing fully on the mouth. Ryoga seemed surprised by the kiss but soon was taking charge pushing his tongue into Ranma's mouth and moaning slightly.

As the kiss deepened and became more passionate, Ranma began thinking that he might not want to get rid of Ryoga after all.

Soon the two were drenched in hot water. "Ranma! What are you doing?" Akane asked standing before them. Ranma immediately stopped kissing Ryoga. Akane had easily slipped into the hotel room unnoticed and had been shocked to see the two of them making out. She had thought that Ranma was up to something and had brought a thermos of hot water just in case.

"Uh, hi, Akane. It's not what it looks like."

Ryoga's face was bright red with anger.

"You are such a pervert!" Akane fumed and then all was darkness.


I guess Ryoga beat him up pretty bad." Ranma could hear Nabiki's voice floating around the room next to him.

"I can't believe the idiot videotaped himself making out with Ryoga. I mean, I'm used to competing with girls, but this is ridiculous," Akane sounded truly miffed.

"What do you think he'd pay me to destroy that tape?"


"Fine, but it was my camera. Ryoga already paid me a small fortune."

"I think Ryoga felt bad about using the Bamboo Snap on him again. He said to tell him sorry when he woke up. Although I can't think why. Ranma deserved everything he got. Poor Ryoga."

Nabiki sounded worried. "You think he'll come back, don't you? I mean I can still sell him the copies."

Ranma groaned.

"Looks like he's conscious," Akane stated without concern.


Ryoga's absence did little to stop the dreams, if anything they had become more frequent and sometimes even occurred in his male form. Ranma was relieved to have him gone, but missed the challenge that fighting him offered.

Ranma knew that Ryoga couldn't stay away from Akane forever, so he wasn't surprised when his rival wandered up to the Tendo Dojo several months later. He came directly to Ranma who was in the back training as usual.

"Why?" he asked simply giving Ranma a searching look. Ranma was relieved that Ryoga was no longer angry.

Ranma shrugged. "I guess I was jealous of you and Akane." There was no way he was going to tell him the real reason. "Didn't know you'd have to go and really kiss me."

"I kissed you?" Ryoga was incredulous. "I believe it was the other way around, asshole."

Ranma shrugged. "It's not like it was the first time you fell victim to my female side."

Ryoga glared at him. "I'll get you back someday."

"So why'd you come back? Just to fight? Go transform into P-chan or something."

Ryoga grinned wickedly and walked up to Ranma. "I came back because I was hoping we could finish what we started."

Ranma's mouth gaped open with horror and disgust. Ryoga took the opportunity to push him into the small pond. Ranma emerged from the water sputtering.

"You wish," Ryoga called as he went to find Akane.

"You bet I do." Ranma said quietly to herself.


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