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The Nightmare Begins - Prologue

They waited in silence as their helicopter flew along. The Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team was investigating a series of bizarre murders around the Raccoon Forest area. Victims were killed and apparently eaten. There had been eight murders already, along with the disappearances of several hikers. That was when police chief Brian Irons finally decided to send in the S.T.A.R.S. He ordered Bravo team to do the initial recon while the Alpha team waited to be called in, if needed.

Danielle Roivas stared down at the floor biting her lower lip nervously. This was the first mission she had been on with the S.T.A.R.S., and she barely knew anyone on the team. As they waited, she looked to her right and saw that Rebecca Chambers, the second youngest member on the team, was staring at her. It must have been obvious how nervous she was because Rebecca gave her an encouraging smile.

Suddenly, an explosion rocked the cabin. "What's going on?" the Bravo team captain, Enrico Marini, asked the pilot, Edward.

"Engine failure! Emergency landing!"

That was when the helicopter hit something then spun around and landed hard on the ground. Danielle held on tightly to one of the handlebars above her seat. As they hit, the impact sent a massive jolt through her body. Everyone else looked okay but a bit shaken. It must have been lightning from the growing storm that had hit them or something… There was no other possible explanation.

Enrico pulled open the helicopter's hatch, motioning for them to follow after him. Drawing her Beretta, Danielle quickly exited the downed 'copter. She walked forward a bit, Rebecca to her right and Enrico to her left. "Check the current position and investigate the surrounding area," he ordered.

Rebecca gasped, pointing towards a clearing ahead of them. "Captain! Look!" There was an overturned MP vehicle. Bodies were scattered on the ground around it. Looking at their wounds under Enrico's light, Danielle's eyes widened. It looked like they had been scratched and bit to death.

"Captain!" Rebecca shouted.

"Hmm? What happened?" he asked as he got up from his crouch. Danielle glanced in Rebecca's direction and saw that she had a clipboard in her hands. Everyone walked over to her as she read the papers aloud.

"Court order for transportation. Prisoner Billy Coen, ex-lieutenant, 26 years old. Court marshaled and sentenced to death July 22. Prisoner is to be transferred to the Ragathon Base for execution."

Edward took the memo from her, glaring at the photo on it. "Those poor soldiers. They were good men just doing their jobs, and that scum murdered them and escaped!"

Enrico snatched the memo from Edward. "Alright everyone! Let's separate and survey the area. Our friend is brutal and ruthless. Keep your guard up!"

Danielle walked forward keeping her pistol raised. She had never been more nervous in her life, and it probably showed to the others. It must have made her seem like a kid, a novice, and she hated it.

Someone touched her arm slightly from behind, and she barely stifled a scream as she spun around with her pistol aimed. It took her a second to realize it was Rebecca. She put out her hand and pushed down the Beretta, smiling gently. "A bit jumpy, aren't we?"

Danielle felt her face redden a bit. "I... uh... sorry..."

"It's okay. Don't worry about it. Let's check the area out together, okay?" Ever since she had moved to Raccoon City, the medic had tried to make Danielle feel welcome. Rebecca was pretty much the only friend she had so far.

"Okay then... I just never expected things to go like this…"

Rebecca nodded. "You and me both. I really thought we were goners back there when the helicopter went down." She gave Danielle a small grin. "I heard that they do this for all of the new recruits, though."

Danielle chuckled a bit, the sound strangely muted in the humid air. "I'd hate to see their bill for repairs, then." She fell silent as they walked on, the sound of thunder a distant rumble. It was going to rain soon, that she was sure of.

From behind them came a loud clatter. Simultaneously, they spun around, aiming their Berettas towards the source of the noise. Before them was a large passenger train. It looked abandoned; there were no people in sight near the windows. "What's a train doing out here? I never heard of there being a track out in the forest." Danielle looked up at the train cars, confused and a bit suspicious.

"It's probably privately owned," Rebecca answered in a low whisper as she walked up to her side. "You know how rich some of those companies are… They could have made a train line to the city from New York or something. Might even be a military track…"

Danielle shook her head. "No way. This is obviously civilian… And you wouldn't exactly need a train line from Ragathon to the city, now would you?"

Rebecca shrugged. "Yeah, you're right. You're smarter than you look, you know?" Before the younger rookie could even reply, a few droplets of water landed on her arm. It quickly became a downpour; the ice-cold rain pelted them and soaked them to the skin.

"Ah crud, it just had to start raining. This mission can't get any worse, can it?" Danielle muttered under her breath, receiving a grin from her friend. The two of them walked up the passenger car's door, pulling it open.

It better not get worse, she found herself thinking as she stepped into the car. But what the two of them couldn't possibly know was that their whole world was about to be turned upside down, and the nightmare would begin.

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