The "Path of Life" Series

Book One: Finding A Path

Chapter One: A New Path

By: Jammin-2099

Hello, my friends. Welcome to my journey.

My name has long been lost to the cosmos, and even I cannot remember it. However, you may simply call me "The Tale-Spinner", for tales and stories are what I live for.

I have seen many stories in my travels.

I have heard thousands more.

And, I have lived a myriad of countless stories out myself.

But, none of them can be told quite the same as this tale I shall share with you tonight. A story of a young man who loses nearly everything he has one night, and struggles to restore what he has lost.

Our story begins on a small planet called Earth. In the city of Tokyo, Japan; in a district known as "Nerima". It was a rather nice day for a stroll actually, the sun shining down on the people as they walked to their appointed rounds for the day, and dodged calmly out of
the way of the random street fight that would seem to break out from time to time....


Tokyo, Japan: Nerima-ku

"Damn you, Ranma! Hold still!" A young man in glasses yelled at a flock of birds flapping away from his flailing scythes.

"I'm over here, ya moron." A boy said sarcastically as he seemed to glide down to rest upon a nearby lamppost. "I told ya already, Mousse! I don't want Shampoo that way!" he said, as he leapt from the pole and alighted on a mailbox further down the street.

"You'll not fool me!" 'Mousse' said as he swept forward quickly towards Ranma, "Xianpu will be mine!" He yelled as he quickly and skillfully danced through a complicated scissoring pattern, intent on slicing Ranma to ribbons.

Ranma bent over backward under one swipe, then kicked up to stand over another as Mousse pressed in closer with the attack. Pushing off his hands, Ranma launched up and over Mousse, landing behind him as Mousse sliced the mailbox Ranma had been on to small chunks of scrap metal, shredding the letters within.

Well, the Post office isn't going to like that one. Ranma thought to himself as he launched into a flying kick into the small of Mousse's back. Mousse went flying forward into the near wall, smashing into it face first. After a moment, he stumbled backward out of the depression he had made in the brick, and turned to face Ranma.

"Sh.....Xianpu....will be....m...." He trailed off as his scythes clattered to the ground and he collapsed onto the street.

"Stupid Mousse..." Ranma grumbled to himself as he turned to leave. He stopped suddenly when he stumbled over someone. "Oh, ah...sorry, guess I wasn't watching where I was going...." He said as he helped steady what he could now see was an old woman with a cane.

"My, my...."The old lady said as she was helped back to her feet by Ranma. "Such a strong fighter, and yet so kind as well. How about I put in a good word for you with my wish makers." She said in that kindly old woman voice.

Wish-makers? What is she talking about? Ranma thought to himself, "Sure lady, you tell them if they could kindly make it so I didn't have to worry about any of the problems I have right now." he said jokingly, trying to be nice in the way he said it.

"You know, I'll do that..." The old woman commented as she finally got to being on her way again, "Now you have a nice day, and I'll ask if they can do anything for you..." She said again, in that sweet old lady way they talk.

Ranma watched for a moment as the old woman hobbled away, and turned into one of the houses down the street. "Nice lady. Kinda weird about the wish thing, but guess at that age, not all the lights are on..." He said to himself, and then turned to go home.


Nerima: Tendo Household and Dojo

"Ooooohhhhhhh....." Ranma moaned as he slowly lowered himself onto his futon. "Stupid....urp!" He said right before he got sick into a conveniently placed bucket. "Stupid tomboy...Shoving that poison she calls food down my throat..." He moaned as he rolled over and tried to sleep.

A few moments later, he was asleep, resting not too comfortably, when suddenly his face calmed, and his face untwisted from the stomach pains he had been having. as he began to relax, he began to glow an iridescent blue, and lifted off the floor slightly. After floating there a moment, the light pulsed brighter, and he simply faded from existence, the covers he was using floating down softly to land where he had been sleeping.


"Thank you, my little friends...." The old lady said to a pair of bouncing blue and green lights. "I'm sure he will be much happier this way..."

The two lights seemed to start bouncing a little faster, as if agreeing with her.

"Yes, I think he will be much happier living his own life, rather than everyone else's." The old lady said, as a smile that held wisdom belied by her innocent nature appeared on her face.


????, On a ship, somewhere on the sea. Early Morning

"Oi! Man Overboard!" A sailor cried out as he spotted a person lying unconscious on a small wooden raft. "Starboard, off the keel ten dracons!"

"What?!" The captain said as he himself looked over the edge of the railing. "Well?!?! You 'eard 'im lads! 'eres a man overboard! Syorin! Go in aft'r th' man! You lads get the 'oist ready to 'aul th' raft ab'ord! Move it lads!" The captain bellowed as he began barking other orders to his crew. "Low'r th' sails! 'Elmsman, bring us to a stop as best ye can! Keep 'er steady while 'ey ready the 'oist! Syorin! Get those 'oist lines connected to th' poor lads raft! I'll not 'ave it said 'at Kremanian and 'is crew left a man t'die!"


A few hours later, In the crew bunk area on the ship

Captain Kremanian walked in through the door to the crew quarters heading for a cot over against the hull of the ship, where a young woman dressed in an unflattering brown cloak knelt beside the man they had rescued from the sea.

"Will he survive, Arrinya?" The captain asked the girl quietly as she stood to face him.

"He is resting peacefully now, Capt. Krem, but I will continue to watch over him carefully." She said as she removed her hood to reveal a tightly angular face, with pointed ears and dark, charcoal grey skin. She turned back to her patient as she continued, "He is showing signs of being exposed to powerful magicka, and the residual energies are preventing me from being able to determine how well he is. From just his basic life signs that I can examine in his physical condition though, he appears to be in better than perfect health. If he did not have the mark of the Bretons on the back of his ear, I would have thought he had been raised as a Redgardian."

"So, he appe'rs to be in good health then?" The Captain Krem asked looking at the face of the lad, "Quite 'andsome as well, me own daughter would more likely fall all ov'r him 'erself." He commented as he looked at him, then turned towards the door.

Arrinya rose to walk with him as he left, and they both walked to the doorway, stopping when Krem went to let himself out. "An' ye'll let me know when he comes to?" He asked as he stepped through the door.

"Aye, Captain. You'll be the first to kno...." She began when a strange voice made itself heard.

"Oi! Where am I?" A weak male voice said from inside the room. Arrinya and Krem both looked at each other a moment before turning and rushing back to the cot against the wall, where they found the strange youth sitting up and rubbing the back of his head. "Who are you people?" The youth asked as he turned to put his feet on the deck.

"Me names Krem, Captain Kremanian of the 'Holdrin's Eye'," The Capt. said, as he swept a hand to indicate the ship. Then he turned to indicate the young woman beside him, "and this be our ship's 'ealer for this voyage, Arrinya." As he said this, Arrinya gave a short bow, which the youth nodded slightly to, almost automatically. "Now, who might ye be, lad?" he finished, focusing his critical eye on the youth's own strangely stormy grey-blue eyes.

"I....I am...I'm...R..." He began, his face twisting as he seemed to struggle with remembering such trivial information. "My name's Ranma..." He said, his face clearing slightly as he finally got the information to come back to him.

"An' where are ye from lad?" Krem asked him next, still watching Ranma's face for a sign of anything, "We found ye out in the midst of the sea herself, floating on a small raft. When we brought ye abo'rd, ye were still unconscious."

"I'm...I..." He began, but he soon was struggling to remember again. "I was...was.....I was...." He stumbled out, his face a mask of intense concentration, but soon his face cleared into a confused look of someone who is lost, "I...I can't remember...I can't remember anything...."

"Now don' say that lad, ye have ye're name, and that's good enough fer me right now." Krem said, as he patted Ranma on the shoulder. "I can take ye to the nearest port, Seyda Neen, and they should be able to find ye're records there. In the mean time, if'n ye feel up to it, ye could help around the ship, and we'd not worry about setting any debts straight."

"Thanks, Cap'n," Ranma said, "But I...." He began with an apologetic look, but the captain cut him off with a gesture.

"No need to say it lad, you need some time to yerself to consider things," Krem said, pulling Arrinya with him towards the door. "I'll be out on deck when you're ready. Come on Arrinya, we need t' leave the lad to 'is thoughts."

Nodding to the pair leaving, Ranma laid back on the cot, and looked up at the ceiling, his mind a bundle of questions.

"Who am I?" He thought as he laid there, "And why do I remember only my name?"


End Chapter 1 of Book One


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Preview of next chapter: Chapter two, Sailing and Battle: The Arts of the Sailor!

"LAD!" Capt. Krem called up from the deck, "'ow in the world did ye get up the mast so quick?"

"I jumped!" Ranma called down to Krem, while he secured the line he had seen come loose.

"Ye JUMPED?!" Krem asked incredulously, "That's over a hundred Dracons! No one can jump that high naturally!"

"Well, I can," Ranma said as he landed gently in front of the Capt. "I don't know how I did it, I just did."


Stay Vigilant, Hunters.

Always Keep Close To Your Path.