Path of Life

Book One: Finding a Path

By: Jammin-2099


Chapter 3

Departures and Arrivals


-In a Young Lady's Dream-

She fell forward, dropping to her knees in the glass corridor, falling up against a clear barrier she could not pass. A young man was on the other side of the barrier, and he was just as powerless to cross through as she was, but still they tried futilely to pass, to come to one another. Beginning to cry, the young woman sobbed out...

"Where did you go?"

"Don't cry...I've only gone away..."

"Please come back to me!"

"I can't..."


"But, surely, we are meant to be, and you will find your way to me."


"Find your way to me..." the voice echoed in her mind even as her vision went white.

And suddenly the young woman jerked upright in her bed, in a cold sweat, and she broke into tears, the dream had felt so real.


"Well, Ranma? Have you remembered anything?" Arrinya said as she walked up to the helm where Ranma was steering. "Anything about your past?"When Ranma didn't answer her, she slowly moved around to get a better look at his face.

"Ranma?!" Arrinya cried out, startling the young man at the helm out of his meditation.

"Ahh!" Ranma hollered as Arrinya yelled in his ear. "Hey! What'd ya do that for?"

"You were asleep at the wheel." Arrinya explained. "How long have you been up here steering?" She asked as she noticed the usual helmsman was supposed to take over about an hour ago.

"Um... I'm not really sure..." Ranma said, still holding onto the helm. "And I wasn't sleeping. I the word...Meditatin', yeah that's it."

"Right..." Arrinya said, a bit exasperated. "Sure you were. Come on, you need to go get some sleep. I'll call the regular helmsman back up here." She said, watching as Ranma lashed the helm in place, and walked down to the door below decks. "Oh yes, Syorin says that your training begins tomorrow, get some rest, alright?"

"Yeah yeah....good night." Ranma yawned, then went through the door.


Ranma's training on the ship was rigorous and brutal. But somehow, he rose to each task Syorin or the Captain set him, as if he had been subjected to worse training methods before. Most surprising was when a load of barrels were accidentally knocked over into the ocean, and Ranma dove in, saved the barrels, and then even managed to out-swim the ship for several lengths, before he was able to get out of the water.

But, all journeys eventually reach their destination, and soon, the ship was within lands view of Seyda Neen.


"Land-Ho!" the lookout called down from the crows nest. "Off the starboard bow, Close to ninety kines!"

Krem and most of the crew came up above deck to see if they could get a look at the land sighting. Krem let out a hearty laugh when he saw the port of Seyda Neen sitting on the horizon, "Well well, Me lads, I'd say were two more days from port! Everybody shore up now! No slacking about even though were close to land!"

He was responded with a cheer and a resounding "Aye-Aye, Captain!" as the crew rushed back to whatever job they had been doing before. Ranma also turned to go back to his duties, but was stopped by Krem.

"Wait a moment, young Ranma. I need to speak with ye in me quarters." He said, jerking a thumb over his shoulder to the Captains room. " Come now, its about what ye'll be doing after we get to port."


"So young Ranma, have ye thought about what ye'll do after we find out who ye are?" The captain said, walking around to take a seat at his desk, where it was bolted in the center of the room. "Any thoughts at all?" He asked, watching Ranma's expression carefully with a measured expression upon his features.

"No, Captain, not really. I had considered finding a job of some sort, but this world still feels new to me. I don't know what I would do." Ranma admitted, looking around at the inside of the room.

"Well then, I have a suggestion for ye, Ranma. What if when we reach Seyda Neen and we get your papers straightened out, I take you on as a full time sailor? You've a steady hand at the wheel, and ye're handy with knots, and know how to handle yeself if we were ever to run across some blackguards, or pirates."

Ranma's eyes widened at the prospect, not sure what to say for a moment. He sat in a nearby chair, his face a mask of concentration. Finally, a few moments later, he looked up and responded, "Thanks for the offer Capt. You and the crew have really taught me a lot. But I get the feelin' that I'm not supposed to be on the sea for some reason. That, and the water gives me the creeps for some reason. I think I'll be able to find what I'm looking for here in this 'Morrowind' you told me about."

"Well then, young Ranma. It'd seem our paths are t' part ways at Seyda Neen then. Very well, now I've a few things for ye for your journey." Krem said as he pulled a pack up onto the desk, as Ranma came up to examine what he was talking about. "I've a few things here that ye'll need. There's some Imperial Drakes in there, along with some trail rations, a water skin, some camp gear, so on and so forth. you've also a silver staff in there, we found it in your raft surprisingly enough. We'd have not found it had we not broken the raft down for extra wood." Ranma hedged a bit at the mention of the staff, "Now Ranma, I know ye've a problem with weapons, but you need some sort of weapon, even if you only use this staff as a walking stick."

Taking the offered pack, with the staff strapped across his back beneath it, he tested the weight, then Ranma turned back to the Capt. "I...uh...I dunno what to say Capt. Thanks for all you've done." He said solemnly, setting the pack down near the doorway.

"Nonsense me lad, ye've done more than twice your share of work. Just consider this a bonus!" The captain said, punctuating it with a hearty laugh. "Now come on, the rest of the crew is goin' ta have a little celebration tonight to mark our near landfall." He laughed out as he rushed Ranma out the door, going out right behind him.


That night, they had a wonderful party, everyone had a good time. Even Arrinya was convinced into having a turn at the singing as the crew celebrated the landfall. But soon the night claimed even the most enduring celebrator and the secondary crew awoke to take their places.

After the second day, the crew waved from the ship as Ranma disembarked, along with Arrinya, and headed into town to the Tax and Census offices.


End Chapter 3


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Next Chapter:

The Census and Exchange offices at Seyda Neen.

Ranma and Arrinya have arrived in Seyda Neen, but Ranma discovers something strange about himself! Arrinya reveals that she was on a journey from this place as well, and invites Ranma along, What troubles will befall our travelers? You'll just have to read and find out, on the next chapter of "Path of Life!"