Ivy had to admire herself for this one. It was a work of art. Her plants supported their network of glass far above the city, stretching out high enough to encompass even the very skyscraper she'd stood on to grow them. Best of all, and here she shuddered a bit with delight, best of all her vine-babies were climbing all over the inside and the outside, protecting it, attacking those that would tear her work down.

Ivy allowed herself a small twirl of delight, kicking up a drift of leaves in the tiny park in the forgotten edges of the city. It wasn't often that a plan worked out so well. The greenhouse had been up for two days, two! The Bat had gone up against her vine-babies one-on-one and lost, miserably. It was grand, it was delicious, it was better than springtime!

Speaking of springtime...Ivy breathed in a happy breath of fresh nighttime air. Well, she amended, perhaps not fresh...there were downsides to living in a giant greenhouse filled with other people, after all, but at least it was warm. She coughed.

The sound of a footstep reverberated off the glass, and she spun around to see the Batman rising from a crouch, batrope still in one hand. "Just swinging through the neighborhood?" she drawled, subtly backing toward the wall. The vines holding the glass in place writhed gently in place as she neared them.

"You've got to stop this," he demanded.

"Why?" she asked lightly. "I'm doing Gotham a favor."

"What favor?" he graveled, coming closer.

"Why, I've ended the grip of the seasons, Batman! Just imagine it. No more snow-covered rooftops...no more icy roads..."

"No more people," he shot back.

"People aren't my concern," she retorted.

"They're mine." With that, he tossed a set of bolas at her. She danced out of the way, sending the grass at his feet shooting up to twine around his ankles. He tore his feet free of the turf, leaving little grass skirts around his ankles, and chased after her. She darted behind a large tree, then jumped toward a branch. Batman bounded after her, leaping higher than she had. He caught her by the wrist and flung them both to the ground. As their boots hit the turf, she swung herself in to kiss him. He dodged expertly and spun her around, catching her other wrist within a matter of moments.

There was a sharp crack from above. A pair of deadly sharp, fractured glass triangles fell directly toward Batman as a vine snaked lightning fast down to snare him. He grabbed Ivy roughly around the waist and hauled her under the tree. Almost had him, Ivy thought to herself as she attempted to kick herself free. If I can just...

Another crack! of glass breaking, and Ivy stared upward through the leaves in shock. She hadn't told the vines to move yet!

Each pane of glass was helping to support at least three others. Now that one was gone, the vines weren't strong enough to hold the rest of the glass up on their own. One by one, the panes were snapping and falling as the vines bent beneath the weight of the glass. The vines were cascading to the ground like party streamers among the shattered glass raining down like confetti.

Before she knew what was happening, she'd been handcuffed. The Bat tucked her under his cape and hauled her at full speed across the open grass toward the nearest building. They huddled in the sunken doorway as glass speared down into the lawn.

Ivy could hear the Bat mumbling something into his radio, but she didn't care. All the plants out there...every single blade of grass was in danger, and it was all his fault! If he hadn't interfered, she wouldn't have had to break any glass in the first place trying to kill him.

A shimmering diamond of glass, miraculously unbroken, as large as Ivy, seemed to float downward gently, almost dreamlike. Ivy put her cuffed hands to her mouth as one corner touched down slowly in the top of the tree. It shattered explosively, shredding leaves and ripping deep into branches. Sap started coursing slowly through the ripples in the bark. She buried her face in her hands.

Being checked back into Arkham was like coming home after breaking curfew on prom night.

They took her back into the depths, back down the halls, back into the same little cell that was reserved for her. The door slid quietly shut behind them as they locked her in.

Poison Ivy placed a delicate forest-green hand on the tiny window. The coldness of the glass made her shiver.