Kim Possible: SG20

BY Dragonfang33

Synapes: Kim Possible meets Stargate SG1. Kim, Ron, Bonnie, Zita, and Barkin are recurted into the S.G.C and during their first mission encounter a race of vampire like aliens.

Cast of Characters


Lt. Richard "Rick" Stoppable- Ron's older brother, commissioned as a 1st Lt. in the United States Air Force, following his graduation from the Middleton University's Air Force ROTC program.

Kim Possible- Teen Hero extraordinaire, recruited into the S.G.C for her combat skills

Ron Stoppable- Rick's kid brother, often considered a "loser" by the mainstream, but fiercely loyal to his friends and family

Bonnie Rockwaller- Kim's rival, recruited for determination and skills

Zita- Ron's "girlfriend", recruited for computer skills

SSgt Steven Barkin- a retired heavy weapons specialist from the Vietnam War, now serving as a teacher at Middleton High

Brigadier General Jack O'Neill- Ron and Rick's uncle, and commander of the S.G.C

The Nosferatu

Zar-Tar- leader of the bio engineered vampires, known for his cruelty and merciless tactics.

Chapter I: A Strange Request

Location: S.G.C General Headquarters, Cheyenne Mountain, NORAD

The man raced around the mountain was fast as the device on his hand allowed, which meant that he was breaking the world record, though no one would ever know of it. He was a young man in his mid twenties with blonde hair, and dark brown eyes, he was of medium height and medium build, and wore a bright blue running jacket and running shorts. On the back of his jacket was a strange symbol, shaped like an upside down V with a sun like symbol coming out of the top, this was 1st Lt. Richard "Rick" Stoppable, one of the "Newbies" having just completed his training to go off world.

"Hay Lt. Stoppable," a soldier shouted, "quit messing with that and report to General O'Neill's officer ASAP."

"What does Uncle Jack want?" Rick asked

"Something about you getting your own SG team." was the reply.

Location: General O'Neill's officer, an hour later.

Rick entered his Uncle's office, dressed in the typical military style, a camouflage uniform, black combat boots, and a black beret, with both a look of fear and a look of hope to his face. He'd hoped day in and day out during his year of training for an off world mission, that his Uncle would allow it. But Rick knew that his Uncle still had misgivings about the death of his cousin.

Suddenly, a tall man, with graying hair entered the room; this was Brigadier General Jack O'Neill, commander in chief of Stargate Command.

"Lt." Jack replied

"Sir," Rick answered, as Jack walked over to his desk, and produced Rick's record.

"I'm sure you're wondering why I called you here Lt. Stoppable," Jack began, "and no it has nothing to do with the bad coffee that you made in the lounge, or those god-awful Nacos Ron sent, and by the way what part of classified Level 1 don't you understand?"

"Sorry Uncle Jack, I sent Ron a false address, and the it was sent directly to me," Rick replied, Jack's face began to turn sour.

"Rick, I know in real life you're my nephew," Jack said, his voice sounding stricter, "but on base you're to address me as sir or General, clear."

"Crystal General," Rick replied

"Now back to the business at hand," Jack said, returning to his folder, "Like I said, since you're my nephew, I've found it hard to give you what you asked for, namely your own command, and for awhile I thought about posting you to SG1," Rick began to grow fearful, "but in light of your impressive ROTC career, as well as your scores in Off World training and maneuvers, I've decided to grant you command of our newest Stargate Team, SG20."

"Thank you sir," Rick replied, a look of joy coming to his eye, "may I make two requests sir."

"Sure Lt." Jack said

"I would like to have my brother brought into the S.G.C and assigned to my team, and I would like to recruit my team myself." Rick replied

Stay tuned for Chapter II: Welcome to Stargate Command