Kim Possible: SG20

By Dragonfang33

Chapter IV

Through the Stargate

Location: Bueno Nacho

The members of SG20, minus their leader, had gathered at Middleton's local fast food hangout. All, even Bonnie and Kim were discussing everything that had just happened.

"But the uniforms they gave us," Bonnie said

"Yeah, so last season," Kim replied, showing off her new S.G.C jacket.

"Ya know chica," Zeta added, "General O'Neill said that we shouldn't be discussing our "after school job" outside of the base." While the girls talked Ron sat, gazing out the window, having hardly eaten any of his Chimmerito.

"Stoppable," Barkin asked, "why so glum?"

"It's nothing," Ron replied.

"Yeah," Kim added, taking notice that Ron hadn't eaten, when normally he ate almost ten times his body weight in food, "it's apparently a big nothing then, if YOU haven't eaten. What's wrong, you having second thoughts about our new after school job?"

"No," Ron replied, "it's just that Rick's a hero, I mean the guy got a Distinguished Service Cross in Afghanistan, and a Distinguished Flying Cross in Iraq, and me I'm just a sidekick."

"Stoppable," Barkin added, "Rick didn't pick you because he thinks he's better then you, or just because he's your brother."

"It's because of your courage," a familiar vice said, from behind them. Ron turned around just in time to come into eye contact with his brother.

"I watched you and Kim's exploits even in Iraq, and to me you just going into those situations is worthy of you getting a spot on SG20." Rick replied, "And it's obvious that Uncle Jack agreed with me."

"Well," Zeta added, "it seems the boss has decided to join us."

"You can dispense with the formalities," Rick replied, "outside of Cheyenne Mountain I'm just plan Rick Stoppable." Suddenly Bonnie grabbed his arm.

"Hay," Bonnie said, "If you need a place to," Rick cut the googley eyed Bonnie off right there.

"Thanks, but my parents are putting me up for the night." Rick replied

"Well in that case bro," Ron said, back to his normal always happy self, "How's about a Naco."

"Ron," Rick replied, "while I'm proud that you've invented the latest fast food craze, the Nacos you sent us at the base left 1/2 of our staff and S.G. Teams out with food poisoning for a week."

"What," Ron said, confused, "how's that, let me speak with these people." The rest of SG20 couldn't help but laugh.

Location: S.G.C Gate room, Level 28

SG20 had reported a little late, thanks to Ron having to stop off at Bueno Nacho.

"Answer me again," Bonnie said, as she finished checking her MP5 Submachine Gun, "why we're brining that along?"

"What better way to show the aliens of this new planet Earth's ways then with a bag of Nacos." Ron replied, as the group made their way down the corridor to the Gate Room

"About bloody time," Rick shouted, "where were you guys?"

"Sir," Barkin shouted, "performing a supply mission at Bueno Nacho sir."

"Well," Rick said, annoyed at the prospect of taking Nacos through the Stargate, "get ready, SG1 has gone ahead of us, and we're to rendezvous at the Stargate site."

Rick lead SG20 into the Gate Room, where of the first time, the new recruits got their first look at the Stargate.

"Now that's one big ring," Ron said.

"SG20," Jack said, over the intercom, as M16 armed guards took up positions around the ramp, "are you ready?"

"SG20," Rick replied, "ready and willing sir."

"Good luck Rick, and you too Ron," Jack said, as the Gate Traffic Controller, Sgt. Davis, began dialing the planet, which had just received the id number PS2-482.

"Chevron 1 locked," Davis said, repeating himself all the way to Chevron 7, and as he did so, the triangles along the side of the Stargate began to light up, until at last, a large blue, almost water like, substance shot out of the center, forming what all at the S.G.C called the Puddle.

All of SG20's new members gazed in awe, as Rick lead them up the gangway to the Stargate. Suddenly Rick stopped, and turned to face the team.

"The moment," Rick said, "that we step through I'm in charge of this team, and if you question me, there will be consiquences." Rick steeped aside, allowing a nervous Bonnie, Kim, and Zeta the honors of passing through the gate, and for the first time, his eyes met with Kim's and began forming a bound with her.

Snapping himself out of his daydream, he watched as Ron, with his pet Naked Mole Rat, Rufus, sticking out of his pocket, approached the Puddle. Ron put one foot into the Stargate and suddenly stopped.

"Hay everyone look," Ron said, goofily, "I've got one foot on another planet." Rick cracked a smile as he shoved Ron through the Gate. Ron was followed by Barkin, who didn't even bother hesitating. Finally Rick turned to face his uncle, and gave him a salute, which Jack promptly returned, and Rick followed his team through the gate.

Stay tuned for Chapter V: Return of Anubis: The Jaffa Massacre, PS I decided to chose a better name for this chapter